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'High' On Love: Surprise Proposals That Will Definitely Win Over Your Partner’s Heart

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Love is a fairly easy word yet a very intricate emotion. Once you have let someone in your heart, it's only safe to assume that you hope to make them yours for this lifetime. How to pop the question, is a question that in its own sense is quite bemusing. If you too are stomped on the how, when are where of the situation at hand, I have got your back. I know how nerve-wracking planning a proposal can be. If those jitters are holding you back, I am here to intervene. Do you really want to go the extra mile to make this wedding proposal as memorable as can be?

To break the ice, let me tell you about one such proposal that blew my mind, right away, figuratively of course. Imagine going on a vacation with your partner, and once you've boarded the plane, there is an announcement (the plan was run by the flight attendants first) and you see your partner propose to you at 35,000 ft. How did this make you feel? A little pumped up, I hope! Behold, three extraordinary experiences that Andamans offer, that are bound to set the mood right for you to drop on your knee and say, Will you.....

Proposing Underwater: Whale You Marry Me?

For the adventuresome couple or the ones who like to do things a little different, popping the question underwater is the perfect stepping stone. You might want to remember that if you are underwater, you won't pop the much-awaited question using words, or your voice for that matter. With an underwater proposal, you'd want the water to be azure, crystal clear, and reflective. Andamans has one of the most beautiful water bodies in all over India, with ideal snorkelling and diving opportunities. With palm-fringed beaches and pristine shorelines, Havelock beach is truly the Paradise of Andamans.

Havelock Island is also famed for its rich and vibrant marine life underwater. Imagine holding hands, traversing and exploring the coral reefs, while fishes pass you by, knowing that you are far far away from the cacophony of humans on land. Havelock Island Beach Resort has witnessed a myriad of such magical moments and can help you plan something similar. They have an in-house dive instructor, a photographer and the metal ring you will require underwater. You have to make your way to the island, and they will take care of the rest. Beginnings are beautiful, and what better way to begin the journey of what will be a lifetime, with a similar phenomenal experience!

Proposing on the Beach: I’m Shore About You!

For the happy-go-lucky couples or the ones who embrace and celebrate every little joy in life, popping the question on a beach under a sky of stars is the perfect stepping stone. Walking on the beach is a cliche, so how about you camp on the beach instead? Havelock Island Resort, upon request, can set up a tent on the beach enveloped by the coconut palms with the view of the glistening sea. Imagine sitting by your intimate tent on the moonlit beach, watching the shooting stars collapse in the sky, in perfect symphony with the hum of the ocean waves.

The resort sets up a wonderful candle-light dinner on the beach, under a sky full of stars, with delightful drink and dining selections to bring your idea of a dream date a reality. Beach? Check. Bonfire? Check. Wine & Dine? Check. The best part about this proposal unmistakably is the surprise element. You can easily pull off a romantic dinner date without building up the hype. Surprise them by getting down on one knee when they least expect it. Then, you can spend the night stargazing and falling asleep to the lullaby of waves crashing against the shore. *Melts

Proposing on a Private Yacht: Love Is In The Air!

For the uber-romantic couple or the ones who like their public display of affection and privacy at the same time, popping the question on a private yacht is the perfect stepping stone. Remember that when it comes to a proposal, nothing is over the top, ever. All that jazz adds magic dust to the already memorable moment. With the right balance of intimacy, freedom, peace, breeze, and scenic vistas on display, a yacht can be just the right place to propose, for you. There is nothing more ardent than sailing with your partner, drinking in the calm of the sea-green and turquoise hue of the ocean, embracing the solace and serenity. Well, that's how a sea voyage in Andamans feel!

You won't have to fret about making the arrangements. While you rehearse your speech and figure out just the right words, awesome people at the resort will make the preparations for your romantic rendezvous. Imagine, an intimate sailing affair, the melody of the ocean, and the wind blowing in your hair. The resort can also arrange for some wine and dine for the couple. Upon request, they can also get you a photographer to capture your big moment! Does it get better? Yes, when your partner goes on to say, YES!

I hope these experiences ignited a spark in your hearts, and you have mustered up the courage to say it out loud, Will you marry me? Seal it with a kiss and celebrate with plenty of champagne. Let me in on a secret. Your proposal is going to be the best proposal ever. When the day ends, it comes down to you and your partner. No more, no less. But that doesn't mean that you let go of a chance to rejoice your love and make memories that last forever. If only you could brighten up the day of your partner, and make them feel on top of the world, would you let go of the opportunity?

Your story begins with you. The resort has been a part of many stories and hopes to find a place in yours too. They love what they do, and it makes them incredibly happy to be a part of such a magical moment. The resort lies roughly 62.5 kilometres from Port Blair, the capital. If you are planning to visit Andamans, or staying in Havelock Island, or planning any of the aforementioned experiences, remember to drop by an enquiry. Congratulations and cheers!