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New Year Celebration in Andaman Islands 2024

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As the year inches towards its end, there are only two things in all of our minds: vacation and party. If you want to make this New Year’s Eve celebration special and are looking for a unique and unforgettable vacation destination, consider heading to the stunning Havelock Island in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The tropical paradise offers everything good and beautiful under the sky: sandy white beaches, turquoise waters, and an epic New Year celebration that you won’t forget for years to come. And at the heart of this promised vacation is Havelock Island Beach Resort, a place known for its epic New Year parties. Brace yourself for an unparalleled celebration at the Havelock Island Beach Resort, where you can indulge yourself in some tropical excitement. 

  1. Why Should You Stay at Havelock Island Beach Resort?

    As the countdown to 31st December begins, and you are frantically looking to book a special beach vacation, we have got you covered. There is only one place you should spend your New Year: Havelock Island Beach Resort, a lovely resort nestled right by the Govind Nagar beach. After all, what is a beach vacation if you don’t live by the beach? Welcome the New Year 2024 with your feet in the sand, surrounded by the ocean. Fireworks, laughter, and the calm sea in the background – that is exactly how you will do your New Year Celebration in the Andaman Islands 2024 if you stay here.

    Wouldn’t it be lovely to stay in a beautiful cottage with a balcony that overlooks a stunning beach? The rooms at the resort are beautiful, and the beds are comfy. With regards to your stay, you can choose from a plethora of options: Deluxe cottage, Family Suite Cottage, Suite Sea Facing Cottage, and Luxury Suite Sea Facing Cottage with prices starting at INT 8000 per night to upwards INR 14000 per night. The staff at Havelock Island Beach Resort are also super friendly. They make you feel at home and make sure you have everything you need for a fantastic New Year celebration. 

    Havelock Island Beach Resort is a place where the party happens right on the beach. You can dance and enjoy good music as this year gives to another. Hang out at the Nemo Cafe and Beach Bar, the coolest spot in the resort to sip on delicious drinks and just relax. It is the perfect place to create memories with your partner, friends, and family.

  2. Have Fun at the Pool Party:

    True to its nature, the Havelock Island Beach Resort promises an unforgettable New Year’s Eve Pool Party. Surrounded by swaying palm trees and the waves from the ocean in the background, the pool area at the resort is nothing short of a tropical paradise. Just wait until evening when the pool transforms into a trove of lights blinking to the beat of the music coming from the Nemo Café and Beach Bar. Floats, laughter, and an electric atmosphere set the stage for a night that you will find hard to remember for a long time.

    No pool party is complete without a refreshing drink in hand. The Nemo Café and Bar, which is adorned with twinkling fairy lights, lights up with the sky as it serves an array of tropical cocktails and mocktails. Sip on a sweet tropical fruit cocktail and feel the cool breeze from the Andaman Sea against your skin, as you soak in the vibrant energy of the pool party.

  3. Explore Exciting Cocktails in Nemo Cafe

    Let us talk about the heart of the party – Nemo Café and Beach Bar! The beach bar is not just a spot for drinks, it’s a vibe and the perfect spot to keep the party going well into the night. Picture a bar right on the beach, with the sand between your toes and the sound of waves in the background – Yup, that’s Nemo Cafe and Beach Bar. The bar is also stocked with all kinds of drinks. Do you fancy a colourful cocktail with a little umbrella? Nemo Café definitely has it. Prefer a cold beer or a classic soda? No worries, they’ve got that too. Whatever your mood, Nemo Café has a drink to match your mood.

  4. Dance through the DJ Night:

    As the sun waves goodbye this New Year’s Eve and the stars twinkle hello, it is time for the coolest jam at Havelock Island Beach Resort – a DJ Night under the stars! The DJ is stationed at Nemo Café and Beach Bar and sets the tone for a night of pure excitement. Do you like fun Punjabi raps or do you enjoy pop? The world is your oyster as you dance to tunes ranging from the latest Bollywood hits to timeless classics.

