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#2 of Top 10 Experiences by Travellers in The Andaman Islands: Visit Limestone Caves

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Are you an explorer and an adventurer? Do you love knowing more and more about something rare and mysterious? If yes, then you will have an incredible experience in Baratang Island while exploring limestone caves and its mysteries. It is one of the best places to visit in the Havelock, Andaman Islands. These special kinds of caves are formed by massive sediment rock. These are located just 30 minutes’ ride from Baratang Island via a ferry through a wide stream. You are sure to get mesmerised by the whole place. Made of sedimentary rocks, you can spot gigantic limestones there. Passing through the narrow cave and discovering it to its core is an enthralling experience for sure. Some of these caves are so dense that you have to burn a light to see what is inside. Always wear shoes while walking here as the caves can be tricky at times.

These limestone caves are highly impressive and one of a kind natural marvel on earth. They feature rare stalactites, stalagmites, and rock formations. These are nature’s own architecture as they have been formed naturally in the Andaman Islands. You can go for a romantic and exciting boat ride through mangrove forests that are spread around the island creating a canopy. Being here is not less than a magical experience! The slow meandering waterway leads to the beautiful land of the limestone caves. If you are a photographer or a bird watcher, then you will be blessed with the sights of exotic birds and animals that will leave you fascinated. Tantalizing patterns are created by the canopy on the water. Looking at sunrays penetrating the thick forest to reach the ground is a spellbinding view. A truly miraculous experience!