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Top 50 Things to do in Havelock Island

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If you have ever dreamt of a slice of heaven where the deep blue sea meets shimmering and powdery white sands, then Havelock Island in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands is where you should be. Located 2 hours away from the hustle and bustle of the capital city Port Blair, this island offers everything that you’d expect out of a beach vacation: peaceful nature, adventurous water sports, and stunning beaches that can’t be found anywhere else. Whether you just love lounging around in the beach or want to explore the fantastic marine ecosystem of the Andamans, Havelock Island has something special for all your needs. 

Dive in as we unravel the top 50 things to do in Havelock Island:

  1. Visit Radhanangar Beach

    Radhanagar Beach is one destination you simply cannot miss when you are in Havelock Island. Often touted as Asia’s best beach, its reputation precedes it, and for good reason. Picture this: a long stretch of white, powdery sand hugged by crystal-clear turquoise waters, all bordered by a curtain of lush green trees. The best way to spend time in this beach is by swimming. 

    You should visit Radhanagar Beach early morning or late afternoon, as the beach gets crowded between 10 AM to 3 PM. Do not miss the beautiful sunset. Note that you cannot go swimming in Radhanagar Beach post 5 PM.

    How to Reach: Radhanagar Beach is approximately 12 km from Havelock Island Jetty. You can hire a cab to travel the distance. If you are looking for an adventurous ride, you can also get on a bike ride. It usually takes around 20 minutes to reach Radhanagar Beach from the Havelock Jetty in a cab, with most cabs charging around INR 1500-1800 for the journey. 

  2. Get Adventurous at Elephant Beach

    Imagine a location that offers both beauty and a plethora of adrenaline-pumping activities – that’s Elephant Beach for you. From snorkelling in its clear waters to exploring the vibrant coral reefs, Elephant Beach promises to add a dash of adventure to your Havelock journey. Not just snorkelling, you can do a bunch of activities in Elephant Beach including sea walking, jet skiing, parasailing, etc. You can easily spend 3-4 hours here. 

    The beach is open between sunrise and sunset which is around 5 PM and there is no entry fee. 

    How to Reach: If you are travelling directly from Port Blair, you can take an early morning ferry from the Phoenix Jetty to Havelock Island. It will take you 2-2.5 hours to reach Havelock. Ferry tickets come at around INR 350-600. Elephant Beach is located on the western coast of Havelock Island. So, from the Havelock Jetty, you will have to take another ferry to Elephant Beach, which should take you around 20-30 minutes. It should cost you around INR 1000. 

    Another way to reach Elephant Beach is to trek from Havelock Island. It may take you 1-1.5 hours to reach Elephant Beach through Havelock’s mangrove forest. You can trek alone or get a guide, which would cost you around INR 500-1500. 

    Here are some of the major water sports available on Havelock Island with their average price ranges

    Water Sport

    Estimated Price Range (in INR)

    1. Scuba Diving

    3,500 - 6,000

    2. Snorkelling

    800 - 1,500

    3. Jet Skiing

    600 - 1,000

    4. Kayaking

    1,000 - 2,000

    5. Banana Boat Ride

    400 - 700

    6. Glass Bottom Boat

    1,200 - 2,000

    7. Parasailing

    2,000 - 3,500

    8. Sea Walking

    3,000 - 5,000

  3. Check Scuba Diving Off Your Bucket List

    Exploring the underwater world in Havelock Island is an absolute must-do. And the best way to do it is by scuba diving. The rich marine life, from vibrant coral reefs to exotic species of fish, surrounding Havelock Island is a visual treat. Whether you are a seasoned diver or a beginner looking to try it for the first time, Havelock Island has you covered. Some great places to dive in Havelock Island are: The Wall, Johnny’s George, Barracuda City, Lighthouse, etc. You don’t even need to know how to swim to scuba dive in some of the diving sites. 

