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Beach Wedding Planning By Havelock Island Beach Resort

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From the last few years, weddings have become something more than just exchanging vows and making promises. These days, couples want to make sure that they have an unforgettable time of their life in those few days when all the ceremonies are being held. Along with themselves, they want to make sure that all their friends and family members also have a gala time. Owing to all this, the concept of a destination wedding was originated and in all these years, it has become a super-duper hit idea among brides and grooms. Particularly, beach weddings have gained immense popularity since beaches are something that everyone loves.
Are you already hearing the wedding bells? Well, we know that you must have planned everything inside your head by now. You want it to be the best day of your entire life. As they say, “This marriage is made in heaven”, so why not actually make it one? We know that the bride and groom go through a lot of mental breakdowns to just decide what should be the venue of their biggest day. Of course, they want to make their dream wedding come true but not at the cost of their own joy. In simple words, they want a ceremony where their close ones can enjoy and they should also be able to have the time of their lives. Is that too much to ask? Absolutely not! Here’s arises the idea of ‘Beach Wedding’.
A beach wedding is possibly the most romantic and fun-filled of all destination weddings, and Andaman Islands offer you the perfect setting for that. Coconut palm beaches, rocky shores, white sands, turquoise waters, salty cool breeze, and a lot more- this Indian union territory has everything that your heart desires. Having the biggest day of your life here is something that all your near and dear ones will also remember for the rest of their lives.
As a couple, you must be having a vision of getting married with a mesmerising ocean vista backdrop. Havelock Island is a great choice among couples owing to the natural beauty of its pristine beaches. A beach wedding will also guarantee a luxurious experience for your guests who have travelled across the country to be with you on your special day.
To make your dream come true, Havelock Island Beach Resort, a lavish beachfront property in Swaraj Dweep, is committed to offer you beyond your imagination! Right from a highly enthusiastic pool party to a glittery reception, HIBR will make sure that you along with your friends and family members have a gala time. Read on to know how!

Highly Enthusiastic Pool Party

Before moving to the beach, why not start your wedding festivities with a high-spirited pool party? Havelock Island Beach Resort in Andaman Island boasts of a massive pool, and couples love the fun-filled pool party. The bride can choose to wear a summery and stylish outfit whereas the groom can pick up a comfy shirt paired with shorts. The amazing décor of the whole place is the highlighting factor of the function that includes a splendid floral wreath seating, a hashtag installation (it’s a digital world, after all!), a photo booth, a photo wall, and a lot more.

Vivacious & Pleasant Haldi Ceremony

In an Indian wedding, the haldi ceremony has huge importance. It is a cozy affair that is coupled with traditional marigold decor and a gorgeous backdrop. The bride’s traditional lehenga choli and the groom’s elegant kurta set paired with a Nehru jacket are sure to give extremely serious couple goals to all youngsters. All this amid the natural beauty of Havelock Island Beach Resort. We know that you are drooling over this fairytale wedding ceremony! Aren’t you?
Groovy Sangeet Night

This is among the most fun-filled time of the whole Indian wedding saga. The beautiful bride picks up a stunning, embellished gown and the dashing groom keeps it all classic in a black tuxedo. Couples can also exchange rings on this day. Imagine the groom going down on his knees to slip the ring onto his beloved would-be wife’s finger. Later, they can spend the night dancing away with their close ones. Sounds magical, right?

Spellbinding Beachside Wedding Ceremony

Beach weddings are very popular among life partners to-be these days. More and more couples want to tie the knot in a dreamy-carefree setup by the beach rather than at traditional destinations and banquets owing to a number of obvious reasons. Imagine your wedding on the sizzling seashore at Havelock Island Beach Resort. Straight out of your dreams, right? The groom’s classy sherwani color-coordinated with his bride’s heavily embroidered pastel-hued lehenga would be a sight to cherish.
The cherry on the cake, how about their scenic pheras under the most beautiful mandap? Covered with multi-colored flowers, such a mandap setup at the resort in front of a vast ocean would be goals for sure!   

Speaking of beach weddings in India, Andaman Islands are undoubtedly the foremost choice of every couple. Celebrating the most memorable day of their life at a mesmerizing beachside in Havelock Island is a dream of many lovebirds. A quaint beachside wedding is a wholesome blend of natural decor elements, great wedding outfit choices, a real quirky groom entry, an unbelievably gorgeous mandap, and a lot more that is sure to leave you awestruck.

A Glittery & Glam-up Reception

A sparkling tunnel-like walkway illuminated with pretty lights from which a stunning couple would come out - this kind of reception setting will cast a permanent spell on everybody’s minds. The bride’s svelte dress and groom’s classic suit would catch everyone’s eyes.
Why choose Havelock Island Beach Resort?

There are a number of reasons why you should celebrate your wedding at HIBR. Imagine the gentle waves hitting the shore, the scent of salt in the air, the hues of a sunset brightening your cheeks… If you want to do a destination wedding, then the perfect setting is definitely a beach wedding at this luxurious resort. Read on to know why HIBR is the best choice.

