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Nightlife in Havelock Island

Havelock Island (now known as Swaraj Dweep) is all about fun, peace, and adventure. The gorgeous island resonates with the feeling of stimulation, calmness, and elegance. It is the one-stop destination if you want to take a break from your extremely hectic and stressful life and spend a few days in the lap of nature, sipping on your favorite drink at an exotic location. Here, you have azure, crystal clear water beneath your feet and cottony-candy blue sky above your head. The island has the perfect setting where you can connect with your inner self.

But if you are a party animal and are wondering how the nightlife is in Havelock Island and how are you going to experience the much-hyped Saturday night there, then let us tell you that this island has a very lively nightlife that is popular all across the Andaman Islands. If you want to know do clubs exist in Havelock, then let is share the secret with you. Head to Havelock Island Beach Resort to get happening party vibes. Our lavish beachfront resort hosts the best parties across the island. Here, you will get the best drinks and the best music. All this by the seashore where you can have an unforgettable tropical party. Party animals come here to enjoy nightlife in Havelock Island and we do our best to make their time memorable.

Our staff is highly experienced in taking care of all your needs. The trendy music beats will make you groove to their tunes. Whether you are on a honeymoon or a bachelor party, everyone is going to have a blast at the night parties at Havelock Island Beach Resort. The bar serves a wide variety of beverages including cocktails, mocktails, wine, scotch, etc along with non-alcoholic drinks as well. Start the party with mouth-watering starters and appetizing seafood. Enjoy your refreshing drink with a fantastic view. Parties at Havelock Island Beach Resort are one of their kinds. Not too loud but full of fun! Have a great time amidst greenery, tropical breeze, and stunning beach.

Have fun at Nemo Café & Bar!

After a long but fun day of adventure and sightseeing, the most awesome way to unwind is to just sit by a beachside bar and enjoy some great music, drinks and delicious food. If you are craving for a high on energy café or bar, then the best place is Nemo Café & Bar. Also known as the Havelock Island Beach Club, this glitzy bar is located in the Havelock Island Beach Resort that is built on the shore of Govind Nagar Beach in Havelock Island. The Govind Nagar Beach is also known as Nemo Beach as rare Nemo reefs are found under the sea here. That is how Nemo Café and Bar got its name!

Nemo Café & Bar is the only DJ party zone on the beach across the island. A beach vacation is already a great way of relaxing while you feel the sea breeze on your face, admire the crashing waves, and make sandcastles on the shore. The fun gets doubled when you lie on a hammock and holding a glass of wine on a cheerful night, without a care in the world. This beachside shack located on the private beach of the resort is the best place for clubbing in Havelock Island. The best part is that along with the resort guests, it welcomes other travellers also who are not staying at Havelock Island Beach Resort. This place is a perfect combo of natural beauty and blingy nightlife. DJ parties are held here especially during weekends where you can dance the night away by showing off your moves on the dance floor. Its canopies of palm and coconut trees illuminated with beautiful lights make it a popular hangout spot for those who want to get Instagram-perfect pictures!

Listening to the melodious music blending with the soothing sound of waves is an extraordinary experience while holidaying in the Andaman Islands. And for all the foodies out there, get ready to satisfy your taste buds. The café offers an exclusive menu that comprises a wide variety of cuisines. Whether you are a vegetarian or non-vegetarian, you will be served all kinds of mouth-watering snacks and dishes here. The main course for dinner is also served as per the requests o the guests. If you love seafood, then this the best place for you in whole Havelock Island. You are definitely going to love its special aroma and flavors. Speaking of drinks, the café has all kinds of hot and cold beverages such as coffee, fresh juices, smoothies, and cocktails, along with a number of hard drinks like beer, wine, scotch, etc.

The café is a fine multi-cuisine restro bar. Its outdoor seating overlooks the sea and is a great spot to enjoy the tropical breeze, an intimate candlelight dinner, and hanging out with your buddies. It offers the best views of the island. Its music will set your mood. This café and bar is especially for those who like to party and dance the night away. To keep the regulars hooked, the night party themes are kept on changing by the staff. The ambience looks truly electrifying!

A view of the sea, friendly staff and lip-smacking food- there is no other place that brings all these together like the Nemo Café and Bar. This delightful café has grown to be one of the most incredible places for enjoying a quiet dinner by the seashore. Its cosy setting includes comfortable sitting, lovely ambient lighting and soothing music. The place offers good value for money.

If you are yearning for an ocean view, a DJ night, praiseworthy hospitality, energetic ambiance, delicious food and quick service, then this is the best place to be. They can do party arrangements if you want to surprise your lover. Candlelight dinners are a must here. Don’t forget to enquire before going as it is closed for large party bookings on some days.

Attending rain dance parties at Havelock Island Beach Resort is a must while you are here. These are one of their kinds and are popular all across the Andamans. Tourists especially visit our resort to have fun at these exciting parties. Parties by our huge pool are sought-after by everyone. Imagine dancing to your favorite party songs, holding your favorite drink in your hand, with your toes dipped in the cool blue pool at the resort. Sounds fun, right? Organising pool parties for our esteemed guests is our specialty and we make sure that you have the best party in the Andamans here. Our staff serves the finest drinks, the tastiest vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, plays the grooviest party songs, and so much more in order to make sure that you have the best party of your life at Havelock Island Beach Club. It is definitely the best hangout place across the island and you will surely experience this when you come here. Good times never end here as our beach club is open 24X7. Whenever you feel like partying with your friends or your better half, just head to Havelock Island Night Club and enjoy what we offer.

If you are someone who wants to have the experience of beach dining, then you are surely going to love dinner by the beachside. We serve scrumptious food (vegetarian and non-vegetarian) along with your choice of drinks. All this by the seashore while you are immersed in the sound of crashing waves. With great food and great ambiance, Havelock Island Beach Club offers you the best of everything. Whether you are with your partner, friends, family, or office colleagues, you are sure to have an unforgettable time here.

Havelock Island Beach Club is especially the best idea for the guests of the resort as it is just a few steps away from the comfort of your room. After spending your day sightseeing, beach hopping or doing scuba diving, nighttime is the most perfect time to just rejuvenate and chill. Spend some time strolling on the while silky sand of the beach amidst the calming sound of waves and lush greenery. Appreciate the beauty of the star-studded sky and the moonlight touching the ocean. This is something that you cannot ever experience in your city. Such is the gorgeousness of Havelock Island! The fascinating lights used for decorating the whole place further enhance the beauty of the café and bar. Relax on the sun deck, and order your favorite drink as well as the food of your choice. All this while getting spellbound by the splendor of the Nemo Café. And after spending a few hours enjoying and relaxing, you can simply go back to your lavish room and have a good night’s sleep.

There is a lot to see and do! As the evening fades away and night knocks on the door, Havelock Island promises to spellbind everyone with their unique charm. Make the most of its nightlife while vacationing here.

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