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To make the experience of island vacation even more memorable, staying at a beachfront accommodation is definitely a great idea. And when you are in Swaraj Dweep, Havelock Island Beach Resort (HIBR) is the best property that is suitable for all budgets as well. Its cottages are located in the natural paradise of the Andaman Islands. Known for white-sand beaches, coral reefs, a colourful array of aquatic life, palm trees, and dense forests in the interiors, the island is the most frequented island in the Andamans. And while you are here, it becomes necessary that you enjoy your stay at a comfy hotel. For sufficing the varying requirements of guests, the cottages of Havelock Island Beach Resort offer ample conveniences.
Located at the gorgeous Govind Nagar Beach, our relaxed beachfront property is just a couple of kilometres from Havelock Ferry Ghat Terminal. The best part of staying at our private beach resort in Havelock Island is that you can chill in seclusion. There will not be a crowd or noise at the beach. Just you and the flawless beauty of nature! Listen to the melodious sound of crashing waves, dip your feet into its cobalt waters, cherish the clear sky, and let the beachy vibes envelop you completely. To experience all this, all you have to do is simply take one step out of your room. Magical moments await you at Havelock Island Beach Resort!
Geographical coordinates: 12.037094061296095, 92.9866284400431
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What makes us exclusive!

Along with an incredible beachfront property in the Andaman Islands, Havelock Island Beach Resort is a property that offers some of the most unique experiences. The following reasons make us exclusive and the most sought-after:
  • Underwater Wedding- Ever heard of an underwater wedding? In India, our private beach resort is the only venue that will conduct your underwater wedding! You can exchange rings and vows in the depths of the crystal-clear waters of the island. This can be achieved by scuba diving. Complete assistance will be provided to you including your training, decorations, after-party (in case you want), delicious dinner, and everything else.
  • Beachside Candlelight Dinner- One of the most romantic things to do in Havelock Island is going for a romantic beachside candlelight dinner at the resort’s private beach. After a long day of sightseeing, enjoying a delicious meal with your feet on soft silky sand by the seashore under the starry sky would surely offer you a mesmerizing experience.
  • Boat party- Sailing on the pristine waters of Havelock is something that you should definitely opt for here. Whether you are on your honeymoon or with your besties for a bachelorette party, having a boat party is a great way to unwind and enjoy an island vacation. You will be served hot appetizing food and refreshing drinks onboard. 
  • Wellness & Spa- Our private beach resort’s expert therapists deal exclusively in spa therapy. They will introduce you to an experience of relaxation and happiness by taking you away from the stress and monotony of daily life. Its spa facilities comprise everything that is needed to help you get back in touch with your senses and discover more in them, ranging from comfortable loungers to soothing music. There is a large array of pampering face and body treatments available. All this will help you feel satisfied, revived, and ready to face the struggles of everyday life again. Are you still looking for a reason to get a spa on Havelock Island? Spas are known for healing your mind, body, and soul. This relaxation technique to alleviate pain and cure ailments is thousands of years old.
  • Yoga Retreat- Yoga is a way to find the lost balance in life and let in the positive vibes around. It is like nurturing, healing, and listening to your internal being. When you are at Havelock Island Beach Resort, you get to all that in a calm, silent, and pleasurable environment. In the afternoon, take a deep and peaceful meditative Yoga Nidra. In the evening, take a walk by the beach. And at night, go for a candlelight dinner and engage in stargazing while enjoying mouth-watering food. At our resort, your yoga holiday will surely be memorable.
  • Water Sports- Havelock Island is the hub of water adventurous activities. One can go scuba diving, snorkelling, banana boat riding, sea walking, parasailing, etc. Whether you want to try your hand at any one water sport or all of them, just let us know. We will book your slots as per your convenience and requirements. 
  • Destination Beach Wedding- You can make the whole process of getting married enjoyable and stress-free if you celebrate your wedding at a luxurious property like Havelock Island Beach Resort located in the Andaman Islands. Our experienced staff will help you with all the elegant details you wish to have. You should be able to enjoy your day the most. Forget your worries. Just hand over your dreams to the onsite planners and you focus on having fun with your life partner. Along with all that, our proficient planners will also arrange romantic candlelight dinners for you. A beach wedding remains chic and graceful even when your attire changes as per the temperature and environment. The white sands, the green palm trees, and the azure ocean provide the perfect background setting for your beach wedding.
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  • Our lavish and comfortable cottages are located in the natural paradise of the Andaman Islands- Swaraj Dweep. Known for white-sand beaches, coral reefs, a colourful array of aquatic life, palm trees, and dense forests in the interiors, the island is the most frequented in the Andamans.

