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Radhanagar Beach Havelock Island


Radhanagar Beach Havelock Island ranks as one of the ten best beaches in the world. Times Magazine awarded it the title of the ‘7th best beach in the world’ in 2004 making it an international tourist attraction for those who want to cover the earth before the earth covers them. The beach has been a hotspot for travel bloggers who find it a marvel for their camera lens for its exquisite landscape and colours. Radhanagar Beach is the leading destination to visit Havelock Island (Swaraj Dweep) in your Andaman & Nicobar Islands Holiday trip whatever be the purpose of your travel. It won’t be a wrong statement to make that without visiting this dollop of heaven your travel to Andaman & Nicobar Island would be incomplete.

Radhanagar Beach is on ‘Shyamnagar Gram Panchayat’ and is easily approachable from the Havelock Island harbour. You can enjoy the warmth of nature during the day and cool sensuous breeze in the evening. It is said that the sunset is nowhere else as beautiful as on Radhanagar Beach. Naturally, The Sunset Point at Radhanagar Beach is a tourist spot in itself. Rendezvous of the turquoise blue crystal clear water bordered by gleaming white sand shadowed by an open blue sky often with clouds makes it an inherent spot for romance and love; adding to its beauty, the tall tropical trees stand firms to not only shadow the visitors but to add to the splendour of this piece of paradise on earth.

There are numerous things to do in Radhanagar Beach. You can choose this spot for family trips with children and parents, romantic dates, and other occasions. However, water sports have their limitations at this beach as beyond sure flag water is deep, so it’s better to opt for Elephant beach or Govindnagar Beach for enjoying water sports like scuba diving, snorkelling, jet skiing and others. This is an ideal archipelago to explore the miraculous artistic ability of nature that can never be compared or even imagined by humans. Here, the divine showcases himself as a perfect painter, perfect artist, & an excellent poet who wrote a poem that is sung collectively by the sea, sand, shores, sun and serenity.

Located around 12 kilometres from Havelock Island Harbor it is easily approachable from all corners of the island. You can travel by cabs or two-wheelers. Since it is one straight road, navigation is rarely a problem and tourists can quickly drive through the place, but during monsoons, it is advisable to avoid driving and hire the chauffeured vehicles only. Havelock Island Beach Resort is located at Govind Nagar Beach, which is just ten minutes drive from Radhanagar Beach.

If you are looking for shopping, a Government shopping emporium is set out close to the beach for the tourists. The local market is about a 9 kilometre’s ride from here, and you may need a vehicle to reach there; chauffeur driven or self-driven. You will also find restaurants and eating outlets here that are not so common on all the other beaches of the island, which are comparatively secluded and remote. For more commercial outlets and restaurants you may have to travel to Govindnagar Beach & Vijaynagar Beach that are just a few minutes ride from here. Evenings at Radhanagar Beach while enjoying the sunset is truly an unforgettable experience, so do make it a part of your itinerary. However, short is your trip, you can’t miss it, especially if you are a couple; though it’s a perfect spot for anyone & everyone.

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  • 1 Where is Radhanagar Beach located?

    White sandy beaches, blue-green waters and tropical forests- all this personifies the natural and serene beauty of Havelock Island, the most beautiful beach destination in India. Radhanagar Beach is located on this island, which is also the most gorgeous place if we talk about honeymoon destinations in India. No other place can be compared with this stunning island. Whatever you desire for, lazing on the beach or taking long strolls, this beach will offer you everything.

  • 2 How can I reach Radhanagar Beach in Havelock Island?

    Reaching here is very simple. It is only two hours away from Port Blair by boat. Moreover, a trip to Havelock Island is suitable for all budgets. You can reach this island by sea as well as by air. However, the best and the easiest way to travel would be by the sea. After reaching Swaraj Dweep, just take a public transport or hire a scooty to reach Radhanagar Beach.

  • 3 Is visiting Radhanagar Beach in the Andaman Islands worth it?

