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Neil's Cove at Radhanagar Beach

One of Andaman and Nicobar islands' lesser-known yet beautiful spots is the magnificent lagoon at Neil's Cove in Havelock Island. The lagoon is formed of enclosed coral reefs and lush green vegetation and lies northwest of Radhanagar beach. It is barely a ten minutes trek towards the north of the Radhanagar beach. Neil's Cove at Radhanagar Beach is a clear and secluded sight that may sometimes give you a chance to see the wild side of the sea. The sharp crocodiles are present on this site which makes it exciting but is the warning signs too. However, it is a beautiful destination for photography & videography—bloggers must-visit for some rare shots of the wild marine species.

Just north of the beautiful Radhanagar Beach, this is everything you dreamed of and saw in Leonardo DiCaprio's The Beach. Better still, do it all, and then lie on the beach, living the good life. You can even see colourful fish from the outside. If you swim further into the inlets, there will be warning signs for crocodiles. Pay attention to those. They're true. Neil' cove is another fascinating attraction of Havelock Island and a rarely known spot of the Andaman & Nicobar Islands. When you get out of the water, walk to the beach's right end and look for a spot called "Neil's Cove" – hippie backpacker paradise and perfect for watching the sunset. Still, it must make your visit exceptional, especially if you have time.

Swimming is not allowed either at dusk or dawn; take heed of any warnings regarding crocodiles. If you keep walking north along Radhanagar Beach in Havelock Island for about 1 kilometre, you turn around a rocky corner and get to a smaller Neil's Cove Beach. In some ways, it's even more beautiful; it's a small and perfect half-moon crescent of white sand, the forest comes close to the shore with massive tropical trees full of weird fruits. The coral reefs of the region make the lagoon beautiful. It's not very swimmable here due to rocky bottom but quite picturesque nonetheless.

There are multiple things to do in Neil's Cove. Visitors can easily spot unique rock formations across its surroundings, created by millions of years of erosion. The water is shallow, deep and transparent, making it an ideal venue for snorkelling. However, saltwater crocodiles sometimes frequent this lagoon, due to which swimming is prohibited here at dawn and dusk. People can see beautiful and colourful fish from outside the water swimming around their natural habitat. For an animal enthusiast, the probability of spotting this majestic animal in its natural habit is another reason to visit this lagoon.

With its gorgeous teal 'lagoon', Neil's Cove is a gem of sheltered sand and crystalline water. If you're looking for a secluded but idyllic getaway, this is the place for you. With its gorgeous vistas, stunning sea and an array of water sports, havelock island is the perfect place for you and your loved ones. Neil's cove has little inlets and lagoons for you to float about in and visitors can also opt for diving and snorkelling at Neil's cove, though the water is very shallow.

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  • 1 Where is Neil’s Cove located in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands?

    A ten-minute walk down Radhanagar Beach will take you to Neil’s Cove in Havelock Island (officially known as Swaraj Dweep now). A beautiful cove with freshwater streams, Neil Cove offers a mesmerizing swim in the crystal blue waters. It is one of the best spots for snorkeling across the island, but you should be extremely careful while trying your hand at it as salt-water crocodiles have been spotted here in the past. The natural splendor of this hidden gem is sure to leave you awestruck.

  • 2 How can I reach Neil’s Cove?

    Reaching there is quite simple. Very close to the gorgeous Radhanagar Beach, Neil’s Cove is a lovely lagoon situated in Havelock Island. First, you need to reach Radhanagar Beach via a cab, auto, or rented 2-wheeler. Once you are there, you need to walk towards the northern side for nearly fifteen minutes. You will see a splendid lagoon which is Neil’s Cove where the reef curves. No boards or directions are available en route. Thus, you can ask the guard at the entrance of the beach for directions to be absolutely sure.

  • 3 Which are the best properties to stay nearby Neil’s Cove?

