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Underwater Wedding At Havelock Island

First things first, do you want to get married underwater?

If the answer is, YES, you are in the right place. The serene beaches of Andaman and Nicobar Islands grant the best spots for an underwater wedding in India, hands down. Azure ocean, virgin islands and colonial past- This is what the island offers to its visitors. A little slice of paradise in India, Andamans boasts of picturesque shimmering beaches and lagoons of turquoise blue waters. The vibrant coral reefs and rich marine life is sure to make your underwater wedding the most memorable day of your life. Its beaches are known for pearly white sands and palm-lined shores offering some of India's best diving options, owing to the clarity of water here compared to elsewhere in the country.

Scuba Wedding in Havelock Island

Ever wondered what the perfect place for an underwater wedding in Andaman and Nicobar Islands is?

Havelock Island a.k.a Swaraj Dweep is just the perfect place for an underwater wedding. People from all over the world visit this island for its unparalleled natural attractions. For them, this is an excellent choice for a honeymoon. Recognised for being a perfect blend of tropical jungle and white sandy beaches, Havelock is where you can get as close to nature as plausible. But the idea of having an Underwater Wedding At Havelock Island is also trending quickly on charts. If you and your partner love scuba diving as much as you do one another, you may wish to opt for a scuba wedding in the gorgeous Havelock Island.

Scuba Wedding in Andaman Islands

So, how deep is your love?

If you are one of those couples who are fascinated with adventure, then this unique wedding style is perfect for you. Imagine exchanging vows amidst colourful corals and different kinds of fishes surrounding you both! Get married in the abyss of Havelock's waters. If you and your partner are snorkelers, divers, surfers, ocean lovers, or even adrenaline enthusiasts, it does not get better than this. No wedding can be as magical as yours! Underwater Wedding At Havelock Island is proud of its diversity and is open to all. You can also take part in a ceremony to renew your vows if you are already married.

What Next?

After the Scuba Wedding in Havelock Island and a gracious underwater photoshoot, you ascend back to the surface for a festive celebration with your loved ones. Of course, after changing on a dry set of clothes! You can choose to have a small cocktail party or reception at the beachside. You can celebrate the most fantastic celebration of your life by popping out your favourite champagne. However, there are some things on the underwater wedding checklist. Remember to keep an eye on the weather forecast: poor weather conditions might result in your underwater ceremony being postponed or even cancelled on the day. Hope for clear visibility, no currents, and preferably warm water with some sunshine to bask in, post the ceremony.

Havelock Island Beach Resort - The Ultimate Wedding Expert For You!

Havelock Island Beach Resort is the one-stop destination for sweethearts desiring for a fantastic underwater celebration. We are well-known and one of the most favoured luxury beach resorts by travellers. Our team of experienced divers will arrange your underwater wedding and guide you through the process as any other wedding planner would. Like in any other kind of wedding, an underwater wedding also requires many sincere efforts to make all the special day arrangements. But in this unique kind of wedding, the logistics are somewhat different. Fortunately, we have all the answers to your questions.

What To Expect?

The resort has in-house music and DJ to add a romantic flavour and set your celebration's ambience. Perks of a beach wedding? Well, for starters, you get to enjoy your favourite drink while feeling the coastal breeze on your face. All this is complementary with various mouth-watering and flavorful cuisines that you could not possibly taste anywhere else in the country. A dedicated team from the resort will take care of you and your guests, the moment you land in Port Blair, the capital city of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It will provide airport and ferry transfers services so that you enjoy a smooth journey to the resort and our super-cosy suites and luxurious cottages are perfect for accommodating all your guests.

Live Premier!

You must be pondering upon how your guests would attend an Underwater Wedding At Havelock Island. Let's be honest. No one except the couple needs to get into the water unless they want to. Your family members and friends will be at the reception venue of the resort. You can either do it on the resort premises, by the pool or out on the beach. People can watch the underwater wedding on a live video feed recorded by proficient videographers from the venue itself.

Decor, Explore and More!

In the hands of the expert florists, the venue will look straight out of a movie set. However, if you have something in mind already and want to have this reception on a cruise, just put across the request in advance, and the resort will take care of everything. Many of your guests would look forward to exploring this beautiful cluster of islands after the wedding ceremonies are over. The resort will take care of them by making all the arrangements for their sightseeing as their comfort is of utmost priority!

At night, the most beautiful way to wind up your day would be to enjoy a candlelight dinner with your significant other by the seashore. Imagine expressing your love for each other amid the crashing sound of waves and moonlight reflecting on the ocean! The entire set-up would be straight out of a fairytale. And, Havelock Beach Resort will leave no stone unturned to make your wish of a dream wedding come true. Although this is an exciting event and an unforgettable way to start married life, we are keen to promote eco-tourism in Andamans and carefully pick out the location without causing any disturbance or damage to the marine environment.