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Elephant Beach: The Water Sports Hub of Havelock Island

Elephant Beach is the Second Most Popular Beach of The Havelock Island. Akin to the other beaches of the vicinity it is constituted by the dazzling white sand, turquoise green shade of the ocean & dense tropical trees lined all around the shores. However, this beach stands out as it offers a plethora of adventure sports & water activities at a single point. So if you are one of those travel freaks for whom Holiday on an Island means relishing the aquatic adventures & diving into the sea, Elephant beach should mount your “Things to do List” in your trip to Havelock Island & Andaman.

This beach is bound to fulfill all of your fantasies of exploring the underwater wealth of nature to include Corals, reefs, rarely seen turtles, aquatic plants, colorful fishes, and other vibrant oceanic species with your naked eyes. Along with swimming, fishing, kayaking, banana boat riding, sofa boat riding, jet skiing (which is available on other beaches too in Andaman) Elephant Beach is rated as an ideal spot for Snorkeling, Sea Walking, Scuba diving & Parasailing for its Best Water Sports Infrastructure In the Andaman & Nicobar isles.

For those who chose to refrain from entering into the water but do not want to miss the wonderful sight of the gems of the marine world, Elephant beach also offers the glass bottom boat ride. This is a unique experience in which a boat is designed with a glass bottom. Through this glass you can see through the limitless wonders of marine life. This is a good choice for senior citizens and people who do want to step into the water but do not want to miss proximity with the underwater world.

As compared to the other beaches, water on Elephant beach is placid and does not steep too low that makes it comfortable for even non swimmers to have the thrilling onshore experiences without any hassle. A family who wants to take their children along for sports activities & picnics may plan to spend maximum time of their trip on this playful beach.

Elephant Beach offers plenty of photography opportunities as the shores here are abundant with marine jewels. So if you are a photographer you can brush up your photography skills & capture the exhilarating sights in your camera. And those who simply want to enjoy the wonders at the same time want these happy moments to be captured for memories may opt for hiring the professional photographers. Few water sports also provide complimentary photography. Havelock Island Beach Resort is committed to provide a complete package so you can tell our coordinators if you want the professional photographers and they will arrange for you.

The name of this beach came out of an Elephant’s training camp nearby that was established by the government of India in past. The narrative goes that few of the elephants often found roaming around those days at the beachside which is why locals started addressing it as Elephant’s beach. However, it has nothing to do with elephants anymore.

This beach is adjacent to Radhanagar beach but travelers may opt for the boats that are easily available but have to be booked in advance. You can take a fiber boat from the Havelock jetty to reach the Elephant Beach and the ride is not more than 20-30 minutes. The boats are frequently available at certain time slots but it is advisable to make sure that your boat tickets are reserved at least one day prior to your trip to avoid hassles. If are travelling with Havelock Island and beach Resort, stay relaxed as all the bookings would be done well in advance by our team to ensure a smooth journey for you.

If you are a trekking lover then you can opt to trek through the forest with dense trees, wild plants, tropical birds, insects and reptiles. This would add to the thrill and transform your visit into an audacious memory. However, majority of travelers ditch the trekking trail and go for the boat rides especially those who are travelling with children, senior citizens & families. But if you want to experience, the resort would provide you an expert who would guide you through the trek and ensure your safety.

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