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You must have walked on many terrains but this one is exceptionally exceptional. Imagine yourself walking on the topography of the ground deep inside the sea along with colourful fishes & other marine species while enjoying the rare sights of corals, reefs, shells, & aqua greenery right besides you. You must know that this is one walk that you would remember for life.

Havelock Island along with many other underwater activities also offers this wonderful experience of Sea Walking. Elephant Beach of Havelock Island which is popular for almost all the water sports in Andaman Island houses the best infrastructure for this amazing activity which is unique, pleasant & thrilling.

A large dome shaped glass helmet would be placed over your head to ensure that your face is protected from water for breathing and oxygen would be fed into it via a long tube. Then you would be taken under towards the ground which is not very deep but lower enough to enjoy the feeling of being completely underwater. Though, the term Sea bed implies for the sea floor but here it implies a dedicated ground into the sea that is selected as a safe site for allowing the human activity for enjoyment purposes. Its premises are protected by the fences to protect you from the wild marine species or threat of being drowned away to the deeper sites. Hence, even if you are a non swimmer you can easily walk around on the seabed & enjoy the experience. For those who are swimmers must also enjoy this unique experience of walking into the sea.

As mentioned above, sea walking is an extremely safe underwater activity hence anyone & everyone can enjoy it including non swimmers, children, senior citizens. However, if you have severe health issues you must consult with your doctor before indulging into the same.

The activity is booked on advance basis however if you have booked a package with Havelock Island Beach Resort all your activities would be booked on your behalf by our executives. You just have to tell the reception when you are ready for the thrill rest would be taken care of by our team so you need not worry. This includes your bookings, equipments, outfit, & transport to the site.

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