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Nemo Café & Bar – (Havelock Island Beach Club – the only DJ Party zone on the beach at Havelock Island)

Relaxing on the beach side feeling the coastal breeze watching the sea waves playing with sand makes an excellent Holiday on the Beach. Besides this if you are lying on a sundeck or a hammock with a mug of beer, a glass of cocktail, mocktail, or any drink of your choice simply makes it perfect.

Nemo Cafe & Beach Bar is a ‘Beachside Shack’ located at the private beach of the Havelock Island Beach Resort clubbing the natural view of the Indian Ocean with the contemporary perks from the Resort. Covered by the canopy of coconut & palm trees, often decorated with beautiful arrangement of lights illuminating along with melodious music, the café is an amazing attraction of the resort not only for resort’s guests but also for the other travelers. Often arranged DJ parties in this café during the weekends make it a popular hangout spot in the Havelock Island.

Nemo Cafe & beach Bar is also know as Havelock Island Beach Club, offers an attractive menu listed with variety of hot & cold beverages including coffee, fresh juices, smoothies, cocktails, beer, wine, & other hard drinks. You can also try some lip smacking snacks, vegetarian and non vegetarians, especially those made out of fresh seafood. The main course for lunch and dinner is also served as per your request, either from the café or arranged from the Sea Dragon Restaurant, the in house restaurant of the resort.

So after a tiring day while sightseeing or undertaking one of the water sports if you chose to spend your evening reading a book alone or with your loved ones, here is a place for you that makes it just superb. It is not very far from your room so you may just walk few steps and crash in the comfort of your bed after spending few hours on the sparkling white sand while adoring the sunset, having your dinner, or simply watching how moonlight & constellations appear in the sky that seems bigger and wider than ever on an Island.

The café looks fabulous at night as it is decorated with fascinating lights as mentioned above. It is named as Nemo Café & Beach Bar for being located at the Nemo Beach which is another name of Govindnagar Beach known for the rare Nemo reefs found under the sea.

A great day recommended by the resort is relishing the sight of the fascinating marine life on the Nemo Beach while undertaking one of the water sports like scuba diving, sea walking, or snorkeling organized by the resort’s executives, come to the Nemo Café, relax on the sun deck, order a mug of beer with seafood of your choice and enjoy the unique dusk of an island.

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