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Discover Scuba Dive (Shore)

Duration 45 minute(s)

From ₹ 3,000 / Person

This is the perfect program if you want to experience scuba diving in a controlled, safe environment. Swimming skills are NOT required for this program. This is not a training course, but meant to give you a taste of diving (and hopefully, get you hooked to the sport.) Please note that there are many ways to conduct this program – as with everything else, we do not take the dive-factory approach with this program. We conduct the program at a nice and leisurely pace; you are not hurried and if you need extra time to get comfy, you will get extra time to get comfy. Our programs are conducted by fully trained dive professionals We also take pictures of you underwater – please bring a memory card or pen drive; so that we can upload it for you (we no longer burn Cds / DVDs – too many issues with read errors later).

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