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The Most Amazing Party Places in the Andaman Islands

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Relaxation and Rejuvenation- we think about these two aspects whenever we think about the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Known for its calm beaches, pristine waters, and romantic vibes, the Andaman Islands have gained popularity as a serene beach destination all over the world. But do you know that the island is a great party destination as well and offers you an exciting nightlife experience? There are several pubs and clubs in Andamans that host happening events and parties.

The vibrant nightlife of the Andaman Islands can be best witnessed in Havelock Island (Swaraj Dweep) and Port Blair. The Andaman entertainment is not too loud and offers a unique experience. In case you want to experience more than the tranquility of this island, here is your ultimate guide to enjoy the nightlife in the Andamans. It comprises the most amazing places to enjoy the nightlife in Andaman, top nightlife spots in Port Blair and Havelock Island, things to do, and the best time to visit the Andaman Islands.

Most amazing party places in the Andaman Islands: A glimpse

Top nightlife spots in Havelock Island

  • Nemo Cafe
  • Bonova cafe and pub
  • Full moon cafe
  • Something different – A beach side cafe
  • Venom Bar
  • Cicida Lounge Bar

Top nightlife spots in Port Blair

  • Pink Fly lounge bar
  • Amaya
  • Alto Espirito
  • Feel good restaurant
  • Sea Sip Bar

Top nightlife spots in Havelock Island

  • Nemo Café

Also known as the Havelock Island Beach Club, Nemo Café & Bar is the best place if you are craving for a high on energy place to enjoy the night. This happening bar is located in the Havelock Island Beach Resort that is built on the shore of Govind Nagar Beach in Havelock Island. This café is the only DJ party zone on the beach across the island. The fun gets doubled when you lie on a hammock, holding a glass of wine, without a care in the world.

Silky white sand, greenish-blue ocean, and cool breeze will make the nightlife even more beautiful. An unforgettable party can be arranged here as per your request. And if you are looking forward to a relaxed night, then you can enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner here.
Along with the resort guests, it welcomes other travellers also who are not staying at Havelock Island Beach Resort. DJ parties are held here especially during weekends where you can dance the night away by showing off your moves on the dance floor. This place is a perfect combo of natural beauty and blingy nightlife. Its canopies of palm and coconut trees illuminated with beautiful lights make it a popular hangout spot for those who want to get Instagram-perfect pictures! This beachside shack located on the private beach of the resort is the best place for clubbing in Havelock Island.

Bonova Cafe and Pub

Started in 2017, the place is immensely popular among tourists. Owned by the famous SeaShell Resort group, Bonova is divided into two levels- the café and the pub. The ground floor of the building is the café and the floor above it is the pub. It is an amazing dance and party place in the island. Several events are held here throughout the year.

The ambiance of the pub is vibrant owing to its fabulous interior design and enthralling DJ nights. Some of its many famous events to look forward to are the Valentine’s Night Party and Belly Dance Night with DJ Paul and Purna Shakti. Bonova’s offers mouthwatering seafood and offers an excellent dining experience.

Full Moon Cafe

Full Moon Cafe is a beautiful and popular beachside café located in the incredible Havelock Island. It started from a simple shack in 2006, but now it has become one of the best places to enjoy the nightlife in the Andaman Islands. It is one of the few places on the island where you can get a hookah. You can also play different card games here. Being an affordable and a nice place, you can hang out at Full Moon with your friends or your partner.

Its relaxed atmosphere lets you be present in the moment. The hospitality of the place is commendable. If you want to enjoy lip-smacking food with a pleasant atmosphere, then it is definitely a must-visit place.

Something Different-A Beachside Cafe

Yet another awesome place in Havelock Island to enjoy the nightlife in the Andamans, Something Different is an aesthetically pleasing and well-designed café, and its food is amazingly delicious. The café also provides free pick up and drop off service from hotels in order to ensure your convenience.
Its live music and the spectacular beachside view are definitely going to enliven your nightlife. Happy hours can be enjoyed from 4 pm to 6 pm. Whether you are here for hanging out with your friends or enjoying your bachelor’s party, the setting is absolutely ideal. Along with a good atmosphere and drinks, the food served there is also definitely among the best in Havelock Island. You have to try Chinese cuisine here! The experience you get here surely lives up to its name! Famous celebrities including Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Farhan Akhtar have visited Something Different.   

Venom Bar

It is the oldest and probably the biggest bar in Havelock Island. Located at the Symphony Palms Beach Resort, Venom Bar holds various events ever month. It invites not one but various artists every month. Thus, the live singing here is different from other bars and restaurants in the Andaman Islands.
Here, you can relish several kinds of drinks and cocktails along with specialised tandoor starters. If you want to witness the wildest side of Andamans, then visit Venom Bar in the month of December. It hosts superb trance parties every month around the year and daily in December. It is one of the best bars to experience nightlife in Andamans.

