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Sea, Sand & Stars: Beach Camping In Havelock Island

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Why do you go camping? Ask this question to anyone you know, and you will be presented with a different answer every single time. There are many reasons to go camping! Some of us view camping as a means to disconnect from the world and reconnect with nature. Others prefer camping as a means to revitalize their relationships. While some look at it as a challenge, others relish the idea of being away from the diversions back home. Camping holds different meanings for different people. Imagine falling asleep under a blanket of stars while listening to the waves crashing at the shore. From watching the shooting stars collapse in the sky to waking up to the sight of the glistening sea in front of you, beach camping is a trend we are swooning over!

Andamans is a little slice of paradise tucked away in the Bay of Bengal away from the mainland. One of its most popular islands, Havelock Island is a gorgeous canopy of the rain-fed forests, sandy beaches and turquoise waters. Whether you fancy unwinding in seclusion, savouring the requisite comfort of tranquillity on its halcyon beaches, or swimming along with the vibrant fishes while diving or snorkelling, Havelock has no dearth of experiences. It is the perfect place to keep calm and chill out. Travellers who have been here cannot stop raving about how they have explored the island and camped by the beach. Get ready to immerse yourself into the world of camping, where the sweet smell of salty air and the hum of ocean waves will awaken all your senses!

Camping Site

Fellow travellers, if you are someone who dreams of savouring seafood, and sipping Pina Coladas while sitting on the beach encompassed by lush greens and wild-wild ocean, we have found the perfect hideout for you! Havelock Beach Island Resort in Andamans is just the place for you. Makes you wonder what makes it so good? Well for starters, the beachfront resort has a camp set up on its premises. From your comfort to your dining needs, upon request, they can cater to all your needs. While camping in the woods, what's the most common woe of travellers? Sanitation! Being in the close vicinity of the resort, the in-house guests can make proper use of the washrooms. The public beach has public restrooms for travellers as well. When this is taken care of, you can be in the moment, without any worries. If you have been contemplating to plan something out of the ordinary to earn you some brownie points in your relationship, here is how you can do that.

Plan of Action

The plan of action is quite simple. You get there by evening, settle in, enjoy the sunset, dine under the stars, and fall asleep as nature holds you in its intimate embrace. Enveloped with palm-fringed shores, and a wide-wide ocean at a stone's throw away lies the camping site of your dreams! Upon request, the resort can set up a wonderful candle-light dinner on the beach, under a sky full of stars,

with delightful drink and dining selections to bring your idea of a dream date a reality. The site overlooks a gorgeous, less populated beach, to keep your romantic evening unhindered. What's a camping night without a bonfire and a little bit of music? Don't fret! Upon request, the resort can take care of any and everything you might need on your night out. With sun rays gently waking you up, you step out of your tent to stretch and what do you see? The ocean gleams under the sun, and waves call out your name. How does the idea of a quick morning swim sound? We say, awesome!

Virtual Tour!

Let us begin by saying that some places are so surreal and beautiful, that sometimes photos are not able to capture their real essence. In a similar fashion, some experiences are such that words don't do enough justice to them. Have you heard of the catchphrase, Be there and do that? Well, beach camping is an experience like that. You have to be there to know what it is. Here are some glimpses of the camping site. Keep scrolling. Is it Instagram worthy? You tell us.

Why should you try this?

1. A once-in-a-lifetime experience.
2. Watch epic sunrises and sunsets.
3. Wake up to a 180-degree view of the ocean.
4. Fall asleep to nature’s lullaby, aka waves crashing against the shore.
5. Wine and dine, aka Candle-light dinner by the beach.
6. Build a lifelong memory with your significant other.

How to reach the site?

Havelock Beach Island Resort lies roughly 62.5 kilometres from Port Blair, the capital. From the airport drive down to the jetty. From here you can board the luxurious air-conditioned ferries or cruises, which takes nearly 90 minutes to reach Havelock Island. However, these private ferries are a tad bit pricey despite being the most convenient mode of inter-island transit in the Andamans. One can also avail the economical government ferry services as well but it takes a rather long time to reach so travellers often discard this option and choose to travel via private ferries. Remember to book all your ferry tickets in advance especially during peak season. After reaching the harbour, you will be escorted by a chauffeur-driven car arranged by the resort which is just 1 kilometre away.

Isn't it better to spend your time and money on experiences than on things? They shape your perspective, broaden your minds, blur the stereotypes set by the world and help you grow as a person. Hence, experiences are the best kind of investments. Hopefully, this article has you feeling good and primed for your next camping excursion. Make camping with your significant other an unforgettable experience! All that you need to do now, if you have not already begun, is to place your bookings. To plan your stay in Havelock Island, get in touch with us by dropping an inquiry here.