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Game Fishing Trip to Barren Island

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Where would you go if you could vacation anywhere in this world by just thinking about it? Are you thinking of a beach now – maybe a vast azure sea and lines of palm trees fanning the sky? If you still wondering where this beautiful place might be, let’s make it easy for you. It is the Andamans – the perfect vacation spot for tourists from across the world. The white powdery sand and an enchanting marine world make Andamans a magical world waiting for you to explore.

There are tons of things you can try in the Andamans. Given that the islands are surrounded by sea, water features in most of the best activities. You can enjoy scuba diving or snorkelling. One of the most common activities among tourists in the Andamans is fishing. While there are many spots around the archipelago for the activity, game fishing in Barren Island is especially popular these days.

What is game fishing?

If you are going to the Andamans, you should try going for a game fishing trip to Barren Island. But before you go for that trip, it would help to know what game fishing is exactly. Game fishing is a type of fishing sport where anglers go deep into the sea to catch specific types of giant fish that are known to be strong and have an incredible ability to fight.

Game fishing is a very exciting sport where anglers compete to catch the largest and strongest fish. It is also called bluewater fishing because it can only happen in the deep and open sea like the those at the Andamans. This is why going for a game fishing trip to Barren Island is a great option for you if you want to try this activity. The island sits in a remote location in the middle of an open sea with hardly any human activity attracting a variety of fish.

Game fishing in the Andamans

The Andamans is a great place to game fishing as the islands are surrounded by an open sea. You just have to travel a few miles away from the shore to catch the best game fish. There are many places around the Andamans where game fishing is popular. Most people go for game fishing near Havelock Island or Port Blair. But if you want to get the most out of your fishing experience, you should go to Barren Island.

As mentioned earlier, Barren Island sits in a remote location in the middle of the sea. This makes it a great destination to catch strong, massive, and popular game fish like marlin and tuna. You’ll see both blue and black marlins near Barren Island. You’ll also spot many Yellowfin tuna and dogtooth tuna. Apart from that, dorado fish and sailfish populate the area. Also, given the high density of fish in the area, you won’t have to be patient and wait the entire day to catch a fish. If you feel a bit confused, do not worry, your guide from the charter boat will be there to guide you to the best spots.

Best time to go game fishing on Barren Island

When it comes to planning your game fishing trip to Barren Island, you must choose the right time. No, the fish won’t disappear if you go at the wrong time. But the weather might not be supportive. The Andamans is located in a tropical region. As such, while winters are pleasant, summers are hot and humid. Also, the monsoons mean heavy and unpredictable rains.

The period between November and February is best for going arranging Barren Island trips. October, March, and early April are also not bad times to travel to the archipelago, but the weather may be very hot. From May onwards though the weather becomes very bad due to unpredictable rains and storms. You should be cautious about planning a game fishing trip to Barren Island as there is a high possibility of your trip being cancelled due to the rains.

How to take a game fishing trip to Barren Island

Barren Island is an uninhabited island and, as such, regular passenger ferries do not make any trips to the island. Your only option, in that case, is chartering boats. Hiring boat charters in Barren Island will ensure that you can also do all the activities you wish to do around the island. If you want to hire a charter boat Port Blair and Havelock Island are your best options. It would take you 4-5 hours to reach Barren Island from Port Blair. From Havelock, Barren Island is 100 km, so you’d be able to cover within 2-3 hours by charter boat.

If you haven’t taken a charter boat before, you should know that sailing on a boat is an experience in itself. You can relax and enjoy while the sea breeze gushes past you. You’ll be able to witness the vast expanse of the sea first-hand, and yes, it looks just like in the pictures, only better.

Cost of taking a game fishing trip to Barren Island

Given that you’d have to charter private boats for your Barren Island trips, the cost you incur may be slightly high compared to other modes of transportation. A single trip to and from Barren Island could cost you around INR 130,000 to INR 150,000. The package will include all meals and beverages for the entire trip and also guides. If you are going for a game fishing trip to Barren Island, your fishing gear will also be provided as part of the charter boat package.

You also have to incur an additional cost for getting permits to go fishing in Barren Island or do other activities around the island. If you are an Indian national, you’d have to pay INR 1000 while foreign nationals have to pay INR around 3500.

Barren Island trips: best things to do

Apart from fishing, you can also enjoy a few other fun activities near Barren Island. Snorkelling is especially popular among tourists and even those who go for a game fishing trip to Barren Island. Your snorkelling gear will be provided by the charter boat staff itself and you’ll also get a gear.

If you are an experienced scuba diver with an advanced level certification, you can even try diving near Barren Island. The island boasts many diving sites with three of them – Purple Haze, Manta Point, and Barren Garden – being the most famous among divers from across the world.

The marine life at Barren Island is very rich. Irrespective of whether you are snorkelling or scuba diving, you’ll be able to spot many reef sharks and manta rays. There is also a variety of small and colourful fish like fusiliers and angelfish. Scuba divers will be able to spot the unique and colourful coral formations blanketing the underwater ridges.