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Cracking The Pre Wedding Photo Shoot Game!

Pre-wedding shoots have become a widespread trend these days. Couples want them to be a part of their wedding shenanigans because these moments add a different shade to the wedding compilation. Few great pre-wedding clicks also act as an excellent build-up for the actual wedding snaps. From a rustic vineyard shoot to a quirky make-believe 'la la land,' make your pre-wedding shoot in Havelock Island heavenly by availing our services. Find out the latest and unique pre-wedding shoot locations in Andaman and Nicobar Islands and romantic beach themes apt for you. And while you are at it, try some fun, and unique photoshoot poses to ace your pre-wedding photoshoot in Havelock Island.

We begin by learning, understanding and then crafting your story. How you met; where you met, what you love about each other, how your relationship evolved; when you first discovered that you are perfect for each other. These questions are spicy topics of discussion with friends and family, but you would have certainly missed capturing those moments real-time. A Pre-wedding shoot allows you to relive and enact those exact moments, for us to capture them into the camera and cherish the journey of becoming soulmates from strangers. Capture your best moments at some of the most beautiful places in the country during your pre-wedding photoshoot in Havelock Island.


Apart from creating a great picture album, a pre-wedding shoot also serves as a beautiful opportunity to spend some quality time together before your D-day. It would be a tantalizing romantic getaway for many great reasons. One is filming an extraordinary memoir in the form of pictures and videos, and the other is that you get to spend some quality time with your partner to strengthen your bond even more before getting into a formal relation. You may also refer to it as a 'Pre-Wedding Vacation'. Doesn't that sound exciting? The pre-wedding shoot also makes you both familiar and comfortable around the camera while capturing you, making those attractive poses and pouts for your pictures.

Pristine surroundings of Havelock Island make for a perfect location for a Pre-wedding shoot; the turquoise blue oceanic waves; vast blue sky with puffy white clouds; dense tropical cover; water under on your feet; a beautiful sunset; an even gorgeous sunrise; millions of stars above you at night. All in all, granting you numerous opportunities to pose creatively for each shot. You can click few of them in a kayak and then shift to a cruise; dive under the sea for scuba diving or fly in the air while parasailing; ride a jet ski or swim together; make a sandcastle or feel the sensuous breeze that brings ecstasy on your and your partner's face. There are no limits to those wow moments in Havelock Island that lead to an ultimate pre-wedding album.


Are you looking for a dreamy location for your Pre-Wedding photoshoot?

Look no further. Havelock Island boasts of the most beautiful beaches like Radhanagar Beach, Kalapathar Beach, Elephant Beach, Neils Cove, Govind Nagar Beach, Vijay Nagar Beach and many others that are bound to brighten up your pictures with sweet shades of heaven. Radhanagar Beach, locally known as beach number seven, was rated as the best in Asia by Time in 2004 and is the most beautiful of the lot, on the island. The beautiful ambience sets the perfect mood to create extraordinary moments of joy, love, romance and laughter both behind and in front of the lens. From classy to cheesy, from basic to OTT, we are here for you with various ideas, tips, tricks, and all you need to know about the pre-wedding shoots.

Get It Right With The Wedding Experts!

We at Havelock Island Beach resort provide exclusive pre-wedding shoot packages that include picking the location, transport, photographers, videographers, makeup artist and other requisites to make the right pre-wedding album. Our professional photographers offer pre-wedding photography and cinematic videography in various locations across the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Our team will manage everything on your behalf before you catch the flight for this fanciful island with your most memorable outfits. You drop in and relax while we take care of the rest. Once well-rested, we are all set to go.

Turquoise Blue Oceanic waves; opened blue sky often with clouds; dense tropical greenery; water splashing on your feet; colorful flora & fauna; a beautiful sunset; an inspiring sunrise; glittering constellations at night & innumerous opportunities to pose creatively for every picture & every shot. Click few of them in a kayak and then shift to a Cruise; dive under the sea for scuba diving or fly in the air while parasailing; ride a jet ski or simply swim together; make a sand castle or just feel the sensuous breeze that brings ecstasy on your & your partner’s face. There are no limits to those wow moments in the Havelock Island that create an ultimate pre wedding album.


What Next? Destination Wedding?


Couples now opt for a destination wedding, and with it comes its own set of customs and ceremonies. So, to build your once in a lifetime moment forever etched in memories, get the best pre-wedding photoshoot done in the most romantic and unique pre-wedding location in India, the islands of Andamans. Offering some of the most pristine backdrops for pre-wedding shoots, Havelock is a blend of serenity and aesthetic beauty, making it one of the best prenuptial photoshoot destinations. The sandy shores, breathtaking quaint beaches and mesmerizing backdrop make it a photographer's paradise.


Try for yourself!

Wedding and pre-wedding shoots are almost two sides of a coin now. The wedding seems incomplete until the masala of the pre-wedding shoot adds to the shenanigans. The stories that come in are 'How He Proposed' and 'Yay, We're Getting Married' with pictures of happy couples giggling at the camera. But every once in a while, there is a picture that melts our heart. Here at Havelock Island Beach Resort, we love stories as much as we love an all-embracing photoshoot- you know the kinds that get you gushing! And the results look simply magical! Try for yourself!

Pre-wedding shoot in Paradise? Yes please!

Those coming to Havelock Island for beach weddings, cruise weddings and destination weddings may also club this package with the others to make a great deal. Our executives would facilitate you with the best of opportunities, locations, and suggestions, and ensure that you take home an incredible pre-wedding photo album and videos with you. Pre Wedding Shoots in Havelock Island can be as amusing and fun as you make them. Yes, they might have become cliche and boring for many, but don't we love how photographers and couples push their boundaries to make them as different as possible. And we are here to tell your story to the world. Let us.

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