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Jet Ski in Havelock, Andaman Islands

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Blessed with enchanting natural beauty and a mystifying serenity, the Andaman Islands promise a myriad of rich experiences to a traveler. The stunning azure beaches stretching for miles along the white sandy shores and lined up with emerald date palms can captivate anyone who visits this tropical Indian paradise. Beauty is not the only reward that you get when you arrive in the Andaman Islands. A complete assortment of water sports and exciting sea activities await you, ready to engulf you in their charm. The water sports in the Andaman Islands are the most extravagant in the whole of India.

What is the Jet Ski thrill?

These exotic islands offer a whole range of water sports at your disposal- Snorkeling, scuba diving, coral safari, glass-bottom boating, parasailing, fishing, under Water Sea walking, kayaking, and water jet skis. There is something for everyone-not leaving even the smallest corner of the seashores untouched.

For those of you with the adventurous streak, looking for both thrill and fun, a Jet Ski at Havelock Island can be the perfect sport to indulge  This sport is a high-speed water activity which features a ride on a type of water scooter. You can relive your experience of a motorbike ride on this water vehicle, which has a motor engine and a throttle similar to bikes.

A Jet Ski ride requires a lot of balance and coordination, as you speed through the sea waters at high speeds. Adrenaline –packed water sports, Jet Skiing, is worth giving a try, especially in a beautiful place like the Andaman’s.

Why would you love to Jet Ski in the Andaman’s?

Jet Skiing can prove to be an exciting adventure for you while in the Andamans. The sunny skies and moderate weather of February and March months can offer you a once in a lifetime experience in the islands. You can feel the thrill as your Jet Ski whizzes past the turquoise water.
The strong sea-breeze touching your face and the warm water splashing on your face makes the ride amazing. You can hope to get your life's best water sports experience as you drive your Jet Ski through just the right amount of waves! What’s more, Jet skiing in these islands is far more cost-effective than any other water sport activity.

For all those of you, who are not accustomed to this adventure, you can get trained in a few minutes and get set on a great experience. Once you get acquainted with the ski controls, you can ride and drift over the Seawater. With the fantastic machine at your command, you have the lots to explore and scale in the vast blue sea.

Explore the popular places for this Jet Ski activity in Andaman

Jet Skiing is undoubtedly a great sport in the Andaman. The right amount of sea current, wind, safety, and weather of the Andaman Sea make this experience all the more cherishable. Here are the five best places to enjoy Jet skiing in the islands.

1. Water Sports Complex in Port Blair
2. Elephant Beach in Havelock Island- Elephant Beach at Havelock Island Andaman Islands
3. Carbyn's Cove Beach in Port Blair
4. North Bay Island
5. Bharatpur Beach in Neil Island

Let us further explore these gems of places below.

Water Sports Complex in Port Blair

Located 9.8 km from Port Blair, the Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex is a must-visit. This place is a popular hub for all kinds of water sports, like speed boat rides; Jet skiing, kayaking, and parasailing. You can even go on a Ross Island tour in the Andaman Islands from this focal point at the Sports complex. You can take a Jet Ski ride here among the waves during the day time. It also houses a war memorial, a children's park, and an artificial waterfall.

Elephant Beach in Havelock Island

The Havelock Islands are a picturesque place with sandy beaches surrounded by lush green forests. They are located 25 km north-east of Port Blair, and you can take a ferry ride for a day trip to Havelock Island Andaman Islands. The beach offers a whole range of water activities, fishing, and the most exotic marine life. Watersports at Elephant beach Havelock Island possess a charisma of their own. Jetski at Havelock Island will be an exhilarating experience, and you should visit once.

Carbyn's Cove Beach in Port Blair

Corbyn's Cove beach is located 8 km from the City center in Port Blair. It is a prominent sightseeing spot, and you can take an auto-rickshaw to reach this place from the city center. You can enjoy water activities, like Speed boating and jet skiing here. This place is also a perfect location for swimming and surfing under the sunny skies.

North Bay Island

Famous for its panoramic landscape and abundant marine life, North Bay Island is situated about 42 km from Port Blair. You can arrange for a glass bottom boat ride to tour this island and explore its rich flora and fauna. Jet Skiing, sea walking, snorkeling, and scuba diving are other popular past times here.

Bharatpur Beach in Neil Island- Bharatpur Beach Neil Island Andaman Islands is the most artistic and mesmerizing beach. You can plan to explore its colorful marine life through a glassbottom boat ride at Neil Island. You can also enjoy its warm waters with Jet ski rides and scuba diving or just lay on the beach in hammocks and sightseeing. There are also

Safety Precautions to follow while Jet Skiing

Jet skiing comes with its adventures and is an exhilarating experience for all of you who visit the Andaman. However, your safety should come first before fun. Here are a few precautions that must undertake to ensure a smooth and safe ride.

Put on your gear and helmet properly.

If you are a novice rider, do not stand up and ride.

Try to drive straight, with your head up and looking ahead.

Never leave the ski throttle and speed up to move forward.

In case you fall, do not panic. Try to reboard it from the back and not the side, as you can flip over in the water.

Keep a relaxed grip on the handlebar instead of holding tightly.

If you get splashed, no need to worry. After all, it’s fun!