    While the price for scuba diving in Havelock can vary based on the dive centre, duration, and certification level. A beginner’s dive might cost you between INR 3,000 to INR 5,000. However, certification courses or specialised diving courses could be more and can be as high as INR 20000 or even higher depending on the level and number of days required for diving. 

    Major scuba diving sites in Havelock Island

    Dive Site Name

    Depth (metres)

    Skill Level

    Johnny's Gorge



    The Wall



    Minerva Ledge


    Beginner to Intermediate



    Beginner to Intermediate

    Seduction Point



    Mac Point


    Beginner to Intermediate




    Nemo Reef



  4. Mangrove Kayaking

    Picture yourself paddling through narrow channels, with the mangroves arching overhead, creating natural green tunnels. Mangrove kayaking allows you to be in the heart of nature, offering an intimate glimpse of the island’s unique ecosystem. Kayaking in the dense mangrove forests of Havelock Island is an experience that definitely stands out.

    There are many places around Havelock that offer guided kayaking tours through the island’s mangrove forest. A typical 2-3 hour guided kayaking experience may cost you INR 2,500 to INR 3,500.

    Early mornings or late afternoons are generally ideal for kayaking in Havelock, as the temperatures tend to be milder around this time and there’s also a better opportunity to spot wildlife.

  5. Get Married Underwater

    Imagine saying your vows surrounded by the breathtaking marine life of Havelock Island. Getting married underwater is not just an event; it's an experience, a story that'll remain etched in your memories forever. If you're seeking an unconventional and utterly magical way to tie the knot, Havelock Island offers you the perfect setting.

    Note that not all a dive centres offer this facility as dive centres don’t or can’t take care of the entire logistics, but there are other places that do. The Havelock Island Beach Resort, for example, helps with the entire process of taking your wedding vows, right from providing diving instructors to equipment, and even a post diving wedding party. 

    The cost usually depends on a lot of factors including the after party, your requirements for the wedding, etc. It can be anywhere between INR 2.5 to 3.5 lakhs or more. It is better to get to get in touch with a resort and they will lay out a plan for your perfect underwater wedding.

  6. Visit Kala Pathar Beach

    Don’t like the crowd? Kala Pathar Beach, with its stunning vistas beckons you to embrace the quiet charm of Havelock Island. As you stroll along its shores, you’ll witness the sight of shimmering turquoise waters meeting silver sands getting interspersed with black rocks (from which the beach gets its name, 'Kala pathar' meaning 'Black Rock' in Hindi). There is no entry fee for the beach, but make sure you are there to watch the sunset around 5 PM. 

    How to reach: Kala Pathar Beach is around 8-10 km away from Havelock Jetty. You can also get a cab from the harbour for around INR 1500. It would take you around 15 minutes to reach the beach. You will still have to walk for another 20 minutes from where the car drops you to find the secluded beach. 

  7. Enjoy a romantic beachside candlelight dinner 

    Imagine sitting under a canopy of stars, the golden glow of candles contrasting with the deep blue of the ocean, and the only music is the gentle lapping of waves against the shore. Indulging in a romantic beachside candlelight dinner in Havelock Island is not just about delectable cuisine; it’s about living in a moment with your favourite boo. Many resorts like the Havelock Island Beach Resort offer candlelight dinner services to its guest. The cost can be anywhere between INR 3000-10000 depending on how luxurious you want your evening to be. 

  8. Spend a Day at Vijaynagar Beach

    Dip your toes into the warm, gentle waves of Vijaynagar Beach, and you'll instantly understand why it's a must-visit spot on Havelock Island. Tucked away on the island's east coast, Vijaynagar Beach, also known as Beach No. 5, is a picturesque haven for both nature enthusiasts and those seeking a quiet retreat. The beach is best visited between 6 AM to 5:30 PM. 

    You can take a cab or autorickshaw to go to Vijaynagar beach as it is just 9 km from the Havelock Jetty. It’ll cost you around INR 500-1200. 

