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Vijay Nagar Beach Havelock Island

Havelock Island would spoil you of choices for housing the most delightful beaches of the Andaman & Nicobar Islands. Vijay Nagar Beach Havelock Island is another living portrait of the Creator on the shores of the Indian Ocean. You can appreciate the white sand stretched along the shores under the vast open sky sheltering the Indian Ocean & singing praises for the tropical flora & fauna that seem like the exorbitant ornaments of the beach here. It seems as if the silence is whispering into your ears, a few couplets praising the coastal beauty of Mother Earth that you must cherish.

In short, Vijay Nagar Beach Havelock Island owns the beauty of Radhanagar Beach, the serenity of Kalapathar beach & water sports akin to Elephant Beach. It is a destination for aqua buddies and nature lovers both. There is no dearth of things to do in Vijay Nagar Beach. You can do swimming, bird watching, sunbathing, wildlife photography, fishing and trekking. The beach infrastructure also offers few water sports like snorkelling.

Under the mollycoddles of coconut trees & turquoise seawater, you can take a quiet walk & enjoy your holiday. You can try the fresh seafood & some lip-smacking local dishes available in the local restaurants that serve the special platters with a distinctive flavour that is influenced by the diverse cuisines of West Bengal, Myanmar, and the states of South and North India.

Vijaynagar Beach is approximately 9 Kilometers from the Havelock Harbour & it takes hardly ten minutes to drive on the empty roads of Havelock Island. You can hire both chauffeured vehicles and self-driven cars & bikes to reach this beautiful spot.

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