    And while you are here, it becomes necessary that you enjoy your stay at our comfy beachfront property.For sufficing the varying requirements of guests, Havelock Island Beach Resort offers ample conveniences. It offers different types of rooms such as Deluxe Cottages, Suite Sea Facing Cottages, Luxury Suite Sea Facing Cottages, and Family Suite Cottages. 

  • Deluxe Cottage

    It is always a great idea to stay at a beachfront property when travelling to an island destination. The deluxe cottages at Havelock Island Beach Resort are equipped with all the modern facilities like a flat-screen TV, air conditioning, coffee/tea maker, and many more. Special attention is paid to each and every guest.The cottage is sure to ensure a comfortable and pleasant stay for everyone. The mellow ambience of our cottages allows you to experience the serenity of the Andaman Islands. An LED television with satellite channels is also there for entertainment. The interior decorations are appealing and soothing to travellers. For guests seeking to enjoy the tropical vibes of the Andamans while staying at a top-class accommodation, our property is your best bet. All the tourist attractions are also located not far from the resort.The deluxe cottages at Havelock Island Beach Resort offer you a luxurious and comfortable stay at the best price. These are well-equipped with world-class facilities. Our esteemed guests can enjoy the captivating view of the lovely garden from the comfort of their king-sized bed. The housekeeping staff will make sure that your cottage is getting cleaned at regular intervals. For anything else that you require, our polite staff is just a call away from the intercom provided in every room. See more

  • Deluxe Cottage in Havelock Island Beach Resort
  • Suite Sea Facing Cottage 

    Havelock Island is the most popular tourist destination when it comes to the best seafront rooms in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Havelock Island Beach Resort is a lavish property that offers great vistas of the beach. It is a well-known name and is highly recommended as well. This accommodation is like a home away from home. Such is the level of comfort its guests get here! Promising to make your Andaman experience unforgettable, our Suite Sea Facing Cottages are in highly recommended. Every room has a television and a private bathroom along with other amenities. Thus, maximum satisfaction and convenience are guaranteed here. The suite sea-facing cottage at Havelock Island Beach Resort is a lavish and spacious accommodation. It is equipped with individually controlled air-conditioning, the most comfortable king coil bedding, coffee and tea-making facilities, an in-room mini-fridge, slippers, a hairdryer, dental kits, LED plasma TV in the living room with a cable and satellite TV program, an intercom-telephone, and much more. All these are available for your total convenience while you are staying at our luxurious beachfront property. See more

  • Suite Sea Facing Cottage in Havelock Island Beach Resort
  • Luxury Suite Sea Facing Cottage 

    The luxury suite sea-facing cottages at Havelock Island Beach Resort are designed to provide complete relaxation and comfort to esteemed guests. It is sure to make your island vacation even more memorable. Some of the amenities that you will get here are a king-size bed, coffee/tea making facilities, clean and hygienic, a mini-fridge, etc. The mesmerising view of the beach that you can appreciate from your cottage will leave you awestruck. Havelock Island Beach Resort is a luxurious resort in Havelock Island (Swaraj Dweep). Luxury suite sea-facing cottages offer an excellent view. So many tourists make this resort their accommodation of choice when visiting Havelock Island. It offers an array of amenities to its prestigious guests by providing an ideal mix of value, comfort, and convenience. See more

  • Luxury Suite Sea Facing Cottage in Havelock Island Beach Resort
  • Family Suite Cottage

