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Beach Side Dinner at Havelock Island Beach Resort

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Peppered with mangrove and coconut plantations, it is an idyllic paradise for one to let down their hair and take in the magical aura spread all around. The sightseeing spots at Havelock Island carve out a distinctive place in the travellers’ guide for its fabulous coral reefs and beaches nestled amidst tropical slices.

How to reach Havelock Island?

With regular flights available from metropolitans to Port Blair, how to reach Havelock Island is convenient with ferry transfers to Havelock Island available every day.

Pre-booked rides are recommended due to the seasonal schedules of these ferries travelling across Neil Islands and Rangat. Catamaran ferry-rides are an opportunity for you to curl up in its luxurious extravagance throughout the journey.

A day-trip to Havelock Island is suitable for stretching your legs out in the pristine beaches to your heart’s content.

Top Sightseeing Spots at Havelock Island

The beaches at Havelock Island offer the much-awaited bliss of disconnecting oneself from all the hullabaloo and relishing the calm waters hitting against its breezy shorelines.  

Radhanagar Beach: Skies blotched a yellow and royal purple platter, sunsets at Radhanagar give away an ethereal feeling to several tourists that find themselves inexplicably drawn to it every year. Riding a bike through the palm-dotted vegetation laid out across its fringes is an experience Radhanagar Beach at Havelock Island lends out to those who come to savour the breathtaking views of coral reefs visible through its waters.
An 11-kilometre journey from Havelock Jetty, Beach No.7 at Havelock Island has a pristine shoreline spread across that one finds hard to gauge.  

Kalapathar Beach:  A tiny beach perched amidst the necklace of beaches in Andaman, strolling through the Kalapathar beach at Havelock Island in its soft white sands with the breeze kissing your face can give you a glimpse of the Bay of Bengal.

Black rocks plopped on the seashores give a distinctive edge to its scenic landscape.

Elephant Beach: Starting from Radhanagar Beach, Elephant beach trekking at Havelock Island takes around 30 minutes with clearly-defined trails snaking through its paths.

A wide platter of water sports at Elephant Beach Havelock Island such as diving, kayaking, snorkelling, banana boating and glass-bottom boat rides is available to invigorate one’s senses.

Setting out to Elephant beach at Havelock Island at the crack of dawn is the best way to savor the mangrove-fringed scenic vistas nestled in the lap of Andaman before it closes at sunset.

Hotels and Resorts at Havelock Island

With Govind Nagar beach just around the corner, Havelock Island Beach Resort is one of the finest hotels and resorts at Havelock Island, easily accessible from the happening spots in the city.

It is equipped with all the amenities required for a luxurious stay from flat-screen televisions to private-beach facilities. This 3-star resort is adorned with a coffee shop facing the tranquil beach waves right under thick coconut trees.

Beachside Dining at Havelock Island

Whether it is a six-course dinner you crave or just some snack to accompany your drinks, Sea Dragon Restaurant is an in-house restaurant that allows you the pleasure of beachside dining at Havelock Island.

A delicious array of multi-cuisine food spanning from continental, Indian and coastal cooked by the finest chefs across is at your fingertips. Mouth-watering delicacies made using freshly-caught fish speak volumes about the culinary excellence this islet has to its name.

Spicy fish curry, turmeric-infused Macher Jhol and coconut prawn curry are the ones that melt in your mouth right away. For the seafood fanatics out there, mouth-watering sardine, tuna and lobster skewers are available in every food shack in the streets of Havelock Island. Succulent pineapples, bananas, mangoes, and coconut drinks are available in plenty amidst this island's tropical paradise.   

Beachside dining at Havelock Island Beach Resort gives you a chance to relish the native delicacies with spices and ingredients unique to this Island. Red snappers, cuttlefish and prawn barbeque meals give you a taste of the real essence of Andaman in its entirety. If you want a sumptuous meal by the beachside, private chefs of Sea Dragon Restaurant are on duty to assuage your temptatious cravings.  

Candlelight dinner at Havelock Island

Sit down to an array of sumptuous foodstuff spread out across a table with scented candle lights arranged most pleasingly. Romantic candlelight dinner on the beach at Havelock Island calls for tender love-making moments with your beloved, with the sea waves in front of you rendering a soothing symphony.

A four-course meal with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options and charming lights affixed most delightfully creates the perfect mood for you to hold your partner’s hand and marvel at the shimmering sky above.
Beach Bar in Havelock Island Beach Resort

Sipping a glass of wine while cherishing the beach's picturesque surroundings is made possible with Nemo Cafe And Bar perched in the Radhanagar beach area.   Grab any drink of your choice, let it be cocktails, mocktails, smoothies, liquor or exotic juices, the delectable assortment of various refreshments Nemo Cafe And Bar in Havelock Island Beach Resort makes one left spoilt with choice.

Evening Beach Party at the Cafe

Sitting in a hammock and mesmerizing the serenity of its picturesque beaches is not what Havelock Island is all about. With Nemo Cafe and Bar being a part of the Havelock Island Beach Resort package, it is the only outlet that hosts evening beach parties in Havelock Islands. Its weekend DJ parties capture the resort guests and travelers all around the island looking forward to reviving the party animal within themselves.