  9. Get Married at a Beach 

    Tying the knot on a beach in Havelock Island is like merging your love story with the timeless romance of nature. Here, it is not merely about the ceremony; it is about capturing a moment surrounded by the unparalleled beauty of the Andaman Sea. You can try getting in touch with resorts like the Havelock Island Beach Resort, which is very popular for beach weddings in Havelock and offers every kind of support. 

    A basic beach wedding setup might start from INR 3,00,000 and can go up as high as you want. It usually includes accommodations, catering, decor, and more.

  10. Snorkel Among Exotic Marine Life

    Step into the shimmering waters of Havelock Island with a snorkel, and you’ll find yourself in a stunning world just beneath the surface. Snorkelling in Havelock Island is like an invitation to witness the wonders of marine life, to float amidst vibrant coral gardens, and to dance alongside playful fish. Best part is that you don’t even have to know to swim to snorkel in Havelock Island. You can snorkel Elephant Beach and Govind Nagar beach among other places.

    Snorkelling rates usually start at INR 2500 and goes up to INR 4000 depending on the location and duration. 

  11. Walk Under the Sea

    Sea walking in Havelock Island is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, allowing you to dive deep into the underwater world without the complexities of scuba diving. You don’t need to be a swimmer or have prior experience; all you need is the spirit of an explorer. Elephant Beach is most popular for sea walking in Havelock Island. 

    The cost of sea walking in Havelock Island typically ranges from INR 3,500 to INR 5,000.

  12. Attend a Pool Party 

    Attending a pool party in Havelock Island is not just about cooling off under the tropical sun; it is about basking in a vibrant atmosphere, sipping on tantalising cocktails, and grooving to the beats that echo the island’s pulse. Many resorts in Havelock arrange for pool parties; you may want to try our resorts like the Havelock Island Beach Resort which is known for its happening pool parties. 

    The price, often inclusive of drinks and snacks, might range from INR 1,500 to INR 7000 or even more depending on your package. 

  13. Trek through the Forest

    Havelock Island’s verdant trails offer another compelling reason to explore. Trekking in Havelock allows you to journey through dense tropical forests, mangrove-lined pathways, and occasionally, to hidden beaches that seem untouched by time. Trekking is definitely one of the best things you’ll do in Havelock Island. 

    The two best trekking trails are the Elephant Beach trek (take 1.5 hours and Kala Pathar beach trek (takes 2 hours). You can also go on guided trekking tours which can cost you INR 1000-2500. You can also do the treks without tour guides if you think you can manage the journey without help. Make sure to take the correct directions from the locals. 

  14. Get a Professional Photoshoot

    Picture this: you, standing on a pristine beach with the golden sun casting its warm glow, the azure waves gently lapping at your feet, and a skilled photographer capturing that perfect moment. Getting a professional photoshoot in Havelock Island is an experience that you should not miss. Doesn’t matter you are a honeymooner or part of a couple, places like the Havelock Island Beach Resort also offer photo shoots for solo travellers, families, and groups too find this an excellent way to document their journey.

    Depending on the photographer's expertise, the duration of the shoot, and the number of locations covered, prices can range from INR 5,000 to INR 25,000 or even more. 

  15. Camp Under the Stars

    If you have always wanted to camp in a jungle, Havelock Island offers you with a better option: camping on the beach. Away from the bustle of resorts, this is your chance to connect deeply with the island’s soul and let the ebb and flow of tides dictate your rhythm. Imagine a night under the star-studded sky, with the melody of waves playing in the background, and the silvery beach as your bed. Yes, that’s beach camping for you. If you want to beach camp in Havelock, you should definitely try the Havelock Island Beach Resort for its great offers. 

    The cost for beach camping in Havelock Island is usually between INR 3,500 to INR 7,000 per night. The cost generally covers a tent, meals, bonfire, and sometimes even additional activities music and dance, etc.

