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Snorkeling in Elephant Beach

Duration 60 minute(s)

From ₹ 1,500 / Person

A paradise teeming with white sandy beaches, rich green forests and crystalline waters, Elephant beach is a sight for sore eyes. The Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal is a slice of tropical paradise with its Crystalline blue waters, pristine beaches and virgin rainforests being some of its many lures. Elephant beach is home to some of the planet's most amazing marine life and boasts several great Sites. With stunning coastlines in Andaman & Nicobar Islands and complex ecosystems, sandy beaches and crystal waters in abundance, water activities reign supreme. Since water abounds, activities related to it are prevalent. Snorkelling is an adventure activity, which is very popular in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. While snorkelling is possible to do at most beaches, Elephant Beach on Havelock Island is a popular spot due to the prolific marine life that can be spotted easily in the warm and inviting water.

Snorkelling at Elephant Beach draws crowds from far and wide with technicolour fish displays, playful turtles and curious marine life and is the top thing to do here and. Perhaps the best way to explore beautiful underwater life in the Andaman Islands, without swimming too deep is Snorkeling. Visitors can enjoy firework displays of coral reefs exploding from the underwater jetty structure at the elephant beach. Snorkelling is the act of swimming through or on the water while equipped with a mask and snorkel. The Mask allows one to see underwater, and the snorkel (a unique hollow tube with a mouthpiece on end) allows one to breathe the surface air while keeping one's head down. Very often one will also don fins and a swim skin or wet-suit. Watching a turtle chopping on some coral or seagrass is so special. While you snorkel, try spotting a reef shark cruise on an evening hunt, or a small slug slowly moving over a rock, or a school of brightly coloured fish move as a unified group. Snorkelling opens a whole new world to us, otherwise terrestrial dwellers.

You might not see the link between snorkelling and relaxation, but that's because you haven't yet had your first snorkelling experience! Snorkelling can provide you with a uniquely relaxing experience, completely different from our life on land. Your only job is to observe the underwater marvels that surround you at Elephant beach. From daredevil adventurers to humble beginners, there is a snorkelling place for every traveller in Andaman and Nicobar islands, making it one of the top hotspots for snorkelling in India. Learn, practice and develop controlled floating ability, to float away from coral reefs and animals. Get to experience the serene beauty of the underwater life forms and experience one of the best water activities in Andaman, which allows for more flexibility by allowing you to bring your gear on trips.

Snorkelling allows people to witness the wildlife, much like going on safari, in its natural habitat. In contrast to the bright and carefully preserved coral reefs, the shallow azure water makes the underwater experience in Elephant beach enthralling. It is here, amidst clear waters that underwater creatures come to life. A perfect venue for both adults and children, you get to witness the golden sunlight pierce the waters and change colour, while the creature underneath brushes past you making it an unforgettable sight. Elephant beach is undoubtedly one of the most stunning places to snorkel in Andamans. Catch colourful coral reefs in action and the marine life in its habitat, when you Book Snorkeling Safari Tour Package in Elephant Beach Havelock Island.

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