#1 Graceful, Casual, and Comfortable

There is a myth that couples choosing a beach wedding have to sacrifice an elegant wedding. That’s absolutely untrue. A beach wedding is an excuse for everybody to do what their heart says. It’s up to you only to make your wedding as classy and sophisticated as you want. The experienced wedding planners of Havelock Island Beach Resort will make sure that your wedding remains chic and graceful even when your attire changes as per the temperature and environment.

#2 A Romantic Setting

Couples choose a beach wedding above any other destination wedding because it is the most romantic setting. You and your partner will begin your life of happiness together with the ocean in the background, delightful sea breeze, and the sunlight beaming off the ocean waves. Imagine how miraculous would that be. You can spend your evenings strolling along the shore, holding hands, watching the moon and stars in the sky. That would be romantic beyond your imagination for sure!

#3 Vacation for your guests

Your guests will always thank you for giving them such a beautiful vacation irrespective of where they are coming from. A few will surely grab the opportunity of spending a few days in this heaven before or after your ceremonies. They will have a good time amid countless natural attractions and activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, parasailing, surfing, paddleboard, and many more. The resort will book all their activities, sightseeing tours, car rentals, airport and ferry transfers, etc. Thus, your wedding would be the best celebration for your near and dear ones as well.

#4 Your Beach Wedding at a Fancy Resort

You can make the whole process of getting married enjoyable and stress-free if you celebrate your wedding at a plush property like Havelock Island Beach Resort located in the Andaman Islands. Its experienced staff will help you with all the elegant details you wish to have. You should be able to enjoy your day the most. Forget your worries. Just handover your dreams to the onsite planners and you focus on having fun with your life partner. Along with all that, its proficient planners will also arrange romantic candlelight dinners for you. And a little bit of adventure is also needed in any relationship. That’s why you can also go for onsite scuba diving, sea walking, or other water activities to feel that adrenaline rush. It is sure to give you something that is more than just an experience. It will give you a lifetime of magic!   

#6 All-Inclusive Wedding

If you have decided to have a beach wedding, then you don’t have to worry about renting the wedding hall, hiring a catering service, searching for a good wedding photographer, a florist, an audio system, tables, chairs, etc. The list never ends, we all know. But having vast expertise, Havelock Island Beach Resort will offer you packages inclusive of everything. These fit all kinds of requirements from couples. Its skillful team is passionate about what it does. When it organises a wedding, its planners do everything keeping one thing in mind- to make the couple’s dreams come true.

You along with your guests enjoy a vacation of excitement and adventure together if you opt for a destination wedding at the beach. Your family members and friends will thank you always for giving them this unforgettable time. Moreover, you always have the option of combining your wedding and your honeymoon in one at HIBR.  

Along with various decisions regarding invitations, guest list, menu, décor, outfits, gifts, etc., the most crucial decision is to finalise the place where you want to tie the knot. Isn’t it? It’s quite challenging to pick up the best location for you and your would-be to exchange the vows, but let’s just picturise this: You and your life partner standing in front of a vast ocean, the sound of waves calming your soul, the soft, white sands under your feet, you can feel the breeze on your face, the backdrop right out of a fairy tale, the surrounding coconut trees further enhancing the gorgeousness of the whole place. And in midst of all this, you both say those magical words, “I do”. How does that sound? Dreamy, right? Well, this is something that you can actually have in your life- A Beach Wedding at Havelock Island Beach Resort.

Are you also planning a destination wedding? Hands down, it has to be a beach wedding in Havelock Island. Planning this kind of wedding is not at all easy, but the awesome team at Havelock Island Beach Resort will help you in pulling off your vision with perfect details within your budget. A romantic destination wedding is what all couples swoon over, and this resort is committed to give you beyond your imagination. It understands that you want to create an experience for your loved ones to bond over and remember forever. The planners will create a multi-day celebration in which all your guests get to know each other and have a great time as a group. And undoubtedly, you both are going to spend quality time with each other as well. The team will go above and beyond to make sure that you get all your wishes fulfilled. It understands that as a couple, you both need to be able to relax and enjoy all the festivities, and it is nearly impossible to do that if you are everyone’s main go-to for questions.     

Imagine taking wedding vows in a dreamy and carefree natural setting by Havelock Island Beach Resort! Isn’t that one of your childhood dreams? Think about having the loveliest and the most precious wedding moments clicked with your sweetheart in front of a turquoise beach with white sand. Everyone is sure to swoon over such a wonderful wedding experience.
So are you ready to have the most beautiful day of your life celebrated in the most memorable way? If your answer is yes, then a beach wedding at Havelock Island Beach Resort is the ultimate choice. You can rejoice and enjoy all the before and after wedding ceremonies along with the D-day in the grandest manner.