  16. Go on an Island Hopping Trip 

    Island hopping is definitely one of the top activities in Havelock Island, which gives you the chance to explore a diverse range of landscapes, cultures, and marine ecosystems, all in one trip. Each island in the Andaman archipelago holds its unique charm, from deserted beaches and dense forests to vibrant local markets and underwater marvels.

    A island hopping trip from Havelock Island will take you to fantastic islands like Neil Island, Ross and Smith Islands, Port Blair, Long Island, etc. There are many operators in Havelock that offer island hopping packages based on your interests, i.e., whether you want an adventure or relaxation.

    Most trip packages cost between INR 2000-10000 per person depending on the facilities, islands to be covered, activities, etc. 

  17. Explore Nemo Reef in Govind Nagar Beach

    Named after the beloved clownfish from popular culture, Nemo Reef is a haven for divers, especially beginners and snorkelers. With depths ranging from about 3 to 15 meters, the waters are crystal clear, offering exceptional visibility. While you’ll find a variety of marine life in the reef, it is most famous of the nemo fish, made popular by the nemo fish variety. 

    Scuba diving in Nemo Reef can cost you around INR 2500-4000. Nemo Reef is located in Govind Nagar Beach, which is very close to the Havelock Jetty. It will take you 5-10 minutes by a car, so you can also opt to walk if you want to as cabs will cost you around INR 500. 

  18. Take a Bike Ride Across Havelock

    In such a small island like Havelock, many people prefer to get around in a bike or scooty. And what is the best way to explore the island than a two-wheeler? With the breeze ruffling your hair and the scent of the sea filling your lungs, biking around the island offers an unfiltered experience of its beauty.

    Renting a bike can cost anywhere from INR 700 to INR 2000 per day, depending on the type of bike you choose and the rental duration. There are various bike rental shops scattered around Havelock, especially near popular tourist spots and the market area.

  19. Attend a Beachfront DJ Party

    Amidst the serene beauty of Havelock, there lies an exhilarating facet waiting to be explored: the electrifying beachfront DJ parties. As the sun sets, casting an amber hue over the horizon, you'll find the beaches coming alive with pulsating beats, vibrant lights, and dancing silhouettes. Many resorts like the Havelock Island Beach Resort hold beachfront DJ parties in their own private beach spaces. 

    Entrance fees to the DJ parties can vary based on the event's popularity and the venue, ranging from INR 500 to INR 3,000. Some resorts may even allow their guests to attend the event for free. 

  20. Indulge in a Spa Treatment

    After a day filled with island adventures, what better way to rejuvenate than indulging in a therapeutic spa treatment in Havelock? Let the sounds of the city life fade away from you, and let your body absorb the aromatic herbs and mineral-rich soils and heal itself. And, you don’t have to do it alone either. You can opt for a couple’s spa treatment. Wouldn’t it be a great way to celebrate your anniversary or let’s say Valentine’s Day? 

    Spa treatments can range widely based on the service and venue. While basic massages can start from INR 1,500, specialized treatments or luxury sessions can go up to INR 10,000 or more.

  21. Stay at a Beachfront Property

    What is a beach vacation if you cannot relax and laze around? Imagine stepping out of your room, with the golden sands beneath your feet and the vast expanse of the sea stretching out before you. There are many beachfront resorts scattered around Havelock Island. You might want to try the Havelock Island Beach Resort if you want to experience ultimate luxury. 

    Beachfront accommodations in Havelock Island vary significantly in price. Basic huts might start from INR 1,500 per night, while luxury resorts can charge upwards of INR 15,000 for premium sea-facing suites. 

  22. Relish Local Cuisine

    There’s no better way to dive into the heart of a destination than by savouring its local flavours. In Havelock Island, the culinary journey is as amazing as its sunsets. Fresh seafood, tropical fruits, and traditional recipes passed down through generations await your palate. From succulent grilled fish, tangy prawn curries to coconut-infused delicacies, you can get a taste of everything that makes up for the essence of the Andaman Sea.

