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7 Most Exotic Backdrops for Pre-Wedding Photoshoot in Andamans

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Times have changed and how! Our grandparents most probably saw and met each other for the first time right before the wedding. Our parents had it different; they saw pictures, met in an arranged setup. In our times, weddings have found an equally important place as marriage. Now that couples are aware of this, we see wedding trends undergo quite some changes. As marriage is a lifelong promise, couples want their wedding memories to be unforgettable too. Time to turn these moments into beautiful memories for you to hold onto forever. Any pre-wedding shoot looks straight outta Bollywood! Photographers are willing to experiment, and couples look for something unique, and this leads to some of the most mesmerizing cinematography, photography and videography.

Then comes the most interesting, and also quite a decisive part, selecting the location of each shoot. Andamans with the glistening turquoise waters, bright cerulean skies, tender sandy grains, and a picturesque cover of palm and coconut trees, showcases the right backdrop for a pre-wedding film. The island you see through the glimpses in the film boasts of a montage of beautiful landscapes, underwater and aerial footage at the display. From a walk on the beach to surreal shots of the couple swimming with the fishes underwater, here are seven places that offer an exotic backdrop for this intimate affair.

1. Radhanagar Beach

Earning the title of 'the best beach in India' after being ranked 'the 7th best beach in the world', by the Time Magazine, Radhanagar Beach is a delight to the eyes. Nestled in Havelock Island, the highlight of this beach has to be its white sand and the rainforest lending it a tropical ambience. A stretch of sand leads to Neil's cove, a natural lagoon offering an array of photographic opportunities.

Insider Info -

The sunsets here are glorious, and unmissable if time allows.
To avoid crowds, it's best to reach the beach before 5 AM.
There is no entry fee to visit the beach.

2. Wandoor Beach

Renowned as the gateway to the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, Wandoor Beach is a surreal place that grabs the attention of locals as well as tourists. Tucked away near Port Blair, the highlight of this beach has to be cerulean waters and vibrant corals, making it ideal for swimming. A boat ride to Jolly Buoy Island, primarily for snorkelling and underwater pictures also commences here.

Insider Info -
Note that mobile connectivity is usually poor here.
There are changing rooms on the beach.
The timings to visit the beach are 4:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

3. Ross and Smith Islands

When two separate islands are connected by a strip of white sand and surrounded by emerald waters and a lush forest cover, it leaves no room for doubt that mother nature has generously blessed the Ross and Smith Islands. Marooned in the north of the Andamans Islands, the highlight of the mystic twin islands has to be the sandbar that is visible only during low tides. Littered with sea-shells, these islands offer an engulfing solitude making it a must-visit spot to capture Andaman's true-blue backdrop in a lens.

Insider Info -
The aerial shot covering both the islands and the sandbar is one of the statement pictures captured here.
To enter the islands, one requires a forest permit that can be obtained from the Forest Office at Diglipur and costs around 50 INR.
There is a marine sanctuary at the beach showcasing a vivid underwater life.

4. Elephant Beach

One of the most visited beaches in Andamans archipelago, Elephant Beach is synonymous to aqua adventure. Sprawling in Havelock Island, the highlight of this beach has to be its shallow water and vibrant coral reef. Fallen tea trunks that have aged well with time, surreal palms swaying with the wind and of course the cerulean waters, add to the charm of the once-fabled abode of elephants.

Insider Info -
The activities one can avail here are sea walking, snorkelling, glass-bottom boat ride and jet ski ride.
The beach has eco-friendly changing rooms and washroom facilities.
The beach remains open from 7 AM to 4 PM, and you must arrive pretty early, to make full use of your time.

5. Corbyn's Cove Beach

One of the longest crescent-shaped shorelines fashioned in Port Blair belongs to the coconut-palm fringed beach, more commonly known as the Corbyn Cove beach. Resting in the warm embrace of Port Blair, the highlight of this beach has to be its surreal
ambience, along with its proximity to the city. The coconut and palm trees on either side of the land pave a path for walking enthusiasts to behold nature in its true beauty.

Insider Info -
The landscape allows for excellent swimming and sunbathing opportunities.
The beach remains open throughout the day.
There is no entry fee to visit the beach.

6. Howrah Bridge

A natural bridge-shaped rock formation composed of two living corals, Howrah Bridge is a magnificent landmark. Perched in Neil Island, the highlight of this place is the bridge itself. Best seen during low tides, the scenery does make for mystic and unusual photo opportunities. Enclosed in the sea-green hued water, with small fishes, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, and starfish bobbing along the waves, it's perfect for thrill-seeking couples.

Insider Info -
Hire a guide to understand and appreciate the natural aquarium (Yes, I mean the shallow water).
Plan your visit before afternoon, to capture the landscape in the best light.
There is no entry fee to visit the beach.

7. Little Andaman

The fourth-largest island of the Andaman archipelago, the farthest inhabited, and with best surfing opportunities, Little Andamans is a treasure trove of experiences. Despite its remote location and a tedious journey, the highlights include the likes of multi-step scenic waterfalls, evergreen rainforest, palm plantations and unspoilt beaches. For couples wanting to go beyond the usual path, Little Andaman promises an unusual one-of-a-kind experience.

Insider Info -
To get in and around the island, local fishing boats, rental scooters, motorbikes, rickshaws, jeeps, and buses are available.
Diving, swimming, snorkelling, fishing, and coral watching are some of the water activities at one's disposal.
After 2018, one doesn’t require any permit to visit Little Andaman.