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Boat Candlelight Dinner

Duration 2 hour(s)

From ₹ 40,000
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You are going to be spellbound by the serenity of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands for sure while enjoying a boat candlelight dinner. Imagine enjoying your favorite drink amid the natural beauty of the islands. And finally, a mouth-watering dinner comprising different vegetarian and non-vegetarian food items is served for guests with varied preferences. Whether you have been married for a long time with the love of your life or are on your honeymoon, a romantic boat candlelight dinner at Havelock Island Beach Resort is one of the best ways to keep that spark of love alive in your relationship. Imagine being by the seashore for a couple of hours, sipping wine, and having a delicious dinner. In the background, melodious music is being played and the soft music is soothing your soul. And the decorations are as per your chosen theme!

The resort’s experienced team of professionals makes sure that couples have a gala time. It understands that such a special dinner is among the most awaited days in one’s life and that’s why the staff ensures that all your wishes are fulfilled when it comes to a fairytale candlelight dinner in the Andamans. You are going to be awestruck by the serenity of the entire ambience for sure. There are a number of beachside candlelight dinner packages available for you as per the varied requirements. Whether you want to party hard with your besties or wine and dine with your significant other, Havelock Island promises to offer you everything.


  • 2 mocktails/2 cocktails
  • 2 vegetarian and 2 non-vegetarian starters 
  • 2 vegetarian and 2 non-vegetarian choices in the main course 
  • Varieties of rice 
  • Bread basket 
  • Salad 
  • Dessert
  • A bottle of wine

FAQs on Boat Candlelight Dinner

  • 1 On which island in the Andamans can I go for a boat candlelight dinner?

    Havelock Island, now known as Swaraj Dweep officially, is the best island in the Andamans. Moreover, going for a boat candlelight dinner is an amazing experience here. There are a number of lavish beachfront resorts here as well.

  • 2 Where should I go for enjoying the best boat candlelight dinner in Havelock Island?

    Govind Nagar Beach in Swaraj Dweep is popular for its serene natural beauty. The azure water and soft silky sand make it a sought-after attraction. For a boat candlelight dinner as well, this is a great spot.

  • 3 I want to throw a surprise birthday party for my boyfriend. Can arrangements be made on a boat candlelight dinner?

    Yes, the staff at Havelock Island Beach Resort can make all the required arrangements for you and your partner as per your preferences.

  • 4 Are there vegetarian options available onboard?

    Our chef is highly experienced and will serve you the best meals in vegetarian food as well. You will surely have different options available to suit your taste. 

  • 5 Is a boat candlelight dinner worth by money and time?

    In one word, the answer is ‘Yes’. It is an extraordinary and exclusive experience that is not available everywhere. And the Andamans is one of the best places to cherish it. 

  • 6 Which kind of food will be served to us?

    The best seafood can be enjoyed by you while you are having a boat candlelight dinner booked with Havelock Island Beach Resort. For vegetarians, the menu also has some of the best authentic dishes. Our in-house chef will prepare hot and appetizing food for you.  

  • 7 Is boat candlelight dinner costly?

    If you book it with Havelock Island Beach Resort, then it will cost you Rs.40000+ 18% GST. However, the experience would be totally amazing and unique. 

  • 8 Which is the most romantic way to celebrate a marriage anniversary in Havelock Island?

    A boat candlelight dinner is among the top ways to spend some quality romantic time together. An anniversary dinner would be a great choice for sure.

  • 9 Apart from food, what else will be served to us?

    For your anniversary, the staff will also arrange a cake and champagne if you want. Otherwise, the wine will be served anyway as it is included in this package.  

  • 10 Can I also customize the decorations as per my liking?

    You can always request the staff of Havelock Island Beach Resort to arrange things as per your choice. It will depend on availability but we will definitely try our best!       

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