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Govindnagar Beach is yet another jewel of the Havelock Island (Swaraj Dweep). It is known as beach number 2 as named by the locals and is popular for the fact that at one side it showcases the elements of the celestial sphere of the Havelock Island with the turquoise blue water, silvery sand, and tropical flora and fauna and on the other side it also offers the water sports like scuba diving, snorkeling, & swimming.

The Beach stands out for its quietude & poise. Similar to Kalapathar Beach the ambience here makes it an ideal spot for relaxation and rejuvenation in the lap of nature where you can spend time with yourself while taking a sunbath or reading a book. You can also take a barefoot walk while enjoying the scenery of this place and see your footprints in the ever changing surface of the glowing white sand when the oceanic waves kiss your feet with a sensuous touch and remind you that nature loves the nature lovers.

Govindnagar Beach is also known for housing a number of resorts by the beachside. In fact, it offers the accommodation facilities and water sports at one place that too for all budgets which may not be available on all the beaches of the Island.

Watch the sunrise right from your sea facing suites, go out for a morning walk on the beach, take a sunbath during the day, read a book in the comfort of a hammock, enjoy some fresh coconut water from the shack, or dive into the sea to enjoy the fascinating marine life. You may get to see some of the rare Nemo reefs here which is why the beach is also addressed as the Nemo Beach. This one beach is self sufficient to enjoy a holiday on an island in its absolute feel. Resorts at Govindnagar beach keeps you close to two beaches. One is Govindnagar ofcorse and the other is Radhanagar Beach, the most popular beach of the Havelock Island which is just a 10 minute drive from here.

Havelock Island Beach Resort is also listed into the list of the most popular resorts of the Havelock Island located at Govindnagar Beach. For more info you can browse

For those who are planning for the destination weddings, cruise weddings, beach weddings, engagement on the beach, romance on the beach, candle lit dinners and other events on the beachside must consider Govindnagar as one of the main option as it accommodates all occasions & all budgets.


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