    Street food and local eateries might serve dishes starting from INR 150, while upscale restaurants can have prices ranging from INR 500 to INR 2,000 and beyond for gourmet dishes.

  23. Enjoy the Fast Pace of a Jet Ski 

    Jet Skiing is one of the most exhilarating ways to experience Havelock Island’s waters. It is an amazing beach activity to enjoy if you like fast paced sports. Jet skiing is not just an adrenaline boost; it is a way to appreciate the Havelock Island’s coastal beauty from a different perspective. Elephant Beach is the most popular place to enjoy jet skiing in Havelock Island. 

    Standard rides usually last about 10-15 minutes. You’ll have to pay around INR 600-1000 per trip. 

  24. Visit the Havelock Market

    When you set foot in Havelock Island's local market, you're stepping into a vibrant tapestry of colours, sounds, and aromas. You can try a multitude of local delicacies in the Havelock market and explore the traditions of the island. You will see aisles teeming with fresh tropical fruits, intricately crafted souvenirs, and the day’s freshest seafood catch. It is the best place for you to buy souvenirs in Havelock Island. 

  25.  Yoga by the Beach

    Unfurl your mat on the sun-kissed sands of Havelock Island and let the rhythmic symphony of the waves guide your breath. Practicing yoga on the beach isn't just a physical exercise, it is a harmonious blend of your spirit with the calm sea. Whether you are a seasoned yogi or a curious beginner, the shores of Havelock offer an unparalleled backdrop to elevate your practice.

    There are many yoga centres around Havelock Island. In fact, many resorts offer yoga classes by the beach. Usually, group yoga sessions are prized between INR 500 to INR 1500 per session.

  26. Take a Cooking Class

    You might've relished the flavours of Havelock Island at local eateries, but how about mastering the art of crafting those dishes yourself? Wouldn’t it be great to put together the amazing dishes of the island yourself. Not just that, you can come back with a host of culinary tricks up your sleeve. 

    You might expect to pay anywhere from INR 1,500 to 4,000 for a few hours of hands-on instruction, including ingredients. There are many resorts that offer cooking classes, so you can just sign up at the reception desk!

  27. Enjoy a Ride on a Banana Boat 

    Ready for an exhilarating water adventure on Havelock Island? Look no further than hopping onto a banana boat ride, a must-try activity if you are a thrill-seeker. Generally, a banana boat ride can accommodate 4 to 6 people. This means that you can enjoy this adrenaline-pumping experience with friends or family. Elephant Beach is the hub for all fun water sports in Havelock Island, so this is where you go for a banana boat ride as well.

    The price usually ranges from INR 300 to INR 500 per person, depending on the season.

  28. Glass bottom boating

    Not everyone who goes to Havelock Island wants to dive under water. But what if you still want to witness the beauty of the marine life? Through the clear base of the boat, you are offered a magical window to the underwater world, teeming with colourful corals, fishes, and other sea creatures. Glass bottom beach is a very popular water activity in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, especially, in Havelock Island and its nearby Neil Island. 

    You’d have to pay around INR 500-1000 for a 20-minute boat ride. 

  29. Enjoy Playing Beach Volleyball

    There’s nothing quite more exhilarating than indulging in a game of beach volleyball in Havelock Island. Morning hours or late afternoons are ideal for play beach ball, given the tropical climate of the Andamans. Should you wish to capture the action, the high energy of the game against the backdrop of azure waters makes for striking photographs.

    Make sure you have the necessary permissions to play in a beach. If you want to capture these dynamic moments, the afternoon light brings out the blue of the sea and the golden hue of the sand, making for stunning action shots. 

  30. Go for a Parasailing Adventure

    Love adventure? What if you could combine the thrill of parachuting, paragliding, and sailing into one exhilarating experience? Parasailing is one of the most adventurous water sports you can do in Havelock Island. In it, you’ll be harnessed to a parachute and a tugboat will pull you ahead in the water. Elephant Beach is one of the prime locations to indulge in parasailing. For a typical parasailing adventure lasting around 10-15minutes, you’ll have to pay around INR 2500 to INR 4000.