    Havelock Island Beach Resort located in Swaraj Dweep welcomes your family to enjoy a memorable stay at our beachfront property. Our family suite has two king-sized beds that will comfortably accommodate the four of you. For your ease, the room has facilities like a mini-fridge and coffee/tea-making machine.The hospitality staff ensures complete cleanliness and hygiene throughout your family’s stay.
    Also, don’t forget to enjoy the spectacular views of the lovely garden from the window of your suite. For all your needs, there is an intercom in your room that connects you with our helpful staff.Havelock Island Beach Resort offers the best of the Andaman tropical vibes and a refreshing ambience. Offering its guests an experience like no other, the lavish resort provides advanced amenities and services that are required for a relaxing stay on Havelock Island. From the elegant and spacious family suites to the exquisite restaurant, bar, and dining area, the property offers only the finest in all aspects of the stay.
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  • Family Suite Sea Facing Cottage in Havelock Island Beach Resort
  • Services By Havelock Island Beach Resort

    If you want to roam around the island, then the resort’s travel desk is there to help you out. Havelock Island Beach Resort is like a home away from home. Such is the level of comfort its guests get here! For your convenience, the resort offers round-the-clock room service. Promising to make your Andaman experience unforgettable, our resort is a recommended beachfront property on Havelock Island.Every room has a television and a private bathroom along with other amenities. Thus, maximum satisfaction and convenience are guaranteed. Havelock Island Beach Resort is a highly recommended beachfront property. It is sure to give complete worth to your money. Here, you will get the best sea views and you can also walk on the shoreline. It has cottages and suites for all budgets. If you are an adrenaline junkie and are willing to try various water sports, then the resort will also book slots of in-house water sports like scuba diving, snorkelling, kayaking, etc. for you. Its huge swimming pool is a perfect place to unwind and relax after all the sightseeing and sunbathing. Just sit by the poolside and enjoy your favorite drink or choose to dive into the pool to have a great swimming experience. Havelock Island Beach Resort is located in Swaraj Dweep and various points of interest are also nearby. You will not forget the hospitality of our property ever. We ensure complete comfort to our valued guests. Some of the offered facilities are as follows: See more

  • ervices By Havelock Island Beach Resort


  • A couple’s bedroom (king size)
  • LCD television
  • Separate washroom
  • Intercom
  • Balcony
  • Swimming pool
  • Candlelight dinner
  • Beachfront dinner
  • Boat candlelight dinner
  • In-house water sports
  • Honeymoon room decorations
  • Beach DJ party
  • Yoga sessions at the beach
  • Cruise dinner/party
  • Wellness and spa 

Room Amenities:

  • Free Wifi
  • Air conditioner
  • 24/7 reception service 
  • 24/7 room service
  • Laundry service
  • Safety & security
  • Free car parking 
  • Cafe & restaurant
  • Breakfast included

Moreover, the resort has a private beach and other people are not allowed to come here. Only guests staying at Havelock Island Beach Resort have access to the private area of Govind Nagar Beach. The beach is extremely beautiful and offers the most amazing sunrise to the visitors. The twilight hours have a thousand hues of red, orange, and purple that look amazingly magical. 

  • Candlelight Dinner

    Enjoying a romantic candlelight dinner by the pristine waters of the Andaman Islands is something that not everybody gets to experience in their life. When the cool breeze in the atmosphere touches your face while you take a sip of your favourite wine and eat the delectable dishes, all your worries will vanish in no time. As you enjoy the comforts of this excursion, appreciating the reflection of the moon on the sea would be a memorable experience. There are a number of candlelight dinner packages available for you as per the varied requirements. Whether you want to party hard with your besties, enjoy the sunset, or wine and dine with your significant other, we promise to offer you all these. Imagine being at a serene beach for a couple of hours, sipping wine and having a delicious dinner. In the background, melodious music is being played. And the decorations are as per your chosen theme. Wouldn’t it be the most fabulous dinner you ever had? See more

