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In house Decorations

Our team excel in decorations be it the Honeymoon Room Decoration or the exterior decorations for special occasions. Our expert florists, lighting executives, & other decorators are proficient in decorations of all kind depending on the customer demand.

Special Occasions Celebrations

The resort makes extra effort to organize parties for special occasions like Birthdays, Anniversaries, Engagements, or any other. This also includes the Midnight Celebrations if you want to blow the candles right at 12 midnight. So be it a Birthday, Anniversary, Romantic Date, Marriage, Engagement, or any other occasions you just place a request and it’s done. You can chose to have it inside the resorts premises, on the poolside, on the beach, in the garden or outside on a cruise.

In house music and DJ arrangements

The Resort has an in house DJ & karaoke arrangement that adds rhythm to the special events by playing those melodies of your choice. The resort runs the only Club in the Havelock Island that organizes DJ Parties on the beach quite often. It’s a great drink and dine bludgeon on the beach where at one side you can feel the coastal breeze and the other side relish the music every evening. This club is popular for organizing parties & live events every weekend and special occasions like New Year and Valentine Day.

In house decorators, chefs, musicians & Djs enable us to organize live events for you. Imagine that you are enjoying your dinner and drinks while requesting for the melody of your choice played live by the Resort’s DJ or a live singer. A private chef is cooking the snacks right with flavors that your tongue desire and the lights are arranged right as you visualized.

Poolside Parties

As mentioned enough, the resort has two pools that could be used for the Pool Side Parties. The adult pool of the resort is right adjacent to the Nemo Beach and is facilitated by a fascinating Poolside Bar loaded with variety of drinks and attractive sit-outs to sit or just lean back. This makes it a perfect spot for arranging the poolside parties. These parties are periodically organized by the Resort on special occasions but they could also be arranged for your special occasions. So whether you are celebrating a birthday, an anniversary, an engagement, or just any occasion, team of Havelock Island Beach Resort would wonderfully transform it into a poolside party without having to worry. The entire arrangements would be taken care of by our event management executives; the decorations, lighting, music, seating arrangements, and cuisines. So splash it & have fun.

Rain Dance Parties

Rain is the best friend of celebrations. Sometimes it is spontaneous brought by the unexpected clouds and sometimes these happy moments could be stolen and planned even when the sky is clear. The Havelock Island Beach Resort is known for arranging the ‘Rain Dance Parties’. If you are coming in a group you can opt for an exclusively arranged celebration like that whatever may be the reason. This is an artificially arranged rainfall with help of technology to make an event more exciting and joyful. You can enjoy your special occasions while dancing in the rain, fully drenched, on melodies played by the in-house DJ and Musicians. The event management executives of the Havelock Island Beach Resort would arrange it just on a request and you need not bother how. This will include the A to Z arrangements of the celebration right from decorations to cuisines, drinks, music, & others as per guest’s demands.


Network is a problem in the Andaman & Nicobar Territory especially Havelock Island. We provide a 24*7 wi-fi connection to our guests so they could stay connected with their loved ones at the same time could also continue with the necessary communication requirements.


The resort has ……in house vehicles and ….chauffeurs. The vehicles include two wheelers and four wheelers both that could either be hired on rent for self drive or with a chauffeur at nominal charges. This is to make sure that our customers could comfortably roam around in the Island for they are picked up from the resort and dropped back safely. This is to save time in looking for transport options so you spend your time on quality activities and not unnecessarily running around.

In short, from the Port Blair Airport to Havelock Island combined with other Island tours, all is arranged by the Havelock Island Beach Resort’s team. This also includes the sightseeing & complete ground handling of our guests (Individual /groups / families / corporate) in order to ensure their comfort and security.

Adventure sports

Havelock Island Beach Resort has in house team and sports equipments for all the water sports possible on the island; right from Swimming, Fishing, Kayaking, Banana Boat Riding, Sofa Boat Riding, Jet Skiing, Snorkeling, Sea Walking, Scuba Diving & Parasailing anywhere on the Island. You may choose any site, be it the most famous Elephant Beach, Nemo Beach or Light house you can depend on us for the management of a complete adventure trip. We would book the sports well in advance and our experts would guide you and accompany you throughout the trip to ensure your comfort and safety.

Allow us to help you fulfill all of your fantasies of exploring the underwater wealth of nature to include Corals, Reefs, Rarely Seen Turtles, Aquatic Plants, Colorful Fishes, And Other Vibrant Oceanic Species with your naked eyes and also ensure High Quality Safety Standards in all circumstances.

Flight bookings

We also provide you with great deals on flights in case you chose us to book your deals through us. This is because the resort gets hold of special quotas with the airlines that help us getting you the best of the discounts.

Free pick up from the Havelock Jetty

Resort’s Chauffer would pick you up from the Havelock Harbor so you need not to depend on the local transport on your first day of the trip. This pick up is complimentary from the resorts management. This facility also includes a complimentary drop from the Resort to Havelock Harbor which is also absolutely free of cost.

Cruise bookings

Havelock Island Beach Resort would make sure that the entire bookings for the cruise are done in advance availing the best of the deals. This includes all occasions whether you are simply travelling from one island to the other or you are going for a Cruise Wedding, Engagement On Cruise, A Romantic Date On Cruise, Family Dinner At Cruise or just any other occasion on any of the cruise that sails in the Andaman Sea.

Ferry bookings

This includes all boats, ships, and cruise; luxurious or the economical options to travel through the sea. Our team books your rides in advance to avoid any last minute hassles as last minute ferry bookings are dicey in the Andaman Provinces.

Doctor on call

We wish your journey is safe and healthy but we also understand that emergency doesn’t wait for time and occasions. Hence, to ensure safety we have a provision of providing immediate first aid services and doctor on call for our guests. This is a 24*7 facility. Your well being is important for us.

Special Arrangements

Apart from the above, the resort has a provision of special arrangements of requisites for any occasion (even midnight) to make our guests feel special. Havelock Island does not have many choices for commercial activities being an epitome of serenity; you may not find it easy to arrange out of the blue commodities all of a sudden. But don’t worry as Havelock Island Beach Resort’s team would not only make it happen but also make it memorable for you and your loved ones.

Imagine a yummy birthday cake decorated with fancy candles brought in front of your loved one right at 12am when he steps into a new year of hope & aspirations on his birthday. A bottle of Champagne or wine is served on the table for a festive toast on your anniversary or a date. A decorated Flower Bouquet loaded with flowers of your choice brings smile on a loved one’s face. All such little but wonderful arrangements are made by the resort just on a call.

Fruit Baskets on Request for courteous gestures and Chocolate Baskets on Request to be gifted are also made available in case you want them as return gifts for your guests. Besides the above, you may share your exclusive aspiration and our team would make it happen for you because all we want is to make it special for you.

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