  31. Enjoy Star Gazing

    While many go to Havelock for its beaches and water sports, the nocturnal attraction of the skies is an equally compelling attraction for some. If you want to experience the stars in the night sky, you can just sit behind in any of the beautiful beaches of Havelock Island. As the sun sets and the island immerses in darkness, the Milky Way and a myriad of stars and constellations unravel above you. 

    The best part is that there is no fee or time limit for star gazing in Havelock Island. 

  32. Discover Bioluminescence Night Kayaking 

    This is definitely one of the most off beat things you’ll do in Havelock Island. Bioluminescence night kayaking is an ethereal experience where every paddle stroke you make illuminates the water with a phosphorescent glow, courtesy of tiny marine organisms called phytoplankton. Night kayaking in the mangrove forest of Havelock is like paddling through a sea of stars. There are many tour operators that offer bioluminescence night kayaking in Havelock. 

    You’ll be charge around INR 3000-5000 for a single trip. 

  33. Explore Neil’s Cove

    When in Havelock Island, the untouched beauty of Neil’s Cove awaits your discovery. Tucked away near Radhanagar Beach, this hidden gem is a picturesque cove fringed by a thick canopy of trees and smooth boulders. The best part? The seclusion of Neil’s Cove makes it feel like your own private paradise. 

    Access to the cove is free, but if you plan on snorkelling, you’ll have to pay around INR 500-1000. You should visit the cove early in the morning or late afternoon if you want to avoid any chances of a crowd. 

  34. Visit Mitha Paani

    While traversing the diverse offerings of Havelock Island, don't miss out on the unique charm of Mitha Paani. This spot is rapidly emerging as a favourite among tourists who want to explore some offbeat places in Havelock. The name Mitha Paani that translates to sweet water refers to a stream close to Kala Pathar Beach. 

    You don’t have to pay any entry fee for exploring Mitha Paani. In fact, you can cover the area while exploring the Kala Pathar Beach itself. The entire expedition can be covered in 1-2 hours. 

  35. Watch the Sunrise 

    Sunset watching is very popular in Havelock Island, but do you want to experience the sunrise in Havelock? It is an equally enchanting opportunity to experience the beauty that is Havelock Island. You can visit any of the beaches in the island to watch the sunrise, but going to one that is closest to you would make sense. You can simply cycle to the beach or hire a cab for an early morning ride. 

    Make sure, however, that you are up early and reach the beach by at least 4:30 AM to witness the sunrise on time. Don’t forget to take your camera along for some stunning pictures! The Kala Pathar beach is especially known for its stunning sunsets. 

  36. Become a PADI-Certified Diver

    If you have been planning to seriously pursue a life a professional diver, there’s no better place to start you journey than Havelock Island. There are many diving centres that offer PADI certified dive courses. You can start with an Open Water Diver course and go on become a divemaster at Havelock Itself. Your certificate would also be recognised everywhere. 

    Of course, each course has its own learning module and duration that you have to follow. This just means more trips to your favourite island. Most courses would cost between NR 18,000 to 25,000, depending on the dive centre and the season.

  37. Boat ride to Chaar Nariyal

    Chaar Nariyal literally translates to Four Coconuts, and this paradisiacal spot is one of Havelock Island’s secret gems. Chaar Nariyal falls within the reserve area of Havelock Island, so it’s not very easy to visit the beach. You can take boat rides to Chaar Naariyal with the help of locals around the island. Typically, a shared boat ride might cost you between INR 500 to 1,000. 

  38. Visit Inglis Island

    Nestled just a short boat ride away from Havelock, Inglis Island is a hidden gem that promises untouched beaches, turquoise waters, and vibrant marine life. As you set foot on its pristine shores, you'll be greeted by the sight of soft white sands caressed by gentle waves. You can definitely try snorkelling in Inglis Island. 

