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Pool Bar and Grill Barbecue at Havelock Island Beach Resort

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Cushioned by the Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal on its sides, Havelock Island Andaman Islands is heavily dipped with Bengali heritage. A confluence of tribes belonging to native and African origins imparts a sense of anthropological significance to Swaraj Dweep Andaman Islands.

Things to do at Havelock Island

A wide manifold of indulgences awaits you in the turquoise waters of the sea. Whether it is glass-bottom boat rides or snorkeling, the Havelock Island beaches encompass the true essence of what Havelock Island tourism has in store for everyone.

Radhanagar Beach: Included in the top attractions at Havelock Island, Radhanagar beach is a spot that scrambles its way ahead of all the other spots for sunset vistas and a shoreline that stretches to unimaginable distances. An 11 km journey from Havelock Jetty, Radhanagar beach at Havelock Island has vivid coral reefs that ought to be witnessed by scuba diving at Havelock Island.

Neils' Cove situated right around the corner, is the perfect sanctuary to spend quality time snorkeling at Havelock Island or taking rides in glass-bottom boats in its pristine waters.

Vijaynagar Beach: The palm trees swishing in the breezy environs cannot fail to dislodge your fatigue amidst the sparkling white sands of Vijaynagar beach at Havelock Island. With its waves hitting at the right pace and pretty seashells sprinkled across, Vijaynagar Beach at Havelock Island is an excellent place for surfing at Havelock Island.

Kalapathar Beach: Its turquoise waves interlacing the majestic black rocks scattered around is a sight that makes Kalapathar beach at Havelock Island never exhausted of visitors. You can sunbathe and relax under the sun on the beach, or take memorable pictures of the picturesque landscape.

Elephant Beach: Elephant Beach at Havelock Island is the hub of water sports and worth the tranquillity one finds amidst its tropical laps. Known for providing amazing glass-bottom boat rides at Havelock Island, its charming landscape is perfect for kayaking, snorkeling, diving, or just plain swimming.

Best time to visit Havelock Island

The pleasant weather during winters makes it a classic destination for you to kayak in its waters and explore its quintessential landmarks. Summer months are the best time to visit Havelock Island for water-sport enthusiasts.

How to reach Havelock Island?

There are to and fro flights to Port Blair daily. Government-ferry transfers to Havelock Island are available to make your journey comfortable. For ferry ticket booking for Havelock Island, the DSS counter in Port Blair is within easy reach. You can plan to book your ride in advance to avoid any seasonal overcrowding.

Where to stay at Havelock Island?

The question of where to stay at Havelock Island is an easy one, with Havelock Island Beach Resort leading the way up to being rated the best resort in Havelock Island among several tourists staying here every year.

Be it 24/7 room service or spa facilities, or the best pool, bar and grill barbeque facility available, it one of the 5-star resorts in Havelock Island furnished with all the amenities to settle you in the lap of luxury.

Havelock Island Beach Resort- Unlock the key to what Havelock Island tourism has in store for you   

Located in the Govind Nagar beach at Havelock Island, Havelock Island Beach Resort does not fail to grab the attention of tourists for hosting DJ parties in Havelock Island. It has got an on-site restaurant, pool, and barbeque facilities to spice up your stay. You can step into the many cafes and bars like the Nemo café & bar for a disco-packed rendezvous with mouth-watering appetizers and drinks available to dance the night away.

The Sea Dragon Restaurant, a part of the resort premises, provides a delightful experience of beachside dining at Havelock Island. You can enjoy a meal with breezy whispers of the beach waves lingering around while the chefs display their culinary expertise in all the seafood delicacies served to you.
You can clink wine glasses with your beloved amid the orchestra rendered by the beach waves at the resort bar. Havelock Island Beach Resort takes pleasure in providing candlelight dinner at Havelock Island to its guests. A table is arranged with aromatic candles amidst a delectable assortment of 4-course meals right next to the ocean.

Munching on seafood skewers with feet spread across the soft sands of the beach is the finishing touch to your Havelock Island Holiday Packages. With plenty of seafood options available, beach barbeques at Havelock Island Beach Resort release the fatigue of a day spent sightseeing.
Weddings don’t always have to take the usual mandap route. Havelock Island Beach Resort offers you the lifetime privilege of destination beach weddings at Havelock Island. Exchanging rings under the waves is something that one never imagines in their wildest fantasies.

With Havelock Island Beach Resort, an underwater wedding at Havelock Island is a possibility that will keep you and your partner awestruck till the end of time. After walking down the aisle, spend the first moments of your marital bliss in a lavish suite included in its Havelock Island Honeymoon package.