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Havelock Island (Swaraj Dweep)

Few pieces of heaven must have fallen in the Indian Ocean only to be named together as the Andaman & Nicobar Islands. Or mother earth would have chosen a place for the rendezvous of the most beautiful elements of nature that are sky, sea, sun, shore, serenity and splendour of tropical flora and fauna, chirping birds, and marine species.’ Here is where the travellers arrive to relax and rejuvenate once they come to the Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Havelock Island (Swaraj Dweep), welcome to this Aqua Wonder of India, where gigantic ships seem like a small aquatic animal while sailing in the vast sea. Where human existence seems as small as a drop of saline water, but as meaningful as the sun that sets every evening only to rise again next morning with high spirits and novelty in what is old yet eternal.

The pristine surroundings of Havelock entice us. Be it the crystal clear water changing variety of shades between blue and green, the spotlessly white sand with diamond-like shine and softness of sandalwood powder, tropical greenery, picturesque corals, sparse underwater gems, multi-coloured aquatic animals, submerged rocks, or exciting sites for adventure sports. Havelock Island is a paradise hiding in plain sight.

All you see is joy & contentment spilling out of life as the water waves jump in full swings only to merge back into their origin. You witness a marvellous sunset intensifying the meaning of stillness and an inspiring sunrise inspiring you to keep going. Yes, this is what Andaman & Nicobar Islands are all about. Browse the website for Havelock Island Travel Guide.

In a little corner that touches the coastal boundaries of India, the most beautiful piece of this paradise, which is yet to be explored by many is Havelock Island (Swaraj Dweep). Yes. One of the most preferred Islands of the Andaman & Nicobar provinces that would surprise you with what it carries in abundance that you may have been wandering for, from beach to beach right from Goa to the Maldives.

This Aqua Paradise truly exemplifies the traits of heavenly beauty that could ever be seen and felt in and around an ocean. You find peace, tranquillity and isolation on this one-stop destination which is an excellent choice for solo trips, family trips, honeymoons, anniversary vacations, destination weddings, cruise weddings or any other occasion that you want to make special.

Whether you want to relax in isolation and enjoy the inherent pleasure of stillness on its halcyon beaches, swim along with the corals and marine species while enjoying the water sports, or enjoy the unusual coalition of serenity and adventure while exploring the tropical greens and mangroves while kayaking or trekking through the jungles. This destination has all in its platter to make a holiday memorable and joyous.

The island is also known for being an adventure sports hub, a marine life showcase & a water activities centre. If you are a nature lover, especially a beach lover, you can’t miss this living piece of heaven that is the lord of the inescapable pristine surroundings. Havelock Island Beach Resort is one of the excellent hotels that also caters to sightseeing and activities in Havelock Island.

While browsing through international holiday destinations for your next trip whatever the reason may be, it is highly recommended to spend a few minutes on this page and explore a destination that has surprised many international travellers and bloggers with its Indian origin. An hour or two in a ferry from the Port Blair city, the capital of Andaman & Nicobar Islands takes you to this fanciful land which is recently renamed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi as Swaraj Dweep, ‘The Self Rule Island’.

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  • 1 Why is Havelock Island the most popular destination in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands?

    Officially known as Swaraj Dweep now, Havelock Island receives the maximum footfall in the Andaman Islands owing to its pristine beaches and turquoise waters. It has also the best infrastructure for a number of water activities, thus ensuring an incredible experience for everyone. You can try scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, and a lot more. The island offers a relaxed atmosphere with tropical vibes. Its beaches are dotted with PADI diving centres, cute cafes, and luxurious beachfront properties. Moreover, a trip to Havelock Island is suitable for all budgets.

  • 2 How far is Havelock Island from Port Blair?

    Havelock Island is the most beautiful gem of the Indian union territory- Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It is the most popular island among travellers and is located nearly 70 kilometers from Port Blair, the capital city. Reaching here is very simple. It is only two hours away from Port Blair by boat. The island is known for its white sandy beaches, azure waters, and the best diving spots in Asia. Havelock Island is like a wonderland for all age groups. Here you can laze around on its stunning beaches, explore its serene and dense mangroves, swim around colorful corals while scuba diving, and trek across the wild jungle trails. Havelock Island offers more than what you can imagine!

  • 3 How can I reach Havelock Island?

