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Marriage Cocktail Party in Andaman Islands

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Since your D-Day is nearing, you must be excited and nervous at the same time. We know that you are enthralled to get married to the love of your life and you have already planned everything inside your head by now. As they say, “A marriage is made in heaven”, so you actually want to make it one because it is the most beautiful day of your entire life. The bride and the groom put in a lot of effort to finalise the venue of their biggest day so that they can make their dream wedding come true. They want all this so that they can also enjoy all the pre and post-wedding ceremonies. They want a celebration in which they should be able to have the time of their lives along with their close ones. Hosting a marriage cocktail party is one such happening celebration that is the most-awaited one. So, deciding its venue becomes equally important. And what could be better than the most fantastic place in India? Yes, you are right. We are talking about the Andaman Islands- the pristine paradise on earth!

Now you may ask why go all the way to the beaches of Andaman Islands. Well, the reasons are multiple. First, just picturise this in your head: You and your life partner standing in front of a vast ocean, the sound of waves calming your soul, the soft, white sands under your feet, you can feel the breeze on your face, the backdrop right out of a fairy tale, the surrounding coconut trees further enhancing the gorgeousness of the whole place. How does that sound? Seems straight from a fairytale, right? Well, this is something that you can actually have in your life if you choose to throw your marriage cocktail party at an exotic beach in Andaman Islands.

There are a number of reasons why you should celebrate your marriage cocktail party at a serene beach. For instance, having a destination cocktail party saves you from the hassle of deciding each and everything separately. The food menu, décor, music, and other important aspects are all covered in the package. And imagine the ambiance of such a place. The gentle waves hitting the shore, the scent of salt in the air, the hues of a sunset brightening your cheeks, and a lot more. If you want to do a destination party, then the perfect place is definitely a beachside.

A marriage cocktail party in Andaman Islands is a great way to spend quality time with your near and dear ones. This island is a gem that is full of possibilities! There is so much to see and so much to do. When the evening fades away, the pleasant night comes knocking on the door. While vacationing here, you can have the best of both worlds- splendid beauty and crazy nightlife. This lovely destination is for everyone.

And while you are here, you have to go and explore this marvel. The beaches of Andaman Islands have adventures that an adrenaline junkie seeks as well as pure beauty that a nature enthusiast looks for. It is the perfect spot for both. If you want to enjoy everything that it has to offer, then you should visit here when the weather is pleasant so that you can try all the water sports as well. The summer is good for that as along with going for all the thrilling activities, you can also relax at the turquoise beaches without worrying about rain. Thus, the best time to visit is from April to June. You can relax at the shimmering beaches and taste the local cuisine while getting the perfect tan. You can have your own little adventure after or before attending the marriage cocktail party.

Andaman Island is not only known for excessively posh hotel properties, rather it has the most beautiful and delightful boutique resorts in the lap of nature. If you have decided to throw your marriage cocktail party here, then we would love to recommend you the best resort for your beach wedding- Havelock Island Beach Resort. You can host an enthusiasm-filled party at this fancy resort that is popular for its private gorgeous sandy beach, an azure ocean, and tropical greenery. This charming beachfront property in Havelock Island is perfect for lovebirds to have a blasting party by the turquoise waters. You can customise the food menu and have a delicious meal under the clear sky. Its quaintness will leave you awestruck. The venue is sure to get appreciated by you as well as your guests. It is the perfect spot for an intimate party. Expect nothing but the best here!

Along with a superb party, you can have the most romantic time here when you have your love by your side. You can spend quality time together while having a candlelight dinner under the star-lit sky amid the calming sound of crashing waves. Such a romantic setup can be arranged by the beach resort’s staff.

How to reach Andaman Islands?

You can reach the Andaman Islands only by flights as there are no rail or road routes available. The airport is in Port Blair, the capital city, and is well-connected with all the major cities in India like Chennai, Kolkata, and Delhi.

Already excited to host the most memorable marriage cocktail party on this unexplored territory? Trust Andaman Island Travels for all your arrangements. Along with offering the best party package, you can trust this reliable tour operator to book your flight, hotel and ferry bookings. If you are interested in any water sports like scuba diving, snorkeling, etc., then the company will make bookings for that too. The expert tour planners will design the vacation of your dreams!