    Many operators organise tours to Inglis Island. Most tours cost between INR 5000- 7000. Because of it distance from Havelock Island, you may take around 2.5 to 3 hours to reach Inglis Island. So, it is better to keep an entire day aside for a snorkelling trip to the island. 

  39. Go on a Cycling Tour

    Embarking on a cycling tour in Havelock Island is the best way to explore the interiors of the island and ride alongside serene beaches. As you navigate through the winding paths of Havelock, you will be presented with glimpses of local life, verdant forests, and stretches of coastline that may have overlooked otherwise. You can go on your own or join a guided tour through the forests of Havelock Island. 

    Several operators on the island provide bicycles for rent, typically ranging from INR 300 to 800 per day, depending on the type and duration of rental.

  40. Take a Walk Around the Island

    This one is another one of the free but excellent things to do in Havelock Island. Taking a leisurely walk is, undoubtedly, one of the most intimate ways to absorb it’s the beauty of Havelock island. As you tread its sandy trails and paved paths, you get to breathe in the island's essence, far from the distractions of motorised tours. You can begin your exploration early in the morning or during the cooler late afternoons. Start from the bustling market area to understand the local way of life and then meander through the dense forests, catching glimpses of the sea now and then.

  41. Go for a Beach Picnic

    Are you wondering how to make you eating experience better while you are in Havelock Island. Well, you can try beach picnics! Picture yourself laying out a blanket on the powdery white sands, the turquoise waters gently lapping at the shoreline, and the gentle hum of the tropical breeze rustling the palm trees.

    Many beaches in Havelock Island are dotted with local vendors selling fresh seafood and tropical fruits, you can also choose to pack your own basket with preferred delicacies. For a more luxurious experience, several resorts offer curated beach picnic packages, which typically range from INR 1,500 to 5,000.

  42. Scuba Dive at Night

    Do you love scuba diving? Well then, you should try doing it at night. Taking a scuba dive at night in Havelock Island is an exhilarating adventure you shouldn't miss. Plunging into the depths as twilight fades offers a fresh perspective of the underwater world. Of course, you’d have to be a PADI-certified diver to be able to scuba dive at night. You’ll be accompanied by a guide even if you an experienced diver.

    Night diving usually happens in diving sites like Lighthouse, and it may cost you INR 5000-6000. 

  43. Visit a Local Village

    Step into a local village in Havelock Island can witness a genuine glimpse into the vibrant culture and daily life of the island's inhabitants. While the beaches and water sports might dominate the itineraries of most tourist, a visit to a local village is a chance to connect, understand, and immerse yourself in the island’s rich heritage. Head to villages like Govinda Nagar, Shyam Nagar, and Kala Pathar to start your authentic Havelock Island experience. Join your guides as they can help you build interactions with the locals, translate conversations, and provide deeper insights into the village life. 

  44. Go on a Bird Watching Adventure

    Havelock is known for its adventure, be it on water or land. But this island is also meant for relaxation and observing the small things around us. Havelock Island is also a haven for bird enthusiasts. Bird watching in Havelock is a splendid opportunity to spot an array of endemic and migratory birds. As you tread through the dense mangroves and forests of Havelock Island, keep your eyes and ears open for the melodious tunes and vibrant plumage of species like the Andaman Woodpecker and Andaman Bulbul.

    It is best to hire a guide who can take you to the right places to spot birds. The best option is to speak to your hotel manager, who will connect you to a good local guide. Most guides typically charge INR 1000-2500 for a birdwatching tour. 

  45. Have Fun on a Cruise Party

    Here’s a chance to let your hair down in Havelock Island – join a cruise party. Revel in the beauty of the Andaman seascape and dance the night away while mingling with different people from all aspects of life. any local operators offer cruise party packages that include live music, delectable food, and even themed nights. To book your spot, you can visit any of the popular jetties or inquire at local travel agencies. Remember to check for any special requirements or dress codes, and always make reservations in advance, especially during peak tourist season.