    You can reach this island by sea as well as by air. However, the best and the easiest way to travel would be by the sea. Private and Government ferries operate from Port Blair and Neil Island, which are the neighboring islands. Booking from private ferries is stress-free and you don’t need to wait in long queues. These are the lifeline of the Andaman Islands as they connect so many islands with each other. The same can be booked through Andaman Island Travels for an easy and worry-free experience.

  • 4 How can I get around in Havelock Island?

    Commuting via local transport in Swaraj Dweep is quite easy. Roads are well set and straight. The chances of getting lost are almost impossible as everything is by road and also, locals are very helpful. The best ways to getting around the island are as follows:

    • Tourist taxis- You can tent a taxi from Havelock jetty and the drivers will be waiting at the jetty. But please know that it may be overpriced and you have to bargain a lot. That’s why the best option would be to book a cab in advance from Andaman Island Travels. It will save a lot of your time and effort.
    • Bike rentals- The easiest way to get around the island is by renting a scooty. You can hire it on daily basis at around Rs. 500 per day. Fuel stations get shut by evening, so ensure that you have enough fuel. Also, avoid it during monsoons as roads can get slippery.
    • Auto rickshaws- Autos are also available for short rides as well as long rides. But you cannot depend on them if there is some holiday.
    • Public transport- If you are strictly on a budget trip, then you can opt for shared jeeps and public buses for commuting within Havelock Island.
  • 5 What are the must-visit beaches In Havelock Island?

    The beaches of Havelock Island are amazingly gorgeous. They are sure to spellbind you. For an incredible beach experience in the Andamans, you have to visit the below-mentioned beaches:

    • Elephant Beach
    • Radhanagar Beach
    • Neil’s Cove
    • Kalapathar Beach
    • Vijay Nagar Beach
    • Govind Nagar Beach

    You have to go to Havelock Island to see the best beaches in India. It is a home of pristine beauty. Along with that, the people there are amazing as well. They are considerate and ready to help.

  • 6 What is the specialty about Elephant Beach in Swaraj Dweep?

    Elephant Beach is heaven! It is beautiful beyond any words. It is like a huge, endless blanket of different shades of blue. The grandeur of bright green trees grown on white sand below the white clouds that look like cotton candy tucked in a clear blue sky is indescribable. There are a variety of beautiful shells spread all over the place like jewels. The splendor of this beach cannot be described in any words or photographs. You get to feel it yourself by seeing it with your own eyes. Apart from getting surrounded by an aura of magnificence here, you can also indulge in an underwater fun activity- sea walking. This beach is known for offering a fabulous view of the underwater marine life. Earlier, scuba diving could also be done there but now that has been discontinued and is open for sea walking only.

    There is no road network to reach this beach. One has to take either ferry or trek for an hour to get there.

  • 7 Which is the most gorgeous beach in Havelock Island?

    It will take only twenty minutes via scooty to reach Radhanagar Beach from Elephant Beach. It is counted among Asia’s most beautiful and the world’s top ten beaches. This marvelous slice of heaven is everyone’s favorite beach in Havelock Island. You can’t get enough of it in just one visit. It’s a must-visit for every nature and beach lover. Your beach vacation is incomplete without including Radhanagar Beach in your itinerary. The white silky sand, emerald blue sea and white foam waves make it a perfect spot for relaxing amid the natural beauty. There are lush and verdant trees on its side. No water sports are allowed there in order to preserve the gorgeousness of this attraction; so you can choose to either swim or sunbathe at this tranquil beach. We would suggest going there in the late afternoon so that you can see the lovely sunset in the evening.

  • 8 Is Neil’s Cove in Havelock Island worth visiting?

    It is a fabulous lagoon situated northwest of Radhanagar Beach. A part of Radhanagar beach itself, it is formed by enclosed coral reefs and is surrounded by lush green vegetation. Here, you will find unique rock formations that are created by millions of years of erosion. The water is shallow and crystal clear, which makes this lagoon perfect for snorkeling. Owing to the presence of water crocodiles during dusk and dawn, swimming is strictly prohibited at these timings.

  • 9 How is Kalapathar Beach in Havelock Island?

    Just a 25-minute drive from Radhanagar Beach will take you to this pristine beach. With dense forest in the backdrop, Kalapathar Beach is a long stretch of golden sand beds, aqua water, and big black rocks. It is a small but delightful beach. You can stroll here amidst the stunning scenic beauty while feeling the cool breeze on your face. The black rocks along the seashore present a vivid contrast with the bright sand. There are green forests engulfing the beach from all sides.

