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Govind Nagar Beach Havelock Island


Govind Nagar Beach Havelock Island is yet another jewel of the Andaman Islands. Known as beach number 2 among the locals, it is famous for the fact that at one side it showcases the elements of the ethereal sphere of the Havelock Island with the turquoise blue water, silvery sand, and tropical flora and fauna and on the other side it also offers the water sports like scuba diving, snorkelling, & swimming. There is no dearth of things to do in Govind Nagar Beach.

The beach stands out for its solitude & poise. Similar to Kalapathar Beach, the ambience here makes it an ideal spot for relaxation and rejuvenation in the lap of nature where you can spend time with yourself while taking a sunbath or reading a book. You can also take a barefoot walk while enjoying the scenery of this place and see your footprints in the ever-changing surface of the glowing white sand when the oceanic waves kiss your feet with a sensuous touch and remind you that nature loves the nature lovers.

Govind Nagar Beach Havelock Island is also known for housing several resorts by the beachside. It offers accommodation facilities and water sports at one place that too for all budgets which may not be available on all the beaches of the Island. Other things to do in Govind Nagar Beach are, watching the sunrise right from your sea-facing suites, going out for a morning walk on the beach, taking a sunbath during the day, reading a book in the comfort of a hammock, enjoying some fresh coconut water from the shack, or diving into the sea to enjoy the fascinating marine life.

You may get to see some of the rare Nemo reefs here which is why the beach is also addressed as the Nemo Beach. This beach is self-sufficient to enjoy a holiday on an island in its absolute feel. Resorts at Govindnagar beach keeps you close to two beaches. One is Govindnagar of course, and the other is Radhanagar Beach, the most popular beach of Havelock Island, which is just a 10-minute drive from here.

Havelock Island Beach Resort is also listed in the list of the most popular resorts of Havelock Island located at Govind Nagar Beach. For those who are planning for the destination weddings, cruise weddings, beach weddings, engagement on the beach, romance on the beach, candlelit dinners and other events on the beachside must consider Govindnagar as one of the main options as it accommodates all occasions & all budgets.

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  • 1 Where is Govind Nagar Beach located?

    A treasured gem of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Govind Nagar Beach is located in Havelock Island. The beach is a paradise for photographers and they can capture fantastic photographs in their cameras, especially during sunset and sunrise. There is a resting hut where tender coconuts are sold. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking coconut water on the island. In the morning hours, you can also buy tea and fruit chaat from small stalls here. When you are in Swaraj Dweep, make sure that you visit this peaceful beach.

  • 2 How can I reach Govind Nagar Beach in Havelock Island?

    Located at a walking distance from Havelock Jetty or Helipad, reaching Govind Nagar Beach is very easy. There are so many beachfront resorts that are located on its lovely coastline. However, if you are staying somewhere else, then you can hire a cab or a scooty to reach this beach in just ten minutes. A little underrated in the Andaman Islands, Govind Nagar Beach is one of the loveliest beaches on the island. It is known for its extremely clean, turquoise blue waters, soft powder-like sand, and complete tranquility.

  • 3 Is visiting Govind Nagar Beach in the Andaman Islands worth it?

    Govind Nagar Beach is located in Havelock Beach near the Havelock Jetty. The beach is the tourist hotspot for scuba diving on the island. The popular Nemo Reef is situated just beside this gorgeous beach. Moreover, if you are looking to stay at a beachfront lavish property in Havelock Island, then it is the place destination as the coastline of Govind Nagar Beach is lined up with a number of beach resorts. One of them is Havelock Island Beach Resort that is counted among the best properties across the Andaman Islands.

  • 4 Why is Govind Nagar Beach popular in Havelock Island?

    Located in Havelock Island, Govind Nagar Beach is a mesmerizing and secluded beach that is ideal for leisurely walks. Taking long strolls during low tide is a memorable experience as you can wade through its cobalt water. The marine life here is very rich and diverse. Under its water, one can spot so many colorful fishes and corals. It is a scenic and lovely beach where you can spend some quality time with your travel companions or solo. The view of sunrise and sunset is splendid here.

  • 5 Are there any water sports available at Govind Nagar Beach?

    At Govind Nagar Beach in Havelock Island, scuba diving in Nemo Reef is the most sought-after water activity. There are many PADI centres on the island and you can contact them if you are willing to try your hand at scuba diving. You don’t need any prior experience to go for it and an authorized guide will be with you at all times under the water. One can also go for snorkeling and swimming on their own here. The temperature of the water at this beach is just perfect.

  • 6 What are some of the important tips and information that I should keep in mind while visiting Govind Nagar Beach in Havelock Island?

    Govind Beach can be visited at any time of the year as it has a moderate climate. But the best time to plan a vacation here is between October and May. We recommend you carry cash to Havelock Island as ATMs may not be working. You can get basic supplies from the market. Keep a tube of insect and mosquito repellant with you. You can also buy a hammock, beach accessories, artificial jewelry, etc. from the souvenir shops.

  • 7 Apart from Govind Nagar Beach, which other beaches can I visit in Swaraj Dweep?

    Govind Nagar Beach in Havelock Island is the favorite of beach bums as they enjoy long strolls and lazing on the beach a lot. Sunrise and sunset is the best time to go there and cherish the magnificence. Apart from that, there are other beaches in Havelock Island that you should include in your travel list. Their names are as follows:

    • Radhanagar Beach
    • Neil’s Cove
    • Kalapathar Beach
    • Vijay Nagar Beach
    • Elephant Beach
  • 8 Where should I stay in Havelock Island?

    Havelock Island Beach Resort is a highly recommended beachfront property. It is sure to give complete worth to your money. Here, you will get the best sea-views and you can also walk on the shoreline. It has rooms and cottages for all budgets. If you are an adrenaline junkie and are willing to try various water sports, then the resort will also book slots of scuba diving, sea walking, snorkeling, etc. for you. Its huge swimming pool is a perfect place to unwind and relax after all the sightseeing and sun-basking. Just sit by the poolside and enjoy your favorite drink or choose to dive into the pool to have great swimming experience.

  • 9 How can I make advance bookings for various water sports in Havelock Island?

    Making advance bookings for water sports in Havelock Island is highly recommended, especially if you are visiting in the peak season. Instead of getting hassled by the last-minute chaos, you should focus on enjoying your island vacation. Therefore, contact none other than Andaman Island Travels. Located in Port Blair, it is a reliable travel and tour company that will take care of all your needs.

  • 10 Can I have an underwater wedding in Swaraj Dweep?

    Not a very much popular trend in India as of now, but Havelock Island is slowly gaining acceptance as being the destination for underwater weddings. The tiny island is a diver’s paradise and one of the best places in the country for shore diving as well. This diver’s paradise has started to offer underwater weddings. Havelock Island Beach Resort is your go-to property and their in-house diving facilities are totally worth your money. The marine life is extremely rich there. The resort also offers beach wedding services.