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Destination Beach Wedding & Underwater Wedding in The Andaman & Nicobar Islands

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Guaranteeing more bubbles than champagne, having an underwater wedding is a growing trend when it comes to destination weddings. The majority of the people imagine their wedding ceremonies at a tranquil romantic setup with the bride wearing a perfect flowy white gown and the groom in a classy suit, walking down the aisle. Normally, a lot of water is not involved in such imaginations. Until and unless you both are willing to add a touch of adventure and want to dive in the ocean to take your vows. Yes, we are talking about the most amazing kind of wedding- Underwater Wedding!!
So, how deep is your love?

What is included in an underwater wedding?

An underwater wedding is a kind of wedding ceremony that takes place under the water. If you are those sweethearts who are obsessed with this awesome concept, then this unique and memorable wedding style is perfect for you. This is a great option to consider if you and your partner are a snorkeler, diver, surfer, ocean lover, or simply an adrenaline junkie.
Before going underwater, you have to make sure that you each get the mask and scuba unit that fits you correctly. Don’t worry, the instructors will help you. Along with that, you both will be required to learn a few basic scuba diving lessons if you are not experienced divers so that you both can be comfortable underwater. A safety briefing will be given while you are still on land. After that, you will have to wear your equipment and start descending. Whilst under the water, it is up to you whether you want to walk on the sandy floor or kneel.

How is the underwater wedding ceremony held?

Vows are exchanged, just like in any wedding celebration. Couples often use diving slates for a written version. But if you want it to be a little extra, then there are several methods by which you both can even hear each other as well. Underwater helmets with audio systems or full face mask with com units serve this purpose successfully.

And then, it’s time for the most magical moment- exchanging the wedding rings.

How does the idea of kissing each other whilst wearing a scuba diving mask sounds? Your first kiss as a married couple might be a little bit less romantic, but absolutely spellbinding for sure.

After all these ceremonies, you both will start to ascend to have a festive celebration with your near and dear ones. Of course, after putting on a dry set of clothes!
Keeping an eye on the weather forecast is mandatory. Your underwater wedding ceremony may get postponed or even cancelled on the day if the conditions are poor. You would definitely need clear visibility, no currents, and warm weather.  

Best underwater wedding location in India

Hands down, Andaman Island is the best spot if you want to have an underwater wedding in India. The visibility levels under the water of its beaches are definitely better than anywhere in India. The stunning underwater locations in Havelock Island (name changed to Swaraj Dweep in 2018) offer the ideal setting for your big day.    

How to have an underwater wedding?

As you might expect, like any other wedding, an underwater wedding also requires a lot of sincere efforts for making all the arrangements of your special day. But in this unique kind of wedding, the logistics are somewhat different. Fortunately, there is an ultimate solution for this. If you book Havelock Island Beach Resort as your wedding destination, then its experienced team of divers will arrange your underwater ceremony and guide you both through the process like any other wedding planner would. All you need to do is prepare a checklist to make sure that you are ticking off things once the arrangements are done.
How everyone will attend your underwater ceremonies?

You must be thinking about how you would get your 80-year old grandpa to don a wetsuit and use a regulator so that he could attend your wedding. Aren’t you? But the truth is that you don’t have to take any tension because your guests don’t need to get into the water at all (until and unless some of them are willing to, of course!). It’s a simple procedure. Your family members and friends are at the reception venue, which is often at the resort or hotel. They all can watch your underwater wedding on a live video feed from there.
The guest can hear the ceremony and the exchange of vows from where they are depending on the technology you choose to employ.

Your guests can also be on dive boats, which can be decorated to suit the occasion. So, you will be required to rent a boat that is huge enough to accommodate all your guests. Thus, it would only be a wise decision to limit the number of people you are going to invite. You can definitely remove that third cousin of your second uncle from the guest list whom you haven’t met in twenty years.

However, a thing to keep in mind here would be that it will not be a good idea if you have friends or family who are prone to seasickness. That’s why so many couples choose to have a secondary ceremony on land, preferably on a gorgeous beach. A beach wedding is also a popular choice for a small cocktail party after an underwater wedding. A beachfront property like Havelock Island Beach Resort would be a great place to tie the knot in a traditional way. In such a case, only the couple and any guests willing to join them underwater will be carried to the location.

Note: Not all underwater weddings are legally recognized. Therefore, a second ceremony may be essential.

People from all over the world visit Andaman Island owing to its oozing natural charm. For them, this is a great choice for a honeymoon destination. But the idea of having an underwater wedding in this little piece of heaven is also catching fire.