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Get Engaged On A Beach!

Engagement on the beach is for those who want to break away from the mundane tradition of crowded ceremonial receptions and celebrate this moment in an intimate fashion. It is for those who want to experience these moments of tranquillity and peace. And those who do not want to give in to the cliche the idea of a wedding ceremony. The ones who would love a private engagement ceremony on an island with their closest people around. If we talk about islands, it does not get better than Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Exchange the engagement rings enveloped by the sounds of oceanic waves crashing against the shore, the charm of tropical ambience, pleasant coastal breeze, and chirping birds travelling here from across the world.

Let Your Imagination Run Wild!

Imagine yourself standing with your partner, looking into each other’s eyes, holding a starry diamond ring as nature too approves of your relationship for this life and beyond. Doesn’t it feel amazing when the vibrant natural landscape adds colours to your engagement photographs? It would indeed be a delightful moment when you make a lifetime commitment with the love of your life on the enthralling seashore where the waves commit to merge back into the ocean and nature commits to nurturing the beauty of the earth till eternity. The divinity of them fulfilling that commitment is sure to have a lasting effect on you. It is a picture-perfect sight to live each moment of this most special occasion of your life and capturing it in camera to cherish for the rest of your life.

Engagement on The Beach

Make it Unique!

Make your special occasion even more special with our lucrative packages and enticing deals. It could be with a signature Candlelit dinner in the sensuous sea breeze that genuinely feels like nature’s acknowledgement of your love. It could be a treasure hunt where your beloved gets hold of your written proposal with a ring hidden in the pure white sand. You can draw those magical words on the sand and share your heartfelt emotions with her. There is no end to the innovative ideas once you have chosen a beach for your engagement ceremony and chosen an efficient event management company. Whether you engrave your proposal on a sculpture to let her find and get overwhelmed with tears or you giggle exchanging the ring while parasailing to make it a super exciting experience. Apart from this, you may get engaged at the lighthouse, and you can plan for a small get together in a glass boat, or dive into the ocean together while holding each other’s hands if you both are water buddies. You would be spoilt for choices if you allow our team to be a part of this momentous occasion of yours.

Engagement in Havelock Island Beach

How can Havelock Island Beach Resort Help?

We can help you plan your Engagement in Havelock Island Beach. Allow us to arrange a well-planned engagement ceremony for you, so there are no loopholes in the execution at this blissfully romantic destination for limited resources of the island. Our services include the A to Z arrangements right from designing a well-articulated event plan, making travel arrangements, including the cabs, the ferries, accommodation arrangements, refreshment arrangements, and other formal arrangements required for such events per the individual requirements. While you relax, we take complete care of every minute pre and post formal requirements like the spa, the beauty treatments, makeup artists, hairdressers, photographers, videographers, and priests. We aim to ensure that you have everything that an island offers and make it a perfect engagement on the beach.

Engagement in Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Traditional Ceremonies - Celebrating Your Roots!

After choosing a unique destination, you may also want to exchange the rings with the love of your life in a picturesque set up around nature and the warm presence of your loved ones in a traditional ceremonial fashion. The event may require the add-on decorations amidst the tropical green cover of coconut palms. With melodic music to complement the beach ambience, fascinating lights joining hands with the glittering sky, dance floors and DJs, best of the cuisines lined up in an indoor or outdoor setup, comfortable seating arrangements and colourful ceremony backdrop set up by the azure sea itself that makes an excellent cocktail of nature and culture. Our team would make sure that everything takes place right as per the plans without any sudden hiccups.

Traditional Ceremonies - Celebrating Your Roots!

Underwater Engagement - Taking That Leap Of Faith!

If the idea of Engagement in Havelock Island Beach does not excite you, we have something else in mind. If you are an adventure-loving couple, you may want to try exchanging the rings underwater while experiencing one of our underwater sports like the scuba diving, snorkelling, or sea walking while sharing the moments with corals, shells, and magnificent marine species in an exhilarating and playful disposition. Truly a unique idea proposed by Havelock Island Beach Resort as we make it happen. Imagine escaping from the beach crowd, together you paddle a Kayak, reach in the middle of water and propose to your beloved right under those twinkling stars. Doesn’t it sound like an exciting idea to get engaged in a unique vogue? There are many unique ideas like this that you may consider. The icing on the cake is that our underwater photography team would not miss capturing a single moment that you can cherish with your loved ones later and show it to your children how romance and adventure came along when you first proposed their mom.

Underwater Engagement - Taking That Leap Of Faith!

Engagement on A Cruise - Go Big or Go Home!

Cruise weddings are incredibly trendy these days, but you can also choose to get engaged onboard. Go down on your knees and propose to your sweetheart under the blue sky while sailing over the blue ocean. A perfect ambience to open up your heart to your partner before turning a new chapter of life while voyaging in the Indian Ocean. This cruise is truly a majestic feeling that you will forever be etched in your memory. Many luxurious cruises sail through the beaches of Havelock Island, and our team would help you organize everything to befit your dream and your budget.

If you want to fly down to Andaman and Nicobar Islands, then hands down, Engagement in Havelock Island Beach would indeed be one of the best decisions of your life.

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