    The DJ Night at Havelock Island Beach Resort is like a big outdoor party where the sky is the ceiling. It’s like dancing in nature’s nightclub! The dance floor is where the action is. If you look around, you’ll find people of all ages busting moves – from elegant twirls to funny dance moves. It is like a big, happy dance party with friends you didn’t know you had. The dance floor is big, so even if you want some quiet time to dance to a romantic number with your partner, you can easily do so. Dance under the stars while your feet sink into the warm sand as the rhythm of the music becomes the soundtrack to your New Year’s memories.

  5. Dance in the Rain:

    Just when you think your New Year Celebration in Andaman Islands 2024 couldn’t get any better, Havelock Island Beach Resort surprises you – again. Whether it rains or not, the resort makes sure you have the most fun by creating an artificial rain just for you to have fun. Get ready to kick off your shoes and feel the rhythm of the tropics at the rain dance this New Year 2024. This is not your average dance party; it’s a splashy, groovy affair that promises to add a lot of fun to your party. Feel the thrill of raindrops against your skin as the floor comes alive. The colourful lights across the dance floor make it look like it is not rain but rainbows that are dripping down from the sky. Just let loose and dance like nobody’s watching as the rain showers down.

    Adding to the rhythm of the raindrops is the music blaring from the DJ station as he spins the best party tunes that you can't help but sing along to. The Nemo Café, of course, ensures that while you dance your thirst is also quenched with an array of refreshing beverages. Sip on a tropical cocktail or grab a chilled drink to keep the party spirit high.

    New Year Party in Andaman and Nicobar
  6. Enjoy a Feast Fit for Royalty:

    If there is one thing we love about parties, it is food! You should definitely head to Havelock Island Beach Resort for your New Year Celebration in Andaman Islands 2024 if you love food. The beach resort offers a buffet that is fit for kings and queens. Imagine a table that stretches as far as your eyes can see and it is filled with all kinds of food – from local favourites to dishes from around the world. The New Year’s Eve buffet at Havelock Island Beach Resort features almost 50 food items from around the world. Won’t you love to indulge in the flavours of diverse cuisines, from local seafood delicacies to international gourmet delights?

    Since the resort is by the sea, you’d be right to expect a seafood party on the buffet. Don’t worry, freshly caught fish, succulent prawns, and all sorts of ocean delights are part of the buffet. But wait, there's more! The buffet isn’t just about local treats: there is pasta, noodles, fried rice, biryani, grilled chicken, etc. It sure feels like a world tour for your taste buds for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. The dessert section is like a magical land filled with cakes, pastries, and all things sweet. Whether you love chocolate or fruity treats, there’s something in the buffet to satisfy every sweet tooth.

    You’ll also be offered access to unlimited food and beverages including alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages with the buffet. You don’t have to make a hole in your pocket while partying. A buffet package without alcohol comes just at INR 3500-4000 and that which includes alcoholic beverages is priced at INR 5000-6000. Doesn’t that sound like a sweet deal?
  7. Candlelight Romance and Tranquil Indulgence

    New Year Celebration in Andaman Islands 2024 is not just about partying; it also means spending quality time with your life partner. When the stars twinkle and the ocean whispers, it’s time to add a touch of romance to your New Year vacation. Picture this – a night under the stars, the sound of waves in the background, and a candlelit dinner that sets the mood just right for the new year. Raise your glasses and toast to love, to the year behind, and the one ahead of you.

  8. Beachside Bliss:

    Feel the soft sand beneath your feet as you and your special someone are led to a beautifully set table right on the beach. The moonlight along with the warm glow of the candles around you promises to create an enchanting ambience for your beachside candlelight dinner. If you want, you can also get a decorated canopy made just for your honey.

  9. Delicious Delicacies:

    You know what makes romance better? Food! The dinner menu for your quiet candlelight dinner in Havelock Island Beach Resort is specially curated by the resort’s chefs to make your evening one to remember. From fresh seafood to mouthwatering desserts, each dish is a burst of flavour. Most dinner packages come with 2 mocktails, 2 vegetarian and non-vegetarian starters as well as a main course. You also get bread, rice, and dessert. You can also add an alcoholic beverage like wine or champagne to the dinner package. A candlelight dinner package on the beach starts at INR 8000 and can be upwards of INR 16000.