  • 10 Should I include Vijay Nagar Beach in my travel itinerary when in Havelock Island?

    It’s a quiet beach having white sand, turquoise water and coconut trees. It is so calm and you can actually feel the sea breeze flowing around you. You won’t find many people there. It is perfect for nature lovers and photographers. Moreover, you should definitely go there during night time. It will be an altogether different experience.

  • 11 Is Govind Nagar Beach a beautiful spot in Swaraj Dweep?

    A little underrated in the Andamans, Govind Nagar Beach is one of the loveliest beaches on the island. It is known for its extremely clean, turquoise blue waters, soft powder-like sand, and complete tranquility. This beach is the favorite of beach bums where they can go for long strolls. It is easily accessible from the Dive India Scuba Diving Centre.

  • 12 Is Havelock Island a good place for trying my hand at scuba diving?

    Scuba diving is one of the most popular water activities in the world. Havelock Island is surrounded by the underwater coastal belts, which are home to a dense ecosystem of coral reefs and formations. The unique topography of the island makes the diving experience hard to get anywhere else. Some of them are complemented by volcanic lava hills as well. The abundance of corals and fish often enclose the diver from all directions that is enough to leave him in wonder and awe. During your vacations in the stunning Andaman Island, don’t forget to go for one of the finest scuba diving experiences in India that you can have in Havelock Island.

    Thanks to the preserved marine life and alive corals around the shore and beyond. Its rich population of corals is sure to take away your breath! To tick a memorable underwater experience off your bucket list, choose Havelock Island as your next travel destination. The waters are clear enough for an excellent view of the underwater world.

  • 13 Where should I stay in Havelock Island?

    Whenever planning a vacation in Havelock Island, book your stay at Havelock Island Beach Resort. It is a great place for underwater fun and adventure. Whether you are travelling solo, with your partner or with your family, scuba diving in Havelock Islands is something that you should never skip. Havelock Island Beach Resort is a highly recommended beachfront property. It is sure to give complete worth to your money. Here, you will get the best sea-views and you can also walk on the shoreline. It has rooms and cottages for all budgets. If you are an adrenaline junkie and are willing to try various water sports, then the resort will also book slots of scuba diving, sea walking, snorkeling, etc. for you. Its huge swimming pool is a perfect place to unwind and relax after all the sightseeing and sun-basking.

    Some of the other highly recommended places to stay in Havelock Island are mentioned below:

      Taj Exotica- This beachfront property located on the pristine Radhanagar Beach needs no introduction. The rooms are lavish and the views are serene. Staying here for a few days is all the relaxation you need.

      Barefoot- It offers a luxurious jungle stay. Located right next to Radhanagar Beach, the resort’s staff can also make arrangements for all the activities for families and friends.

      Sea Shell resort- This beach facing property is perfect for a high-end luxury traveller. Its spa, infinity pool and candlelight dinners under the stars are some of its major highlights.

      Jalakara- This lovely boutique hotel is located amidst rainforest of the Havelock Island. It offers extremely beautiful rooms and a huge pool.

      Flying Elephant- Inspired by Indian culture, yoga and décor, this property features well-ventilated bamboo cottages, an open-air shower area, and positive vibes.

  • 14 How much does it cost to stay in Havelock Island?

    Among all the islands in the Andamans, the infrastructure for tourists is the best in Havelock Island. You can choose to stay at a beach resort at affordable rates or a highly luxurious cottage at a premium cost. The prices vary depending on the off and peak tourist seasons. During peak season, the best places get filled up quite fast and prices shoot up.

    • Low Budget: INR 500- 3000
    • Mid-range: INR 4000- 8000
    • Premium stays: INR 15000- 25000
  • 15 Where to eat and enjoy the nightlife in Havelock Island?

    Havelock Island is a great party destination and offers you an exciting nightlife and dining experience. The vibrant nightlife of the Andaman Islands can be best witnessed in Havelock Island. Andaman entertainment is not too loud and offers a unique experience. In case you want to experience more than the tranquility of this island, then this is your one-stop destination. The top nightlife spots in Havelock Island are mentioned below:

    • Nemo Cafe
    • Bonova cafe and pub
    • Full moon cafe
    • Something different – A Beachside Cafe
    • Venom Bar
    • Cicada Lounge Bar