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Banana Boat Ride in Elephant Beach

Duration 10 minute(s)

From ₹ 750 / Person

One of the most sought after water sports in Havelock Island in Andaman & Nicobar Islands that catches one's attention is the Banana Boat Ride, where a banana-shaped boat in high speed takes the tourists to a distant place. This activity is absolutely a fun ride with your family and your loved ones to make memories. A perfect way to explore more of the region in Havelock island, a banana boat trip is a more relaxing retreat if high-octane activities are not your bag. We offer best Banana Boat Ride Tour Packages in Elephant Beach which cater to groups of two to six people, picking you up from your hotel and ferrying you to some of the most beautiful spots peppered around the island. Tourists are given a proper brief before boarding the banana ride to ensure safety and comfort.

Banana boats have a banana-like shape and are tied to a speed boat for acceleration and work on the same principles. Banana Boat Ride in Elephant Beach let you cruise through the waves. The central seating line has two flanks to support the thighs on each side. Visitors can expect a thrilling, adventurous, and memorable ride through the sea waves with necessary precautions that ensure a safe ride of all travellers. The banana tube is attached to a boat for avoiding the sudden splash and jump. Once Tourists have life jackets and safety instructions, proceed to the banana boat ride by our representative where they can enjoy basking in the sun, little water dip and a great time. Expect to travel around 1-2 kilometres on a banana tube boat that carries 7-10 people at a time and feel the splash. The banana boat is towed to the jet ski, driven by the expert guides, and the ride's speed would be unimaginable.

Elephant Beach in Havelock Island is full of high waves and sudden jumps, making it a perfect site for water sports activity. Adorned by coconut and palm trees, the tranquillity of this beach makes for an unprecedented destination for those in quest of solace, far away from the hustle-bustle, where you can sit, read or take a nap. The Elephant Beach is near to the Getty complex via a boat. Approximately 5 to 12 people can enjoy a single banana tube, and the high waves make it a whole experience. Visitors can expect to feel the turquoise water's intensity on a banana ride and get drenched in water. The fun tube ride is a perfect choice for those who like a little more speed and adventure, especially while rolling into the refreshing waters when you can't hold on any longer. The ride can have a time limit of 10 to 34 minutes. A life jacket is compulsory for all the riders. Gone are the days when you need to speculate places for adventurous activities. Now you can straightaway head towards Andaman and Nicobar Islands for a blissful respite.

Rated among the Andaman island's most popular water sports activities, the banana ride is best for the non-swimmers. Havelock island experiences are rare, incredible and worth the time and effort required of travellers. Havelock Island offers a lot to its visitors - a lush canopy of greenery, ocean with infinite shades of blue melting into the sky-blue sky at the horizon, and the sugary white stretches of sandy beaches. We recommend you to Hang on while you jump the wake and you bounce along with the waves.

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