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Well you may have driven a bike in cities, towns, highways, and up the hill. But how about the blue oceanic water; isn’t that exciting? Jet Skiing is the motor bike ride in water. It is a high speed run over the sea waves while commanding the steering of the Jet Ski in your hands. This is a unique experience in itself for those who wants to playfully enjoy the aqua splashes of saline water & the thrill that this activity has to offer in middle of the ocean. It is a fun activity that is meant for individuals, couple, group of friends, and family.

It is the best on beaches that have a little stillness in the tides, the right amount of current and medium wind. It is conducted under the supervision of water sports experts who will not only accompany you on the Jet Ski during the ride but also train you with the necessary techniques to ensure your safety. A life jacket also comes with a package of the complete ride and the safety measures would be taken care off throughout the ride.

Few beaches of the Andaman Island offer Jet Skiing but the Elephant beach of the Havelock Island is ideal for it. This is one of those water activities that are cost effective yet adventurous & playful. Everybody who is above 10 and below 60 years & who do not have major health issues may opt for Jet Skiing.

Jet Skiing is one of the most prevalent water sports in the Andaman Island so you better not miss it.

Havelock Island Beach Resort would provide jet skiing under the supervision of our in house Jet Ski experts as a part of your holiday package.

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