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At Havelock Island Beach Resort, Turn Your Celebrations Into Life-Long Memories

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Dwelling in the heart of one of the most picturesque destinations for events, Havelock Island Beach Resort in Andamans truly makes your fiesta memorable and luxurious. We strive to create a picture-perfect backdrop for you to say "I Do" or "Take the seven rounds of holy fire", and savour every moment of your wedding when you go down the memory lane in the future. We can cater your need for hosting social events, however big or small. The venue and our in-house team can ensure that the celebration runs hassle-free. With excellent catering and personalized services, we have been a success at organizing weddings, corporate events, pre-wedding shoots, anniversaries and even birthday celebrations. Host and create delightful memories at our resort in Andamans!

Swaying palms against the clear blue sky, fenced with a stretch of white sand, and roaring waves crashing against the shoreline, Havelock Island Beach Resort is what you may call an ideal beach resort. The deluxe cottages are remarkable, and the oceanfront suites that are the highlight of this resort, are bound to make this vacation feel like a cosy and elegant holiday affair. The in-house restaurant, Sea Dragon, serves mouth-watering delicacies of international flavour as well as local cuisines. What are Andamans without a taste of adventure? The resort caters to the requirements of any/all types of water sports, ensuring top-notch quality safety standards in all circumstances, and guests can avail these activities at the island.

Hosting Events!

Havelock Island Beach Resort is one of the most popular beach resorts on the island. With manifold food and dining options, we often play host to events such as weddings, corporate parties, birthdays and other celebrations. With the ocean being a stone's throw away, we also host beach parties, candlelight dinners, stargazing sessions, and pool parties with a rocking DJ! Our resort also attracts social gatherings for adventure enthusiasts and thrillseekers. Sip in the unmatched views of sunrise and sunset, while we take care of the necessary arrangements for your event. Our team of experts will aid and assist you at every step to ensure an impeccable and exceptional event.

Our Premise!

With vacation mode on, everyone wants a perfect place to visit and hence plan everything to the utmost detail. Where you stay is probably the most crucial part of any vacation, and when there is an event or even better, a celebration, one shouldn't leave any stone unturned. Nestled between palm and coconut trees, Havelock Island Beach Resort offers intimate, luxurious experiences and is home to all kinds of travellers. The accommodation is remarkably capacious, and eco-friendly architecture has been designed beautifully with a precise balance of nature, luxury, and comfort. The resort has cottages and sea-facing suites for guests to choose from and can host a gathering of up to 300

guests. The resort dwells in the heart of the city and is easy to reach from the capital, Port Blair. Our in-house restaurant and diner also have been acknowledged and deemed worth a visit by several publications.

All You Can Do!

Scuba Diving

For all the water babies out there, Havelock without a shred of doubt is one of the best places to try your hand at scuba diving in Andamans. Even though you are here for an upcoming event, don't let anything hinder you from taking a plunge in the cerulean waters. Now, if you are a beginner and looking forward to a fun diving session, then half a day is good enough to complete that. We can take care of the bookings and other essentials including the gears, training, guide, photos and videos. A divemaster accompanies you underwater and there are proper safety measures taken to ensure your wellbeing. Given that there are other places to try diving, nothing comes close to the magnificent underwater life that Andaman offers. Take our word for it, or even better, try it to believe it!


For all the ones with a taste for adventure out there, Havelock has spectacular natural trails to wander off the beaten path. Blessed with unusual hillocks, Havelock is ideal for hikes to explore the wilderness and the exotic flora and fauna. One of the most note-worthy experiences in Havelock has to be the trail to Elephant Beach. This forty-minute trail passes through dense woods and ends up near marsh mangrove delta. You then need to pass through this marshland to reach Elephant beach, finally. We can take care of the guide as such treks require one in order to ensure your wellbeing.


For all the globetrotters and explorers, if you have time on your hand, we can arrange for your sightseeing plans as well. Havelock Island boasts of picturesque, white sand beaches, a lighthouse and little hamlets. With white sand and rainforest trees, Radhanagar Beach is one of the most visited places in Havelock and is acclaimed for swimming and diving. Elephant Beach is a vibrant destination that offers swimming, snorkelling, speed boats & banana boat rides. While Govind Nagar Beach and Vijay Nagar Beach are both known for casual picnics, swimming and sunbathing, Kala Pathar Beach is known for its tranquil and clear waters.

While the preparations for the celebrations are on full swing, you and your guests can find their way to take a thrill pill. What do you do after a long day of battling the waves and traversing the waters, when in Havelock? With gorgeous tropical views, tranquillity and a private beach, this resort is just the right place to be in!

All We Can Do!

From the moment you land in Port Blair, to arriving in Havelock, we can take care of your transfers, activities and accommodation too. Our resort is one of the most prefered accommodations in Havelock owing to its location and astounding customer reviews. We are a one-stop destination for people who wish to explore Andamans for family vacations, business trips, honeymoon, and destination weddings. We have been hosting events and weddings in Havelock, offering first-class facilities and a host of on-site amenities. We can also arrange for photographers, decorators, makeup experts, fresh flowers, live DJ, private dining, poolside bar, and so much more. Whatever you have in mind regarding making this a memorable celebration, we can bring that thought to life. With us, turn these celebrations into your favourite memories!

Ever since the trade winds brought legendary voyagers and the navy officers of the East India Company to Andaman & Nicobar Islands, it has become a part of some incredible nautical adventures. Adorned with towering cliffs, dense forests, palm-fringed beaches, glistening shorelines, and clear turquoise waters, Havelock Island is a blend of history, culture, and adventure. While planning a visit to the island, remember to stay with us and turn your celebrations into life-long memories!