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A Holiday on a beach means relaxation & rejuvenation. One thing that truly compliments it is a stress relieving & revitalizing massage therapy in a luxurious spa. The serene & calm surroundings of the Havelock Island make it a perfect place to restore your lost energies & release the mental and physical exhaustion of the competitive city life. Though, the ambience already plays with your nervous system and you sound like a musical instrument by the very touch of nature and this sound can’t be heard but felt by your body, mind, and soul. But in this blissful state of mind, a massage therapy that relieves the muscle tension & balances the hormones is genuinely a blessing.
Havelock Island Beach Resort is well versed with a fact that a holiday without an invigorating & refreshing massage therapy is incomplete. Hence, considering the comfort of our guests, we arrange for a personalized massage treatment in our in house spa after the tiring day on the beaches spent exploring a number of adventure activities. Our certified masseurs are well trained in a range of massage therapies using acupressure techniques, Ayurvedic knowledge and aromatherapy. Our state of the art spa section creates a perfect environment for your resurgence.

Compliment your sun kissed body with body polishing & de tan massage treatments to restore the texture & quality of skin or go for a relaxation therapy for improved blood circulation to enjoy a wonderful sleep at night.

Detox Therapies

Opt for a head to toe Detox therapy to attend to the digestion & bloating issues due to travelling and eating outside.

Foot Therapies

Pamper your feet that constantly shuffle barefoot in the changing surface of the sand. Our range of foot therapies, manicures, and pedicures would instill a new life in you to get ready for the next day excitements.

Head & Face treatments

Nurture your beauty and brain with a range of head massages and face treatments to look afresh next day and making sure that you haven’t lost your glow when you reach back to your home.

Masseurs at our Resort know what hospitality means. Customized massage sessions could be planned as per the individual requirements. You can also chose to transform it into a romantic savoir-faire by booking couple sessions in the aromatic, elegant, and sophisticated surroundings. Dim lights, aroma candles, fragrance of essential oils, and rose petals spread all around add a spark into your romantic holiday if you are a honeymoon couple.

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