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Parasailing in Havelock, Andaman Islands

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In need for a rejuvenating, relaxing and fun vacation? Then choose the land of pristine blue waters, coconut trees and beachy vibes to get that adrenaline rush pumping at the union territory of India- Andaman and Nicobar Island. Situated amidst the Bay of Bengal, the group of 572 islands promises to offer you experiences to cherish for a lifetime.

Be it scuba diving at Andaman to snorkelling, sofa ride and various other water sports, Parasailing at Andaman takes the cake. Parasailing offers  a bird’s view of the endless ocean, blue green waters crashing against the white sandy shores of Andaman, and the wind in your hair. It surely sounds like a dreamy and at the same time exhilarating activity to explore.

What is Parasailing?

One long tug by the boat and you are up above in the sky, watching the glazing sun sparkle at the seashore, the white sand beaches shining, birds flying by, dolphins and fishes swimming in the pristine clear waters. This is what you will be missing if you don't try parasailing at Andaman.

Also known as parascending and parakiting, parasailing is a refreshing kiting experience, where a person is towed by a boat and attached to a bright canopy wing similar to a parachute called as a parasail wing.

A harness connects the wing, pilot and boat together. Once the boat starts moving, both the wing and you will be lifted up above in the air. Depending on the power of the boat, more than one person can parasail at a time.

You would receive a 10-minute oral training, wherein the operator will also provide you with an option of taking a dip in the water. It is highly recommended you take a dip, feel that cold water on your bare legs, experience the adrenaline rush even if it for a few seconds, you won’t regret it.

Why Parasail in Andaman Islands?

Exploring the sea, from high above or underwater, is a dream for all. Andaman is one such place that has a variety of options for tourists to explore. Be it snorkelling, trekking, or parasailing in Andaman Islands, you will be surely spoilt for choice.

Parasailing at Andaman started back in 2018 and is primarily available at three locations as of now with small variations in price. The best months for visiting Andaman is from May to October, but one has to be careful as during the onset of monsoons, the winds are strong, and the waves are quite rough for a dip.

The plus point for this adventure sport, you don’t need to know swimming to parasail. Another point that works in favour of parasailing is that, you can either do this activity solo or along with your partner, making it a perfect experience for couples to enjoy together.

Popular places for Parasailing in Andaman

Hopping from one island to another, Andaman offers you a mixed variety of sea experiences, be it the rocky beaches with British colonisation to deep diving and swimming midst the colourful reefs, home to marine species, Andaman is a place for all.

The three locations where you can enjoy this adrenaline-pumping leisure activity are:

Port Blair

Carbyn Cove Beach is a popular tourist destination of Parasailing in Andaman.

The open spaces and breath taking views around this region should be enough for it to make it on to your adventure sport list.
Other tourist attractions in Port Blair include Cellular jail, Wandoor beach, and the Samudrika Marine Museum.

Havelock Island

Elephant beach at Havelock Island is another destination you can explore for parasailing.

The beach is located about 70 km from Port Blair. You can take a government ferry boat in order to reach Havelock Island.

This beach is famous for its coral reefs and marine population, making it a favourite for underwater activities.

If you are interested in indulging in other water sport activities do consider snorkelling, taking a banana boat ride with your family or zooming around in a jet ski.

North Bay Island

The Island is located at a distance of about 43 km from Port Blair. Tourists can reach North Bay Island from Port Blair via boat with the journey taking anywhere from 1 to 1 hour 30 minutes.

This island is famous for its white sandy beaches, amazing coral reefs and natural beauty galore. Water sports like scuba diving and snorkelling are a hot among tourists owing to the marine life found at this Island.

Parasailing in North Bay beach is another popular activity among tourists. It will offer you with a bird’s eye view of the mesmerising beauty surrounding the Island.

Other than these three locations, Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports complex too gives you an opportunity to parasail across the ocean and fly like a kite. The price variations at the water sports complex are somewhat similar to the other locations.

The average cost for parasailing in Andaman is 3000 rupees. Given the experience the sport offers, the price you pay will be surely worth it.

To reach these destinations, one can either travel by government ferries or hire personal motorboats. In terms of expense, private motorboats will be on quite a higher side as compared to government ferries. If privacy and luxury is what you are looking for then motorboat is an option you can choose to indulge in.

Safety Precautions

Among various water sports available at Andaman, parasailing is one of the best and safest beach sports. But there are some precautions to be taken from your end in order to have a fun filled and safe parasailing experience.

Always check the weather before parasailing. Do not fly during the monsoon season.

The activity is not recommended if you have a fear of heights.
Choose a well-rated, well established and tested location for parasailing, and do ask for licences.

Pay attention during the safety briefing, understand the signs for okay, not okay, and distress. If no safety briefing is being provided, do not parasail with that operator.

Don’t wear tight clothes, have something breezy on, makes the experience comfortable and better.

Carry an extra pair of clothing as you will be completely drenched if going ahead with the dip option.