    Radhanagar Beach is counted among Asia’s most beautiful and the world’s top ten beaches. The white silky sand, emerald blue sea and white foam waves make it a perfect spot for relaxing amid the natural beauty. There are lush and verdant trees on its side. No water sports are allowed there in order to preserve the gorgeousness of this attraction; so you can choose to either swim or sunbathe at this tranquil beach. I would suggest going there in the late afternoon so that you can see the lovely sunset in the evening.

  • 4 Is Radhanagar Beach a good spot for couples?

    The magnificence of Radhanagar Beach is a treat for everyone’s senses. Here, you can simply relax under the sun or go for a swim in the turquoise waters. So if both of you are just seeking some secluded time with each other, then you are going to have the best time of your life here. You will get tons of opportunities to strengthen your bond and spend some quality time together. Radhanagar Beach is counted among the most popular beaches here and is incredibly beautiful.

  • 5 Can families also enjoy at Radhanagar Beach?

    The place doesn’t matter, but the company does! And when it is Radhanagar Beach, then you will not be disappointed at all if you are travelling there with your family- the most important people in your life. When travelling with family in Swaraj Dweep, beach hopping is one of the best things to do. This can be the best kind of surprise that you can give to them- one week of total rejuvenation and excitement. We can guarantee you that the experience would be incredibly kickass for all age groups as the islands have something for everyone.

  • 6 Which is the best season to visit Radhanagar Beach in Havelock Beach?

    Radhanagar Beach in Havelock Island can be visited at any time of the year as it has a moderate climate. But the best time to plan a vacation here is between October and May. The weather here during this time is quite pleasant and perfect for various water sports as well as sightseeing. Going to this splendid beach at the time of sunset and sunrise is highly recommended. The beach is at its best during these times. The sky above looks magical. You can click incredible photographs here that are perfect for your social media accounts.

  • 7 Apart from Radhanagar Beach, which other beaches can I visit in Swaraj Dweep?

    Radhanagar Beach is a marvelous slice of heaven and everyone’s favorite spot in Havelock Island. You can’t get enough of it in just one visit. It is a must-visit for every nature and beach lover. Your beach vacation is incomplete without including Radhanagar Beach in your travel itinerary. Along with that, there are many other beaches in Swaraj Dweep that are extremely gorgeous. Their names are as follows:

    • Elephant Beach
    • Neil’s Cove
    • Kalapathar Beach
    • Vijay Nagar Beach
    • Govind Nagar Beach
  • 8 Where should I stay in Havelock Island?

    Located in Govind Nagar, Havelock Island Beach Resort is only a twenty-minute drive from the famous Radhanagar Beach. All the other points of interest are also nearby. A lavish beachfront property, it is known for its majestic architecture, warm hospitality, and best-in-class amenities. It is a preferred choice of tourists as it is situated away from the noise of the city. It is suitable for both kinds of guests- leisure and business. Its multi-purpose halls and banquet are fitted with all the essential audio-visual aids. Counted among the top budget beach resorts and hotels in Havelock Island, it will also organise outdoor activities like scuba diving and snorkeling on request for its esteemed guests.

  • 9 How can I make advance bookings for Havelock Island?

    If you are planning a vacation in Havelock Island, then contact Andaman Island Travels to make all your bookings. A well-known and trusted tour agency, it is located in Port Blair and is committed to helping you in planning the holiday of your dreams as per your budget and requirements. Whether it is your accommodation, airport or ferry transfer, any adventure activity that you want to do, book a cruise, or hire a car, it will take care of all your needs in the best way possible.

  • 10 Which are the best restaurants and nightlife spots nearby Radhanagar Beach?

    The most recommended restaurants and nightlife spots in Swaraj Dweep are as follows. You should definitely include these in your list in case you are looking for a fun-filled time.

    Best Restaurants & Food Outlets in Havelock Island:

    • The Nemo Café
    • Sea Dragon Restaurant
    • Something Different
    • Anju Coco Resto
    • Fat Martin Café
    • Full Moon Café
    • Bonova Café
    • Dakshin Restaurant
    • Golden Spoon

    Top nightlife spots in Havelock Island:

    • Nemo Cafe
    • Bonova cafe and pub
    • Full moon cafe
    • Something different – A beach side cafe
    • Venom Bar
    • Cicada Lounge Bar