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Underwater Wedding at Andaman Islands

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Located in the Andaman Islands, Havelock Island Beach Resort is the only place in India where you can get married under the water. We all know that the concept of a destination wedding has gained immense popularity in recent times. Among all kinds of destination weddings including beach wedding, palace wedding, etc., underwater wedding continues to be exclusive and rare. So if you are that couple that wants to turn their D-Day into something more, into a magical dream, and into a mesmerising memory, then an underwater wedding at our luxurious resort is your best bet!

Lovers from all across the world, who are adventurous as well, want a seafloor as their wedding venue, not just a boring banquet hall. Exchanging rings and vows under the azure water of Havelock Island (now known as Swaraj Dweep) is something that no one can ever forget; neither the couple nor their guests.

Why get married underwater?

For couples that are divers as well, scuba diving is a passion. It is not less than meditation for them. Their happy place is under the water. They consider the ocean as their home. Your shared love for the sea is something that should be celebrated, and your wedding is the best occasion to make that happen as it is the most important and beautiful day of anyone’s life. Along with so many aspects, your successful relationship is also based on your common interest in scuba diving. Therefore, having an underwater wedding in Havelock Island is an incredible way to rejoice your amazing bonding.

Having an underwater wedding in Andaman Island is more relaxed than a conventional celebration. If you are a diver, then you must be knowing that you connect at a spiritual level with the sea. For you, the ocean is a place of quietude and peace far from the chaos of daily life. Along with that, it is home to overflowing natural beauty.

If you are thinking from the financial angle, then you will be happy to know that an underwater wedding costs way less than a big fat wedding. You don’t have to spend on pricey flowers and décor that burn a hole in your pocket. Also, you may skip buying an extravagant dress as a scuba suit would also be perfect. Moreover, forgetting the words to your vows is also not an issue here.

These days, not many people want to throw an extravagant wedding party in order to show off their status. Couples now think that that’s absolutely unnecessary and they are now focusing on what’s really crucial- the outstanding feeling of celebrating their love together. An underwater wedding is the best destination wedding if you want to have an intimate and small wedding ceremony with your close and loved ones, who really want to be part of your special day.

The uniqueness of your big day is the biggest reason for having an underwater wedding in Andamans. We all know that not everybody does that. An underwater wedding is sure to stand out from what a majority of people do. It is not a normal ceremony that gets blur with countless similar events in the memory of your guests. This extraordinary celebration would get engraved in the heart of your friends and family members forever. This kind of celebration would make an amazingly interesting story to tell everybody, especially your kids!

The gorgeous scenery and marine life will be the perfect backdrop for your underwater wedding in Havelock Island. You don’t need to hire any decorators as Mother Nature will take care of everything. Of course, you would want videos and photos of your big day ceremony held underwater. Our expert underwater videographer and photographer will do the needful by clicking your stunning pictures. As a bride, you can choose to wear your splendid white dress that you had bought for D-day. White bridal wetsuits are also available just for you if you prefer neoprene to silk and satin. The groom can also wear his traditional wedding clothes for the underwater wedding. You would most likely prefer wearing bathing suits for the occasion if you are getting married in warm tropical water. And ladies, whatever you choose to wear, make sure that you exchange your fancy heels with scuba fins or water shoes.

An underwater wedding in the Andaman Islands is all you need whenever you decide to get married. But at the same time, there are certain points that require your careful consideration. Safety is the most important aspect. With Havelock Island Beach Resort, you can be absolutely sure of it. Our experienced crew will be there with you the whole time so that you feel safe under the water. The experienced divers will take care of the equipment and everything else. Even if you don’t know swimming or are diving for the very first time, they will first familiarise you by giving you training sessions.  

Make your dream wedding a reality

If you are willing to have the wedding of the decade, then Havelock Island Beach Resort is the only place in India where you can turn your dreams into reality. We will ensure you and your guests a lifetime of magic. Just tell our expert and creative wedding planners what all you desire. They will make sure that you get beyond your imagination so that you can have a fun-filled time on your special day.

Fun facts about underwater weddings

Nearly fifteen to twenty minutes will be taken to get your underwater ceremony completed.

In 2011, as many as 303 divers attended an underwater wedding ceremony in Poland. This is the Guinness World Record for the largest underwater wedding.

There are couples who have chosen a drier version of the underwater wedding by getting married in a submarine.

You can decide to have your honeymoon in the underwater rooms that are offered by some hotels across the world if you want to continue the underwater theme after your wedding.