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#7 of Top 10 Experiences by Travellers in The Andaman Islands: Witness Bioluminescence

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This is an extraordinary activity that can be done in Havelock Island (Swaraj Dweep). You can make your vacation dreamy by witnessing the galaxy under your feet in the ocean. On a moonless night, you can choose to go for bioluminescent kayaking or simply take a stroll on the island. If you are lucky enough, you will spot the illuminating ocean waters and beach under your feet. The phytoplankton in the seawaters light up and create a visual delight for you leaving you spellbound. This magical experience can captivate anyone for a lifetime. An extremely romantic activity to enjoy with your sweetheart, cherish the stars touching your feet with every swish. Make the most of your Andaman trip by a fairytale touch to your vacation in Havelock Island. If you are going for night kayaking, then it is recommended to have some kayaking experience before you set off to relish such unforgettable moments.  

Spotting bioluminescence is one of the most miraculous experiences you will ever have in the Andamans. Just head out into the vast ocean after sunset and paddle to witness the sea that glows and sparkles with bioluminescence. With every paddle, the sea dazzles up as if the stars have fallen into it. The sea is calm around you and the lights from the seashore are quite near. You will feel as if you are in a different world. Lasting for a few hours, this adventure is sure to be in your memories all your life. One thing to keep in mind is that you should not have any fear of the dark or of water while going for bioluminescent kayaking in Havelock Island. The tide and the changing time of the sunset decide the departure time for this unique trip.