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Pre wedding shoots have become an immensely popular idea these days. Couples want them to be a part of their wedding memoirs because these moments add a different shade to the wedding compilation. Few great pre wedding clicks make a great build up for the actual wedding clicks to be turned around.

How did you both come together; how step by step the bonding evolved; how was it when you first discovered that you are made for each other. These questions are spicy topics of discussion with friends and family but you would have certainly missed to capture those moments real time. A Pre wedding shoot gives you an opportunity to re live & enact those moments so you capture them into the camera and cherish the journey of becoming husband & wife from strangers.


Apart from creating a great picture album, a pre wedding shoot also serves as a beautiful opportunity for some ‘Pre Marital Maritime’. It would be a tantalizing romantic getaway for many good reasons. One is of course filming a great memoir in form of pictures & videos and the other is that you get to spend some quality time with your partner to strengthen your bond even more before getting into a formal relation. You may also refer to it as a ‘Pre Marital Holiday’. Doesn’t that sound exciting? Pre wedding shoot also make you both familiar with facing the camera that help you in making those attractive poses & pouts for your wedding shoot.


Pristine surroundings of Havelock Island make a perfect location for a Pre wedding shoot; that
Turquoise Blue Oceanic waves; opened blue sky often with clouds; dense tropical greenery; water splashing on your feet; colorful flora & fauna; a beautiful sunset; an inspiring sunrise; glittering constellations at night & innumerous opportunities to pose creatively for every picture & every shot. Click few of them in a kayak and then shift to a Cruise; dive under the sea for scuba diving or fly in the air while parasailing; ride a jet ski or simply swim together; make a sand castle or just feel the sensuous breeze that brings ecstasy on your & your partner’s face. There are no limits to those wow moments in the Havelock Island that create an ultimate pre wedding album.


Havelock Island is filled with the most beautiful beaches like Radhanagar Beach, Kalapathar Beach, Elephant Beach, Neils Cove, Govindnagar Beach, Vijay Nagar Beach & many others that are bound to brighten up your pictures with heavenly shades of nature. The beautiful ambience makes a perfect mood to create extra ordinary moments of joy, love, romance & laughter that are a treat to the camera lenses.

We at Havelock Island Beach resort provide exclusive pre wedding shoot packages that includes locations, transport, photographers, videographers, makeup artist & other requisites to make a great pre wedding album. Our team would manage everything on your behalf before you catch the flight for this fanciful island with your most amazing outfits. You just drop in & relax where we are all set to go. Of course it would be based on your approval before booking the package.

Those who are coming to Havelock Island for beach weddings, cruise weddings & destination weddings may also club this package with the others to make a great deal. Our executives would facilitate you with the best of opportunities, locations, and suggestions, & ensure that you take home a wonderful pre wedding photo album & videos with you.

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