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Havelock Island Beach Resort

A Heavenly Haven of Asia with bright silvery beaches, dancing sea waves emerging from the deep blues, fascinating marines environment few steps away, coconut palms swaying in the coastal wind shadowing the travelers and in the midst of all, there is a fascinating sea facing accommodation housed by a beautiful private beach , private garden full of tropical greens, Swimming pool with a poolside bar, eco friendly but luxurious sea view cottages, exotic dining options, water sports infrastructure, an attractive spa and customer friendly environment. What could be more exciting than this celestial landscape evolved for providing the best of hospitality to the beach lovers?

Take home the unforgettable experiences, fascinating memories, & wonderful stories to smile at for the rest of your life.

Havelock Island Beach Resort at Havelock Island ( Swaraj Dweep ) is a one stop destination that offers a comfortable and luxurious stay in the midst of tropical green surroundings, attractive beaches, & scintillating onshore breeze along with A to Z arrangements of a holiday on Havelock Island, no matter what you are coming for; Group Trip, Solo Trip, Family vacation, Romantic Getaway, Honeymoon trip, Engagement on the Beach, Destination Wedding, Beach Wedding, Cruise Wedding, Anniversary Celebration, Birthday Celebration, Adventure Sports, or Corporate Event.

The property that borrowed its name from the Havelock Island ( Swaraj Dweep ) , the most beautiful island of the Andaman & Nicobar Islands is located in the pristine surroundings of Govindnagar Beach also known as Nemo Beach & Beach Number 2. It takes a 10 minute drive to reach here from Radhanagar Beach, which is titled as the Best Beach of Asia by the Times Magazine in 2004. This fascinating Resort with a private beach offers an accommodation with a fantastic beach view and is surely a wonderful choice for people who want to eat, drink, play & stay by the beach & its divine beauty.

Through a statuesque canopy of gigantic tropical trees, the resort's entrance opens to the Govindnagar Beach enabling the guests enjoy the Sea, Sand, & Sunshine from their sea facing suits during the day & cherish the moonlight during the night with iridescent arrangement of lights & heart touching instrumental music within the resort premises. The state of the art infrastructure beautifully balances the contemporary interiors with coastal surroundings minutely considering the guest's aspirations from a holiday on an Island.

Havelock Island Beach Resort stands out in the list of hotels & resorts housed by the Havelock island for it is not just a luxurious lodging option but it facilitate the travelers with a complete range of customized holiday plans with exclusive tour packages for Adventure Holidays, Destination Weddings, Beach Weddings, Cruise Wedding, Beachside Romance, Engagement On Beach, Anniversary Celebrations, Family Trips, Solo Trips, Corporate Conferences, Corporate Seminars and other personal & professional events depending upon the individual demands.

In short, along with a luxurious stay with a range of in house facilities to include the Luxury Suits, Comfortable Rooms, private beach, private garden, In House Restaurant, a beachside Cafe & an In-House Spa, this resort extend its identity to a complete service provider. Right from booking the flight tickets to local travel, stay, food, adventure sports, photography, videography, event management to return travel all is done in a single click on the tab appearing under(Hyperlink).

Havelock Island Beach Resort through its in house travel agency & event management team offers its customers with all the traditional & innovative possibilities around the fascinating surroundings of the sea. Our team members are the travel & hospitality experts from across the island who understand that each individual has a different aspiration from his visit hence they do not just assist the travelers make the best of their time but also make the most of their money. This is possible because of our strong network across the Andaman & Nicobar havens. Facilitating the customers throughout their journey is in fact the unique selling property of this resort that follows the Indian norm of ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’, Guest is God while maintaining the international standards. So whether you want to sail or swim through the Indian Ocean, allow us to be your companion to write a fairy-tale of memories for life!

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