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what our client says

It is a beautiful resort just 5 min drive away from Havelock jetty. It has small private beach which is a good point for Scuba diving also. The cottages are good and the food is tasty. I am just deducting 1 star due to small breakfast menu and hiccups in restaurant service otherwise good resort.

Shah Vinit

If one believes in Heaven......then Havelock is so closely related to heaven.....Excellent place..untouched and unexplored...kind of like virgin beaches which has white powder like sand and clear green blue water and corals are found in abundance here.... some beaches have sea life active on the shores...crabs are a usuall sight so are snails and small fish on the shores are common.

Daniel Ross

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Anju Aroraa

Its one of the best beaches I have seen in India. Cool, calm and clear blue water with high waves are its features. A very good place to relax and spent some quality time with friends and family. Climate was good and people very friendly and helpfull.


A Heavenly Haven of Asia with bright silvery beaches, dancing sea waves emerging from the deep blues, fascinating marines environment few steps away, coconut palms swaying in the coastal wind shadowing the travelers and in the mids