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Here’s how you can have an Underwater Wedding in Havelock Island

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Getting married in Andaman Island is every girl’s dream. Romantic couples, who want their special day to be the biggest day of their life and unforgettable for their family and friends as well, choose to have the wedding of the century in the Indian union territory. But beach weddings where you say your vows in front of an azure ocean are overrated. So now, the island’s wedding business has gone under. We mean underwater!!

Have you ever thought of having some rare wedding shots taken in the crystal clear blueness of Havelock Island (renamed to Swaraj Dweep in 2018)? It is totally possible! We present here the step-by-step guide to get hitched under the sea.

So take a deep breath. Here we go!

Step 1- Convince your partner

Don’t underestimate how hard this is, ladies and gentlemen! The initial step of turning your dream of having that very special underwater wedding into reality is convincing your better half, who will probably get as excited about the whole idea as you are. You should make them understand that having such a wedding is an incredible once-in-a-lifetime experience. We mean, who among your and their friends or family members has done it before. Any other form of a wedding on land anywhere in this entire world is pale in comparison to an underwater wedding in Havelock Island. Your significant other, who also belongs in the water probably, would love the idea of saying “I do” under the water.

Step 2- Take a prior fun dive (or not!)

It is not mandatory at all, but the greatest preparation you need for your underwater wedding is going for a fun dive in advance if you haven’t done it ever. You should be able to enjoy your time down there and feel familiar. That’s why having a small experience of scuba diving will help you so much in having a great time ahead on the D-Day. You and your ocean-loving sweetheart can also sign up for a basic introductory or a more advanced dive course together. Along with strengthening your bond even more, consider this a way to learn a new skill as well. 

There are various dive schools in Havelock Island from where you both can start preparing for an underwater wedding. According to us, the most suitable place to learn the basics and get an underwater wedding package would be Havelock Island Beach Resort. 

Step 3- Plan your wedding ceremony

We already know that an underwater wedding celebration is completely different from the traditional one. Not many guests would agree to go under the water with you as this is something quite unusual. The presence of two people to witness the marriage and an officiator is important though. Anyone can be a witness. If your friends can’t dive, then the dive instructors can also be a witness. Your guests can wait on a boat or at the resort, that is, wherever you have decided to throw a reception party. A videographer can capture the moments for everyone.

P.S. Kissing your partner wearing a scuba mask would be a little tricky for sure. It would require a little practice in advance!

Step 4- Get your stunning wedding dress

This is the biggest concern of all brides. And just because you will be taking vows under the water doesn’t mean that you can’t wear the white dress of your dreams. But yes, long bridal trains, veils, and gloves are out for sure. While picking your wedding dress, make sure that it has to be easy to move around in and compatible with the scuba equipment that you will be wearing. We would not suggest you anything super-expensive because silk and salt don’t mix, and diving in a silk dress will damage it a lot. Therefore, buy a cheap and simple dress for diving and choose a gorgeous dress for your reception party that would be on land. 

Step 5- A pre-wedding photoshoot would be great!

Come on beautiful and adventurous brides, this is a legitimate concern! If you are worried about your unglamorous looks under the water with all your scuba gear, then you can hire an underwater photographer to click some awesome pre-dive pictures of you and your partner all dressed up, in the shallow and safe water somewhere. Who says you cannot look gorgeous under the water?? All your deepest desires are sure to get fulfilled.    

Step 6- Know the rules

You would be scuba diving for your underwater wedding and thus, this should not be taken lightly by any of you. You should keep all the diving rules in your mind, for instance, not drinking alcohol. You cannot dive after consuming alcohol, even if it is only in a small quantity. You will have to hold off your champagne celebration until you are back to the shore. You can choose to have a beach ceremony after your dive where you can drink and enjoy.  

Step 7- Set your budget

You may get a bit worried about the budget after knowing how you can marry under the water. The underwater wedding packages include the cost of the dives, the ceremony, reception, accommodation for the couple and guests, underwater photographers and videographers, and diving certification (if you want). Thus in reality, an underwater wedding is more pocket-friendly in comparison to a wedding on land. If you love the ocean and want a unique wedding, then having an underwater wedding would be the best decision for sure.  

Moreover, you can combine your underwater wedding with a tropical honeymoon in paradise at Havelock Island Beach Resort. Here, you can have a dreamy ceremony amidst the splendid natural beauty. Your guests can have the best time of their life at your wedding because let’s face it, an underwater wedding is something extremely rare. It is not like a conventional traditional wedding, the memories of which get blurred very soon. The resort is well-equipped to pull out all the stops for a seriously fancy affair for the couple and their close ones.

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