  • Candlelight Dinner inn Havelock
  • Leisure Activities

    Located on the beautiful land of Swaraj Dweep, Havelock Island Beach Resort is a lavish beachfront property that is known for its in-house water sports (scuba diving, snorkelling, kayaking, etc.). Just have the heart to fall into the sea with your life jacket on and then see how incredible these enthralling water sports are. Moreover, be assured of your total safety as there will be professionals with you at all times who will be taking care of you throughout.Water sports in Havelock Island are for everyone, whether you are a swimmer of a non-swimmer. Everyone deserves to flap their feet into the water when in the Andaman Islands. There are a number of adventurous water sports available on the island for the thrill lover in you. Ranging from banana boat rides to scuba diving, there is an adventure sport waiting for you here. Just focus on enjoying to the fullest when on this tropical paradise. The island is so much more than beaches! See more

  • Leisure Activities in Havelock
  • Dining

    Havelock Island Beach Resort, a beachfront luxurious property, serves the best seafood all across the island. Here, you will enjoy the best views of the natural beauty of the Andamans along with a menu of fresh salads and seafood. It serves highly delectable vegetarian dishes as well. It’s perfectly acceptable to spend the entire day soaking in the sun at our resort. After dining, you can retire to your lavish cottages or chill by the beachside or poolside.  A line-to-table menu and a casual, family-style atmosphere make Havelock Island Beach Resort a great destination for seaside dining. Its seafood comes straight from the ocean into the kitchen. Dine with your toes in the sand and relish mouth-watering food, or join friends for sunset cocktails on the beach before venturing indoors for an intimate dinner. Wherever you sit, the ocean view is magnificent. See more

  • Dining in Havelock
  • Accommodation

    One of the pioneer resorts in Havelock Island, Havelock Island Beach Resort offers its guests the most luxurious feeling while travelling and relaxing while on a leisure trip in the islands. It is located at a convenient location.Tourists have easy access to popular sightseeing points on the island. The facilities offered here are sure to make your stay comfortable, pleasant, and memorable. For tourists visiting Swaraj Dweep, our beachfront property is an excellent and pocket-friendly choice. The staff is multi-lingual and is always at your service. The resort is best-suited for all kinds of vacationers. 
    Havelock Island Beach Resort suits the conscious traveller who wants an affordable accommodation along with comfort and pampering. In addition to offering the basic needs (a clean, hygienic, and safe environment), guests can treat themselves to a generous heap of gourmet food and fantastic island hospitality. Our cottages are very popular among international guests seeking a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. It tries to reduce the impact tourism causes on the little piece of paradise. The rooms here are highly comfortable and hygienic. Unwinding after a long day would be a very soothing experience. You would feel as if you are in the lap of nature. Guests are sure to have a memorable stay here.
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  • Accommodation in Havelock
  • Featured Facilities

    A lavish beachfront property, Havelock Island Beach Resort is a magnificent private beach resort that is well-known across the Andamans. Whether you want to go sightseeing, get an adrenaline rush by trying your hand at several water adventure activities, or simply lazing under the sky, this resort is your one-stop destination in Swaraj Dweep (Havelock Island).Moreover, it offers you the perfect amount of seclusion and comfort.Conveniently situated on Havelock Island, our resort is in close vicinity of various tourist attractions. You can easily visit literally everywhere from here. Moreover, it has all the ultra-modern facilities like a multi-cuisine restaurant, beachfront café and bar, swimming pool, valet parking, and many more. along with some of the basic facilities like air-conditioning, free Wi-Fi, running, hot and cold water, etc., we also offer some great additional services and facilities like:
    • Professional photoshoots (wedding, pre-wedding, beachside, underwater, etc.)
    • Beach wedding
    • Underwater wedding
    • Beachfront café and bar
    • In-house water activities 
    • Beachside DJ night
    • Professional music video portfolio
    • Special events (birthday parties, proposals, corporate parties & stays, gala dinners, etc.)
    • Sightseeing
    • Ferry transfers 
    • Airport transfers
    • Bookings for island hopping, and a lot more…
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  • Featured Facilities

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