Cicida Lounge Bar

Having the forest theme, Cicida Lounge Bar and Grill offers an exquisite drinking experience along with exciting music as well. You can find a terrific selection of liquors here. The price is pretty reasonable and affordable at this bar. It also serves a diverse variety of delectable food items.
Top nightlife spots in Port Blair

Pink Fly Lounge Bar

Pink Fly Lounge Bar is Port Blair’s only night club. It has a different party theme every night. Ranging from EDM to Deep House, everything can be enjoyed here on different nights. Situated on the ground floor of Hotel Shompen, Pink Fly is known for its electrifying ambiance owing to pink lights and real motorbikes!

Your mood will definitely get brightened and cheered up here. The energetic music of its resident DJ, DJ Astro, is sure to heighten your spirits. You will have an incredible time here with all the mouthwatering snacks and a wide variety of cocktails. It is one of the biggest highlights of nightlife in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Alto Espirito

Alto Espirito is a relatively posh Spanish bar in Port Blair’s Hotel Sinclairs Bay. The place is good for hosting corporate or office parties. This place has a rustic charm. You will see here wooden benches crafted with cartwheels. The food and ambiance are also fabulous. The view from Also Espirito is awesome. It receives heavy footfall on new year’s eve as it hosts one of the best night parties in the Andamans. The party is held in the gardens where you can enjoy a fantastic DJ party with cocktail dinners. It offers you beyond your imagination whether you are partying with your significant other, friends, or solo.


It is the rooftop bar and restaurant of the Seashell Hotel in Port Blair. It is the best place in Port Blair if you are looking for a not-so-loud nightlife. Here, you can enjoy great food and drinks along with appreciating a magnificent view. The seafood served here is among the best!

Its ambiance is praiseworthy owing to its exquisite interior designing. You can enjoy live music here daily (except on Mondays). It definitely enhances the charm of the place. Its cocktail menu will lift your mood as it is quite diverse and you will end up ordering one after the other. If you want to start your evening with a delicious starter, have seafood in the main course, and sip a cocktail while enjoying a wonderful view, then Amaya is the perfect place. The cherry on the cake, its rooftop bar is amazing!

Feel Good Restaurant & Karaoke Night

It is probably the only place to offer karaoke night in the Andaman Islands. This cosy little place does not offer enough space for dancing but is surely a good place to do something fun. Decorated with beautiful colorful party lights, Feel Good Restaurant has a good collection of old tracks on its list. The food will also offer you a complete worth of your money. So if you want to sing the night away, then do visit this place for an offbeat experience in the Andamans.

Sea Sip Bar

Near the ocean, it is one of the best places for party animals to hang out. Its parties are full of energy and will definitely make you forget everything else. Its bar and restaurant are quite famous among nightlife lovers. The place is stocked with various imported and Indian drinks.

The interior of the bar has very relaxed vibes. You can hang out with your friends here. The staff is polite and its service is outstanding. You can enjoy lip-smacking cocktails by the seashore, feeling tropical vibes of the place. This is one of the best places to experience nightlife in the Andaman, and can be visited by groups, couples, and alone.

You should know that none of the above-mentioned places stay open after 11:30 pm. The parties end here well before 11 pm. However, all these party places are sure to offer you wonderful nightlife experiences that are slightly offbeat and extremely enjoyable. You will find yourself indulging in the nightlife of this island even if you are not a party animal. After a long but fun day of adventure and sightseeing, the most awesome way to unwind is to just sit by a beachside bar and enjoy some great music, drinks, and delicious food. As the evening fades away and night knocks on the door, the Andaman Islands promises to spellbind everyone with their unique charm. You can make the most of its nightlife when vacationing here.

Best time to enjoy the nightlife in the Andaman Islands

Andaman Island is emerging as a happening party destination. That’s why it is very much crowded during Christmas and New Year. This exotic island hosts a number of private parties. The major point of attraction is definitely its exotic beaches. Havelock Island, Port Blair and Neil Island (Shaheed Dweep) are full during this time. To witness the party scene in the Andamans, you should visit here between mid-December and January end. The parties are celebrated with full enthusiasm. If you are looking for a unique experience, then you can enjoy the party on ships or cruise. And if you want to have a party by the beachside, then you can take a stroll on the beach, make sandcastles, and enjoy candlelight dinners. Enjoying nightlife in the Andamans is one of the best things to do in India.

What else you can do in the Andaman Islands at night?

Night diving

If you are an adventurous person, then Andamans is a perfect place for you. You can experience the underwater world during the night or in the late evening. It is the best place for scuba diving and snorkeling in India owing to the rich marine life. Local people and government protect its aquatic life.

Night trekking in forest

Trekking is among the best things to do in the Andaman Islands, especially at night. The experience of night trekking is completely different from trekking in the daytime. It is sure to give you that much-needed adrenaline rush. But make sure that you are accompanied by an expert guide. Otherwise, you may land yourself in trouble.