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Beachside Wedding or Underwater Wedding, Which One Should You Have?

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All kinds of options start popping into our head when we think about a destination wedding. Ranging from having a royal palace wedding to a beachside wedding, we ponder upon all the possible options but cannot agree on any one. The choices are limitless. Among all the avenues, a beach destination wedding is something that everyone likes the most, including couples and their families. But the question is whether to get married on the seashore or under the sea. With new and unique trends emerging every day, couples are confused between having a beachside wedding or an underwater wedding!

Are you also looking for a perfect destination wedding location? We understand you and thus, to help you make an informed decision, we are presenting here all the essential details of both kinds of destination weddings.  But one thing is sure, you have to travel to Andaman Islands to have any one of these weddings. Its beaches are the best in India and the underwater visibility levels are also quite good. In short, this union territory of India is the perfect destination for a beachside wedding or an underwater one.

Graceful & intimate beachside wedding in Andaman Island

If you want a quiet, low-key celebration and not a jam-packed event, then having a beach wedding in Andaman Island is a perfect choice. You can start a new life with your significant other amidst the azure waters of the Bay of Bengal, white sand beaches, and soothing and pleasing weather. There are various lovely beachside resorts and hotels in the islands that would plan all your wedding ceremonies in accordance with your requirements. The property will take care of all the ceremonial arrangements including decorators, caterers, florists, etc. to ensure that you get more than what you have imagined.

You will have the choice of either exchanging your vows and rings or take the Indian traditional pheras in front of the huge ocean. You can also choose to make a Bollywood style enthusiasm-filled entry on a speedboat of you want to try something more. Your guests are always going to remember such a unique wedding experience their whole lives. It will be etched in their heart forever.
Having a beachside wedding in Andaman Islands is the best way to tie the knot and start a new married life with your sweetheart. White sands, turquoise water, coconut trees, different shades of colors at sunset- all this makes it the best place to make love promises to each other. You are going to have all your wedding dreams come true here. Picturise this- you getting married to your lover amidst the swaying palm trees, the warm and salty sea breeze, the tranquility, and the limitless horizons of the Bay of Bengal. Sounds dreamy, right? Well, all this can be a reality if you choose to have a beachside wedding.

Getting united in holy matrimony in such a way is every couple’s dream. The clear skies, blue waters, and lush greens make Andaman Islands a preferred choice for getting married. The beaches are dotted with numerous resorts, and you can choose any one as per your requirements for an intimate beachside wedding ceremony.
The best time for having a beach wedding in Andaman Island is between September and May. The weather is perfect during this time.

Adventurous and exciting underwater wedding in Andaman Islands to prove your deep love for each other

As evident from the name, an underwater wedding is held under the depth of the ocean. This rare and memorable wedding style is perfect for you if you two are daring and always looking for something new. This kind of wedding ceremony is a great option to consider if you both are snorkelers, divers, surfers, ocean lovers, or simply adrenaline junkies.  

An underwater wedding in Havelock Islands guarantees more bubbles than champagne. Currently rare, it is a growing trend when it comes to destination weddings. If you are willing to add a touch of adventure and want to dive in the ocean to take your vows, then this is something that you should definitely pick. The most amazing kind of wedding, an underwater wedding, would offer you a lifetime of magic!

Before going under the water, both of you get the water goggles and scuba diving equipment. Don’t worry you don’t have to go alone. The instructors will accompany you and help you at each and every step. However, you both will have to learn a few basic scuba diving lessons if you are not experienced divers. This will help you in becoming comfortable underwater. While you are still on land, a safety briefing will be given to both of you. After everything, you will be required to wear your diving equipment and start descending. And when you reach the sandy seafloor, then it is up to you whether you want to exchange the rings while standing or kneeling.

Andaman Island is undoubtedly the best spot if you want to have an underwater wedding in India. The visibility levels under the water of its beaches are definitely better than anywhere in the country. Havelock Island (renamed to Swaraj Dweep in 2018) is popular for having the most stunning beaches here. These promise the perfect backdrop for your D-Day.

A beachside wedding or an underwater wedding- whichever option you choose, one thing is for sure. You get to travel to the pristine Andaman Islands. To narrow it down further, you have to travel to Havelock Islands because it offers the best locations whether you want to get married by the beachside or under the waves. Its serene beaches are overflowing with natural splendor. Moreover, if you ask us which resort to pick for your destination wedding, then we would highly recommend Havelock Island Beach Resort. The beachfront lavish property specialises in hosting both the types of weddings in the best way. You just have to let its experienced staff know which one you want!