  10. Boat Adventure:

    If you are up for an extra sprinkle of romance, hop on a boat for a candlelight dinner on the water. Yes, you read that right! Imagine a boat adorned with candles, floating gently under the night sky. It is like your own private garden in the water, surrounded by the soothing sounds of the ocean and a beautifully decorated interior. A candlelight dinner on a boat can cost you around INR 40000.

  11. Refresh Yourself with a Yoga Retreat:

    While you enjoy the New Year Celebration in Andaman Islands 2024, it is time to heal your body and soul with a rejuvenating yoga retreat at the Havelock Island Beach Resort. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to wake up to the amazing sounds of the ocean? Let yourself absorb the first rays of the sun with a morning yoga session by the beach. You can engage in different types of mindful stretches and asanas to prepare you for the New Year bash or partake in Yoga Nidra sessions on the beach.

    Do you Love to be pampered? Then you should definitely get a customised spa treatment at Havelock Island Beach Resort. You can opt to get a soothing massage or a rejuvenating therapy; whatever you do, the spa at the resort promises to take all your mental and physical aches away.

  12. What is New Year the Best time to Visit Havelock Island:

    So, why is New Year the best time to visit Havelock Island? Because it’s a tropical paradise ready to welcome you with open arms. Here are some great reasons to visit Havelock Island for your New Year Celebration in the Andaman Islands 2024:

  13. Tropical Bliss in December:

    One of the main reasons to travel to Havelock Island is to experience the pleasant weather in December, making it the perfect time to escape the winter chill. With temperatures ranging from 25°C to 30°C, you can enjoy in the warmth without the sweltering heat of the summer months.

  14. Optimal Diving and Snorkelling Conditions:

    December is not just perfect for the weather it is also the best month for underwater visibility. This makes it an ideal time for diving and snorkelling enthusiasts. You can have the best view of the coral reefs and watch as the colourful marine life swims around you.

  15. Varied Outdoor Activities:

    Whether you are into trekking, island hopping, or simply want to explore the natural beauty of the islands, December is perfect for outdoor activities. Enjoy the verdant fields as you go on scenic treks and enjoy the beauty of Havelock Island.

  16. Things to Do in Havelock Island this New Year 2024

    When you are not basking in the luxury of Havelock Island Beach Resort, there’s a treasure trove of activities waiting to spice up your stay in Havelock Island. From beachside bliss to underwater wonders, here’s every exciting thing you can do in Havelock Island:

  17. Radhanagar Beach:

    Start your island escapade with a visit to Radhanagar Beach, known as one of the best beaches in Asia. Sink your toes into the soft and golden sands of the beach and let the gentle waves kiss your feet. Radhanagar is perfect for lounging and strolling and watching the most brilliant sunset of your life.

  18. Snorkel at Elephant Beach:

    Snorkelling is by far the most exciting activity that you can do in Havelock Island for your New Year Celebration in Andaman Islands 2024. Dive into the clear waters of Elephant Beach for an amazing snorkelling adventure. Havelock Island Beach Resort also offers water sports activities, so you can ask the resort to provide you with a good snorkelling instructor. The price is usually around INR 3000.

  19. Sunset Serenity at Kala Pathar Beach:

    As the day winds down, make your way to Kala Pathar Beach for a calm sunset spectacle. Unlike Elephant Beach, Kala Pathar Beach does not attract a lot of people, so it is a great place to visit if you want to get away from the crowd.

  20. Scuba Diving Expedition:

    Calling all thrill-seekers! Havelock Island is one of the best places to go for a dive in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. There are many scuba diving sites around the island like Nemo Beach, the Wall, Jackson’s Bar, Inket Wreck, etc. If you are a beginner, you should definitely head to Nemo Beach to watch the popular orange and white clownfish. Havelock Island Beach Resort frequently arranges for scuba diving trips in Nemo Beach for around INR 3500.

  21. Island-Hopping Trip:

    If you want to go all out for your New Year Celebration in Andaman Islands 2024, you should definitely go for an island-hopping trip. Island-hopping trips primarily happen between three islands: Havelock, Port Blair, and Neil Island. But you can also take snorkelling trips to other places like Turtle Island.