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Havelock Island Beach Resort,Havelock Islands
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Scuba diving is a very popular activity at the Andaman and Havelock Islands. It’s such an exciting and refreshing activity that a trip to the Andaman Islands can simply be considered incomplete without it. The Havelock Island Beach Resorts provides the complete arrangement and diving professionals to assist people enjoy the mind staking attributes of the leisure activities at Andaman Islands.

The resort provides the best ever experience of Scuba diving at Havelock Islands to it’s customers. It also arranges for scuba diving at Andaman Islands as a part of leisure activities for interested tourists while their trip there. We have professionals to train scuba diving to the interested tourists and help them explore the underwater beauty as well.

Scuba diving at Havelockisland

This course allows those who are interested in scuba diving to experience what it’s like to be underwater by completing some basic training and under direct supervision of a professional. This experience usually takes somewhere between two hours in which the dive masters will give some basic trainings like how to breathe and sign signals used underwater, then along with professional diver you will be taken underwater to a dive depth of 12meters/40 feet where you can enjoy the spectacular view of our vast coral reef and aqua marine life. After the session you will be provided with a certificate confirming and stating that you have done DSD course.