    The price for most of the cruises usually starts at INR 4000 and can keep going up depending on the package, the cruise, and the exclusivity of the party. Remember to check for any special requirements or dress codes, and always make reservations in advance, especially if you are travelling during peak tourist season.

  46. Take Lots of Beach Photographs

    In Havelock Island, every moment becomes a visual spectacle waiting to be captured. As you wander its shores and forests, taking photographs stands out as an essential activity. The island’s stunning beaches, especially Radhanagar and Elephant Beach, are perfect for golden hour shots that could grace the covers of travel magazines. If you're a fan of underwater photography, the clear waters around Nemo Reef and Kalapathar Beach form the best background. 

    While most beaches and places do not require any permission for taking pictures, please make sure that you keep an eye out for any signboards restricting photography. Also, you have due permission from your subjects before you take their pictures. You can also use your photography skills on capturing the myriad bird species when you are on a birdwatching tour in Havelock Island. 

  47. Spend your Time Sunbathing and Swimming

    What are beaches for if not for the Sun and Sea? And what are the two best activities where you need them? That’s right: its sunbathing and swimming. And that’s exactly what the beaches in Havelock Island are for. From the ethereal Radhanagar Beach to the vibrant Elephant beach, most tourist flock to the beaches of Havelock Island to primarily sunbathe or swim. Imagine the waves lapping against your feet as you lie down on the comfortable and powdery white sands of Havelock Island, enjoying warm light from a tropical Sun. 

    What makes these two activities especially popular is that you don’t exactly need permission or entry fee to enjoy them. You just need to be cognizant of the time. For instance, you cannot swim in Radhanagar Beach post 5 PM. 

    While playing beach volleyball in havelock Island is generally free, some beach resorts might have a small fee or rental charge for their equipment.

  48. Take a Day Trip to Neil Island

    Taking a day trip to Neil Island from Havelock Island should be a must-do activity on your itinerary. Just a short boat ride away, Neil Island is often hailed as the 'vegetable bowl' of the Andamans due to its rich agricultural heritage. While Neil Island is a much more secluded and smaller island than Havelock Island, it has many beautiful spots which you’d easily take more than a couple of hours to explore. Among the popular places, Natural Bridge, Laxmanpur Beach, and Bharatpur beach are some of the must-visit spots. Neil island is also known for many water sports like glass bottom boat ride, snorkelling, and scuba diving. 

    Most boats to Neil Island usually depart from Havelock Island around 9 AM and return by 3 PM, which gives you a lot of time to explore. You’ll be charge anywhere between INR 2000-4000 for a day trip. The cost of water activities would be separate unless you are specifically going for a particular activity. 

  49. Go for Game Fishing

    If game fishing is in your bucket list, you should definitely try it while you are in Havelock Island. From marlin to tuna, barracuda to trevally, the rich diversity of game fish promises you an unparalleled adrenaline rush. Note that the game fishing is just for sport, and you’ll have to release the fish back into the sea in most cases. Many tour operators offer half-day or full-day excursions to the open seas for game fishing. 

    Game fishing packages in Havelock Island usually start from around INR 20,000 and can go upwards based on the duration and the places you want to cover. 

  50. Take a Trip to Barren Island 

    If you have always wanted to witness an active volcano, then grab that chance when you are in Havelock Island. Barren Island is an uninhabited island and the only active volcano in South Asia, which has been erupting sporadically since the 1700s. Among the inhabited islands in the Andaman Islands, Havelock is the closest to Barren Island at 100 km.

    Some tour operators in Havelock offer day trips to Barren Island on private charter boats. The trip can be expensive starting at INR 30000 to as much as 2 lakhs. The entire trip can take you around 10-12 hours including activities like snorkelling, game fishing or scuba diving.