    Neil’s Cove in Havelock Island is a magical place! Its beauty is something that is rare to be found anywhere else. It is a hidden gem of the island and is still a lesser-known place. So when you are going to the popular Radhanagar Beach, you can include this lagoon in your travel plan as it is there itself. Some of the best resorts and hotels nearby Neil’s Cove are as follows:

    • Havelock Island Beach Resort
    • The Kingdom Resort
    • El Dorado
    • Radhakrishna Resort
    • Green Valley Resort
    • Gold Star Beach Resort
    • Orient Legend Resort
    • Emerald Gecko
    • Royal Palace
    • Wild Orchid Beach Resort
    • Symphony Palm Beach Resort
    • Holiday Inn Beach Resort
    • Coral Reef Resort
    • Havelock Holiday Beach Resort
    • Aparupa Sands Marina
    • Cross Bill Beach Resort
    • Taj Exotica
    • Silver Sand Beach Resort
    • Munjoh Ocean Resort
    • Sea Shell Resort
  • 4 Is including Neil’s Cove in my Havelock Island itinerary worth it?

    Neil’s Cove in Havelock Island is everything that you dreamed of while planning a trip to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The cove has little inlets and lagoons where you can enjoy floating, shallow diving, and snorkeling. And if you just want to live the good life, then simply lie on the beach. A number of colorful fishes can be seen from the outside and this is ideal for all the non-water babies who don’t want to get inside the warm waters. There will be warning signs for crocodiles if you swim further into the inlets. Pay attention and use your wisdom.

  • 5 Can I go inside Neil’s Cove?

    Just fifteen minute down the popular Radhanagar Beach in Havelock Island will take you to Neil’s Cove. It is a beautiful cove with freshwater streams where you can swim in the crystal-clear azure waters. Adrenaline junkies and nature lovers can also go for snorkeling here. Your underwater experience while doing snorkeling will boost all your senses and open your eyes to a whole new magical world! That’s why we would suggest you to visit this cove and go for your first experience as soon as you can. If you are already on a beach holiday, then snorkeling can add some extra adventure to your vacation.

  • 6 Can honeymooners go for snorkeling at Neil’s Cove in Swaraj Dweep?

    Whether you are travelling alone, with your partner, or entire family, this water activity is something that most of people would agree to do. This adventurous activity stands out from the rest owing to the magic and ecstasy it offers to the divers throughout. However, you should be careful at all times as crocodiles have been spotted there in the past. The place is not crowded and thus, you can enjoy being at the cove even more. It has all the seclusion and privacy that you are looking for.

  • 7 Are there crocodiles in the waters of Neil’s Cove?

    The magnificence of Neil’s Cove cannot be put in words. You yourself have to go there in order to cherish its beauty to the fullest. Neil’s Cove has a beautiful teal lagoon and is gem of crystalline water and sheltered sand. However, no one is allowed to swim at dusk and dawn. Warnings regarding crocodiles are true and you should take them seriously.

  • 8 What are the most special highlights of Neil’s Cove?

    It is like an exotic spot that is home to silky white sands and cobalt waters. A pristine lagoon that is small in size and perfect half-moon crescent of white powdery sand, Neil’s Cove offers unmatched natural beauty. It is one of the best kept secrets in Havelock Island. You will see lush greenery here, canopy of tall and dense tropical rain forest amidst melodious voices of colorful endemic birds. You can witness a diverse array of marine life and colorful crabs on the corals at this tranquil place. It would be absolutely fascinating to look at the waves crashing on the rocks and jumping high into the air.

  • 9 What are must-do things at Neil’s Cove?

    Photographers will be offered with innumerable opportunities of capturing the best photographs. One must-do thing here includes looking at the gorgeous sunsets while lazing on the soft sands. You are not going to forget this mesmerizing experience ever! It is definitely a cherished destination for photographers and bloggers.

  • 10 What is the best time to visit Neil’s Cove in Havelock Island?

    Swaraj Dweep experiences tropical climate and thus, travelling to this island in winter season is highly recommended. The months from November to February are the best for visiting Neil’s Cove. The water is warm and the weather is pleasant during these months. The entire island is at its best at this time.