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A Beach Mandap, Quirky Decor and Stunning Landscape Make For A Spectacular Wedding Affair

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Ever wondered what it takes to make a wedding truly spectacular? Judging by the title, you must have put your thinking hats on and said something along the lines of, a destination wedding perhaps! While that is true for some, other times, it takes more than just a pretty place to make a destination wedding what it turns out to be! Far from a typical or conventional wedding, with time, beach weddings have eased into our conversations, and we have become more and more open to the unconventional yet romantic idea of celebration.

For couples who want to celebrate their D-day with an intimate gathering of their loved ones, a beach wedding is just the answer. For couples who are travel enthusiasts and would love to have a fun-packed wedding experience adorned with sea-shells and sand, Andamans is the place for you. Setting a perpetual romantic tone to the landscape, the reflection of cotton white clouds floating in a blue sky on the glistening sea below, is straight out of a painting. Is that a reason enough for you to want to get hitched on an island? Maybe not. To understand the making of a spectacular wedding affair, hold on, and keep scrolling. You might change your mind.

Why should you get hitched in Andamans?

If you had to go ahead with a beach wedding, why in the world would you pick Andamans, and not go with the more popular choices, like Goa, Mauritius, Maldives or Thailand? Well, not being in the race of most commercialised or popular destination for a wedding, Andamans has the advantage of hosting a truly intimate wedding. With ever-growing crowds and hum-drums of city life, one risk you don't want to take is for your wedding to turn into a circus. As is true for every destination, the landscape that Andamans offers is one of its kind.

Andamans has an array of luxurious hotels and resorts to cater to everyone's needs as well as their budget. An all-inclusive beachfront resort is a great choice. The outdoor functions can take place on the beach that lies on the premises of the resort. To avoid any hassles, you can coordinate with the resort to keep an eye on the wedding preparations while you are out on the beach sipping your coconut water! Why should you get hitched in Andamans? Because you deserve your fairytale wedding. A mandap on the beach, flower decor, the ocean waves synchronising with the religious hymns, and the wind blowing in your hair, this wedding looks straight out of Bollywood!

If the mood board for your wedding looked like this?

A mood board is the best way to convey a wholesome feeling about a specific subject. A type of visual presentation, this is what you can expect from a beach wedding. It's a blue-white-green palette, all right! Teal, turquoise, sky blue, white sea-shells spread across brown sand, and a glistening sea staring you in the eyes. Imagine adding some colours that contrast with the sand to make the setting more vibrant. Imagine coral tones! While flowers adorn the outdoor setup, the appetizers compliment the ambience, live music tuning in the sound of the waves, and you begin walking barefoot with your partner, hand in hand, feet bathing in the sand and sun. Imagine. That's all I ask of you.

One of the most common reason for couples to opt for a beach wedding is its romantic setting. Hosting a unique wedding ceremony is a challenge, especially in the times when the world is at your fingertips. But that's not a good enough reason. I have a better one. It's your wedding, and you deserve an unforgettable, unique and unconventional celebration that remains etched in your memories for time immemorial. The pictures captured at these weddings will have an incredible tale to tell as well. So, for instance, ask yourself this question, if the mood board for your wedding looked like this, what would it make you feel?

Who else has been there and done that?

Constant spotlight that celebrities get and the scrutiny they are under, makes them want to tie the knot in secret. So, that's what they do. Here is an account of some people you might know who decided to have a beach wedding. While some of them were a hushed affair, some were as lavish as it could get. While Matt Damon renewed his vows in Saint Lucia Caribbean by renting out a whole resort, Ben Affleck got hitched in Turks and Caicos in a low-key elopement. Megan Fox's wedding in Hawaii was an intimate twilight ceremony on the beach.

If I hit closer to home, Yuvraaj Singh's beach wedding in Goa was star-studded and a glamorous one. Sanaya Irani also tied the knot with her beau in a day wedding at a beach in Goa. Lisa Haydon too had an intimate beach wedding at an undisclosed wedding. Kunal Kapoor also chose to have a hushed beach wedding in a private ceremony at Seychelles.

Your friends from every stage of your life have come together to celebrate your life and love. What better place to host this once in a lifetime reunion than on a tropical beach! It will almost be like a vacation, and after the wedding, you and your guests will have plenty of time to try your hand at exploring the island, indulging in water activities, going sightseeing and whatnot. Let me ask you again, would you want to get hitched on an island?

If you are planning to visit Andamans, or staying in Havelock Island, or planning to tie the knot in the island, remember to drop by an enquiry. A spectacular beach wedding requires meticulous planning, and that’s where our wedding specialists come in. For one thing, you will have someone with you who takes you through the entire process, so that you never feel overwhelmed. Congratulations and cheers!